Minecraft The Wild Update v1.19 release time and date

Minecraft The Wild Update v1.19 release time and date

Here's when Minecraft 1.19 will be released.

The Wild Update for Minecraft is now available for all players to download. The long-awaited Wild update adds two new biomes and several new critters to Minecraft, which were intended to debut with the previous Caves and Cliffs two-parter update. Explore the Mangrove Swamp habitat, encounter item-gathering Minecraft Allay monsters, and slip through the Deep Dark biome while avoiding the new Warden creatures. There are also Minecraft frogs! Here's all you need to know about the upcoming Minecraft Wild Update.

What is the release date for the Minecraft Wild Update?

The 1.19 update, dubbed "The Wild Update," is now available for both Minecraft Bedrock Edition (PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4, Switch, iOS, and Android) and Java Edition (PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4, Switch, iOS, and Android) (PC). If you have any problems, keep an eye on the Minecraft social media outlets, such as Twitter, for the most up-to-date information about the Minecraft 1.19 release and future upgrades.

In the Minecraft Wild Update, there are a lot of new things to look forward to. Mangrove Swamp biomes, which only spawn mangrove trees, and Deep Dark biomes, which produce a variety of new creatures, blocks, and objects, will be new destinations for players to explore.

Mangrove tree wood can be used to make all of the regular wood objects, as well as mud blocks, which may be used to make bricks and other blocks like clay. Even out at sea, in a marsh, or beside a river, you'll be able to build a boat with a chest for all your storage needs. In the Deep Dark, there are also Ancient Cities to pillage, but beware of Wardens who can be summoned if you aren't quiet enough and trigger too many sculk blocks — subtlety is advised!

If you're looking for additional mobs, check if you can get a Minecraft Allay to assist you by giving it something to look for. Many Minecraft Frogs may also be found hopping around lily pads in swamps and other biomes. Frogs that are bred with slime will produce a frogspawn block, which will ultimately spit forth tadpoles, ready to develop into more frogs!


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