10 greatest Original Tv Shows on Netflix to watch 2022

Lily hammer was the first Netflix original series to premiere on the streaming service in 2012. That show didn't have much of an impact, but it was only the beginning. Since then, a slew of new Netflix original series have debuted, helping to grow the streaming service's user base.

10 greatest Original Tv Shows on Netflix to watch 2022

If you're a new Netflix user or just looking for something new to watch, we've compiled a list of the greatest original Netflix shows available. The list is highly diverse, ranging from teen comedy and dramas to adult comedies and dramas.

But, before we get into the list of the top Netflix original series to watch, let's define what Netflix originals are.

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What exactly are Netflix originals?

A Netflix original isn't always a show that Netflix produced from the ground up, contrary to common opinion. A Netflix original simply refers to a show that is only accessible on Netflix, either globally or in certain countries.

The majority of Netflix originals fall into one of three categories. The first is a Netflix original series that was commissioned and produced. Orange Is the New Black, Bloodline, and BoJack Horseman are just a few examples of such shows.

A Netflix original is also a show that was created by a separate network and premiered on television before being sold to the streaming giant for distribution. Global, worldwide (outside the parent country), or country-specific distribution rights are available.

The show The End of the F***ing World is an example of this. It premiered on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, after which the worldwide rights were sold to Netflix. As a result, the show is billed as a Netflix original in every country where the streaming service is available, with the exception of the United Kingdom. If you ask me, a Netflix exclusive would be a better moniker in this scenario.

Finally, Netflix originals are series that have been taken up by the streaming service after being canceled by another network. For example, Channel 4 in the United Kingdom aired the first two seasons of Black Mirror before abandoning the show. So far, Netflix has taken up and published three further seasons.

  • Black Mirror

Netflix has bought the first two seasons of this very groundbreaking sci-fi anthology series, which was originally developed for the UK-based Channel 4. More episodes of this truly groundbreaking sci-fi anthology series have subsequently been published. Many people have likened Black Mirror to The Twilight Zone, but this program appears to be even more timely because it deals with technology advancements that may influence us in the not-too-distant future. In the episode "Nosedive," it depicts the perils of allowing our social media status to impact our actual life, and in "Arkangel," it depicts how persistent surveillance of individuals for their protection may backfire.

On Netflix right now, you can watch five seasons of Black Mirror, as well as a new special called Bandersnatch, which is the first adult Netflix show that lets you select where the plot goes at certain stages, leading to one of several alternative endings.

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  • Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is recommended for those that enjoy high-concept sci-fi fiction. This Netflix original drama is set in the future, when humans may transfer their mind to new bodies developed for that purpose, and is based on the novel by Richard K. Morgan.

The tale combines a murder mystery with a variety of fantastic sci-fi locales and action, and it looks unlike anything else on TV, online, or anywhere else. Both seasons of Altered Carbon are now available on Netflix.

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  • The F***ing End of the World

The End of the F***ing World is one of Netflix's oddest teen series, following James, a 17-year-old lad who believes he is a psychopath. After becoming tired with murdering animals, James decides to attempt killing a human. He settles on rebellious girl Alyssa, who persuades James to go throughout England with her after meeting him. James accepts, thinking it will be an excellent opportunity to murder her, and the two proceed on a journey together, ultimately developing affections for one other.

This may seem a little insane for an adolescent coming-of-age show — and it is — but The End of the F***ing World is oddly lovely and often hilarious. The contrast in James' narrative and how he interacts with other characters, which happens throughout the episode, frequently leads to amusing situations. I'm confident you won't be disappointed if you watch this Netflix program.

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  • The Queen's Gambit

Who'd have guessed that a miniseries about a female chess prodigy would become such a critical and popular success? Yet, with this seven-episode series, that's exactly what occurred. Anya Taylor-Joy portrays a 1960s orphan kid who discovers her passion of chess and realizes she's a natural at it.

The Queen's Gambit, like most great sports films, is not about chess but about the people who play it. Taylor-character Joy's is severely broken, relying on drugs and booze to get through. In the 1960s, she also has to contend with discrimination against women. As a result, this is unquestionably one of the greatest Netflix originals available.

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  • Narcos

Narcos is a criminal drama series based on a true tale about drug lord Pablo Escobar and the DEA officers who are hunting him down. You can observe Escobar and his men's violent behavior, how he made and spent money, and how he connected with other cartels that plagued the country at the time.

Narcos finished after three seasons, but a new series set in Mexico and following a different drug gang premiered soon after. It's called Narcos: Mexico, and while it's fine, I don't think it's as exciting as the original.

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  • Orange Is The New Black

Since it's so popular, you've definitely heard a little about this Netflix original series. It follows an affluent New Yorker who is sentenced to a women's jail for prior misdeeds. She is condemned to a year and a half in prison, where she will see an old acquaintance.

Orange Is The New Black is a comedy-drama created by the same person who brought you Weeds. It has won several praises and is one of Netflix's most popular original programs. To understand more about it, watch the trailer above.

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  • The Witcher

This Netflix original series was the streaming service's largest bet on capturing the vast Game of Thrones fanbase. With this mature and brutal series, they received more than they bargained for. As the title character, Henry Cavill impresses. This "Witcher" is Geralt, a monster hunter who fights nefarious monsters. He quickly discovers that he is tied to a young princess and must also contend with a young sorcerer.

The first two seasons are now accessible, with a third season under development. A prequel series is also in the works, thanks to the popularity of the first series.

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  • Stranger Things

What else is there to say about this Netflix original show that hasn't already been said? Stranger Things has quickly become one of the most popular and talked-about shows on television today. The program, which was created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, manages to provide fantastic nostalgic amusement for folks who grew up watching movies like E.T., Poltergeist, and others in the early to mid-1980s. Simultaneously, the show is created with a contemporary attention to relationships and personalities.

In each of the show's first three seasons, the kids and adults who live and work in the fictional Hawkins, Indiana, must contend with otherworldly dangers, but there's also plenty of opportunity for adolescent romance and more. The fourth season has been announced, although no release date has been set.

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  • Mindhunter

This Netflix original series set in the 1970s and follows FBI agents who are tasked with questioning serial killers. Their objective is to figure out how they think and then apply what they've learned to open instances. It's one of the most popular Netflix series, but it's not for everyone since it's dark and disturbing.

David Fincher (House of Cards) and Charlize Theron, among others, are producing this psychological thriller. There is no information on when or if a new season of the show will be released because it has been placed on hold.

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  • Squid Game

In 2021, Netflix's Squid Game became a surprising global sensation. The series, which was made in South Korea, earned a near-fame. That's primarily due to the fact that it's excellent in any language. An regular cash-strapped dad accepts an invitation to play in kid's games for money with hundreds of other individuals. You will, however, perish if you fail even one of the games.

The show's creator has shown interest in a second season, and you can bet Netflix is interested as well. Expect an official announcement about the second season any day now.

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