The Genshin Impact Devs have released a new action game called Zenless Zone Zero

The Genshin Impact Devs have released a new action game called Zenless Zone Zero

HoYoverse, the creator of Genshin Impact, will be on hand on day one of Summer Game Fest to show off a video for Zenless Zone Zero, a futuristic action game.

HoYoverse took part in the first day of Summer Game Fest's livestream event to showcase Zenless Zone Zero, the next game by Genshin Impact. The action-packed clip features plenty of battle in the vein of Genshin Impact, as well as many individuals that band together to create factions, each with their own fighting style.

Since its introduction in 2020, HoYoverse has amassed considerable experience with Genshin Impact, a popular action-RPG that has amassed a community of over 21 million players. Genshin Impact gets frequent updates that add to and enhance the game, and HoYoverse will use what it's learned from Genshin Impact's fighting to make the Zenless Zone Zero bouts as exciting as possible. The short Zenless Zone Zero teaser depicts a variety of new faces fighting cybernetic adversaries in various ways, referring to the characters' personalities as well as the shifting approach while moving from one to the next.

Geoff Keighley told Genshin Impact fans that it had "the intricacy of Genshin Impact with a fast-paced action style," despite the fact that none of the HoYoverse creators were present at Summer Game Fest. Zenless Zone Zero is set in a future metropolis named New Eridu, which includes reality warps that might be the source of formidable foes infiltrating the game's protagonists' universe. Players can explore New Eridu with twin character identities known as "opposing personas" after choosing a Zenless Zone Zero faction to explore with.

The Gentle House, which also goes by the name Cunning Hares depending on which persona is active, has been confirmed as the first faction in Zenless Zone Zero by HoYoverse. Anby Demara, a mysterious young girl, Nicole Demara, the crafty leader and Anby's putative sister, and dual pistol-wielding cyborg Billy Kid are all members of the Gentle House. It's unknown how many factions will be included in Zenless Zone Zero at launch, although HoYoverse has hinted at four more that will be released later.

Because the initial Zenless Zone Zero teaser features a lot of nameless characters and the game's website has a sign-up option, it's possible that additional information will be released before the game's release. While Genshin Impact's fighting has been acclaimed by fans, and the video for Zenless Zone Zero displays action in a similar way, Genshin Impact fans may want to keep a watch on the game's growth. HoYoverse has yet to reveal which platforms Zenless Zone Zero is being developed on, but based on the trailer's current aesthetics, the action game is most likely being developed for newer consoles if it is multi-platform.

The Zenless Zone Zero project is presently in the works.


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