Tips to Protect your Car : 7 Safety-Assisting Technology Features for Your Car

Tips to Protect your Car : 7 Safety-Assisting Technology Features for Your Car

You may take extra precautions to protect your vehicle, and employing the built-in safety technology is frequently the best option.

While most automobiles built after 1996 featured onboard computers and ECUs, it wasn't until the early 2010s that we saw cars with computers employed for reasons other than engine control.

With the advancement of computers, these functions shifted from engine management to vehicle security. Let's take a look at seven current automotive security measures and how they safeguard us and our vehicles.

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Immobilizers (No. 1)

Almost every new automobile sold in the last 20 years has had an immobilizer installed. For authentication, this system leverages encrypted wireless communication between your keys and your automobile.

If you've seen a vehicle theft movie from the 1980s or 1990s, you're definitely acquainted with hot wiring. To start stealing a car, criminals rip out a lot of cables from beneath the dash and short two particular connections. They can even push the ignition switch and start the automobile using a generic key or a screwdriver.

To prevent such robberies, keys were fitted with immobilizers. Small integrated chips in automotive keys convey a coded message with this technique. The automobile will start the engine when it gets the right coded message. The automobile, however, will remain turned off if it does not receive the code.

Vehicle tracking systems number two.

Motorists have been utilizing GPS technology for navigation since the military made it accessible for commercial and civilian usage. The first automobile to use this was Mazda's Eunos Cosmos, which was only offered in Japan. With the invention of cellular connectivity, fleet operators were able to acquire vehicle location data in real-time using this technology, which allowed the automobile to know its whereabouts internationally.

When it was originally introduced in the early 1990s, the service was prohibitively costly, unreliable, and necessitated the use of massive electrical modules. However, as technology progressed, GPS became more affordable, precise, and portable. Our automobiles obtained the capacity to identify their position as cellphones gained the ability to do so.

You can track the position of several high-end automobiles that have app connection. If you simply have an economy automobile, though, you are unlikely to have this feature. You may, however, acquire third-party GPS trackers to secure your vehicle.

3. Security Services In-Vehicle

Our automobiles have started monitoring different engine and onboard systems since the OBD-II port became necessary in vehicles. The ECU can develop a picture of what is going on with your automobile since it collects data from all sources.

In-vehicle security services work in this manner. Your car will automatically contact its service provider if its sensors are triggered by events such as airbag deployment or a significant drop in engine oil pressure.

One such service was OnStar, which was supplied by General Motors. Other automakers eventually followed suit, with Ford offering Sync, BMW offering BMW Assist, and Mercedes developing mbrace.

4. The dashcam

Tips to Protect your Car : 7 Safety-Assisting Technology Features for Your Car

GoPro revolutionized compact, portable, high-quality recording devices when it released the first HERO action camera. As a result, they're ideal for mounting on the dashboard or on the windshield, where their small footprint won't obstruct vehicle functioning.

As dashcams grew more affordable and readily available, an increasing number of drivers purchased and installed them for safety reasons. These gadgets record your journey, making them useful for capturing traffic accidents and other situations.

Dashcams give documentation, which is important for insurance claims, in particular. In the event of an accident, video footage can assist in determining who is at responsibility. They're useful in practically any circumstance, and if you're looking for a new one, check out our dashcam buying guide.

Sentry Mode is the fifth option.

For self-driving, most new Tesla cars feature cameras looking in all four directions. These cameras, however, are also utilised in Sentry Mode. This function has been available on all Tesla Model 3s from 2019. Sentry Mode detects movement in the car's immediate surrounds using the car's numerous sensors.

If it detects a tiny threat, Tesla's Sentry Mode switches from standby to alert. The car's cameras will begin capturing footage and a warning will appear on the dashboard. The automobile will go into alarm mode if it detects a severe threat, such as a smashed window or attempted break-in.

While Tesla is the only company that has this technology, you should anticipate other firms to follow suit with comparable technologies to assist keep automobiles and people safe.

6. Start with a PIN

Manufacturers began putting additional wireless technology into key fobs after discovering that immobilizers reduced automobile theft incidence. Today's remote car keys can do more than just send an encrypted code; they can also automatically unlock and start a vehicle.

This convenience feature, however, came with a drawback: keyless auto theft. Car thieves imitate the weak signal from the remote fob and mislead the car into thinking it has the key nearby in this crime. This unlocks the door, making it much easier to break into and steal automobiles.

As a result, Tesla now has a PIN to Start option. Some Tesla models now only start if you enter your four-digit pin, in addition to having the key fob to be nearby. Carjacking would be less likely while you're gone if you did this. They can just take the contents of the automobile because they won't be able to start it.

7. Parking that is self-contained

While some people believe that autonomous driving is only useful for lengthy travels, many are unaware that it also allows for autonomous parking. While autonomous parking may appear to be a novelty feature, it is a critical safety function, especially if you are out late at night and your car is parked in the dark.

You can utilize autonomous parking to have the automobile come to you, allowing you to get into your car safely from your home.

Car Safety Is Improving Thanks to New Technology

All of these developments assist drivers in keeping their vehicles safe. More than 25 years ago, it all began with a basic immobilizer. Today, we have automobiles that will drive themselves to their owners, require a pin code to start the car, and even phone you if you get into an accident.

Even if we utilize technology to defend our automobiles, thieves will still find a method to exploit a flaw in the built-in technology. That is why you should be aware of their strategies and how to prevent them.



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