Which Is really the Best Android Browser (Privacy Battle 2022) : Brave or Chrome?

Which Is really the Best Android Browser (Privacy Battle 2022) : Brave or Chrome?

Although Google Chrome is the default web browser on most Android phones, Brave is quickly gaining popularity as a viable alternative. Which one should you go with?

If you care about maintaining some form of online anonymity, you've undoubtedly heard of or used Brave. Is Brave, though, good enough to be your phone's everyday driver? Is it capable of competing with a popular browser like Google Chrome?

We'll evaluate the Android versions of the two browsers to help you determine which is best for you based on your specific requirements.

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Which is more private: Brave or Chrome?

The primary difference between Chrome and Brave is the latter's emphasis on privacy. Brave comes with built-in tracking protection, so you can block trackers and advertisements without having to install a third-party program.

There isn't a single privacy-focused native feature in Chrome. The most you can do is use Incognito Mode, which hardly provides any privacy beyond erasing your cookies and browsing history. Even in Incognito Mode, you may be traced.

You may use advanced options in Brave to make the browser's tracking even more invasive. However, this move may cause some of the websites you visit to malfunction.

Brave includes a built-in VPN and firewall service, so you won't need to install another program to protect your privacy. Although it is a premium plan, you are entitled to a 7-day trial, which should be sufficient to determine whether the VPN service is worth your money.

You've undoubtedly came across AMP when surfing on your phone (Accelerate Mobile Pages). When you use AMP, you're connected to Google rather than the website you're on, which puts your privacy and security at risk. If you don't want to use AMP sites, Brave includes an option that allows you to turn them off.

If you value your privacy above all else, Brave is the superior mobile browser for you.

Brave Performance compared. Chrome

Google Chrome and Brave are both Chromium-based browsers, but which one performs better? We used a benchmark test called Basemark Web 3.0 to create an unbiased comparison of the two browsers.

Basemark Web 3.0 is a cross-platform service that assesses a browser's ability to handle current web applications and features. Brave was tested with privacy protections switched on and AMP turned off. The results are listed below; a greater number indicates better performance:

On the Basemark Web 3.0 test, Brave scored 250.97 vs 217.56 for Android, indicating that it is quicker than Chrome. We ran the tests on the same smartphone with all other applications turned off throughout the time we were testing.

If these figures are important to you, Brave should be your default Android browser. It's worth mentioning, though, that the performance difference is likely to be negligible in real-world use.

Which browser has a better user interface: Chrome or Brave?

Despite sharing the same Chromium engine, the UI has a few variations that you'll notice right away. One of them is the positioning of the toolbar. On Brave, you may arrange the toolbar at the bottom (ideal for one-handed use) or at the top. Chrome comes with the toolbar at the top, and there is no way to move it.

Another significant distinction between the two browsers is the option to put all of your visited websites into dark mode. Unless you utilize Chrome Flags, this capability isn't easily available in Chrome.

Brave has an experimental night mode that adds a black backdrop to any websites you view, regardless of the publisher's preference. The functionality works well and seldom causes issues with sites that are set to dark mode by default.

Apart from one unique feature on Brave tabs, the two browsers' tab behavior is nearly identical. When you close the final tab, you have the option of closing the browser entirely. In the main Settings menu, you may turn this function on or off.

On Brave, there is a specific Appearance settings area that isn't available on Chrome to access the aforementioned user-interface adjustments. This section includes a few features that are exclusively available on Brave, such as:

  • Enable bottom toolbar 
  • Enable "Night Mode" 
  • Disable sharing hub 
  • Enable tab group auto creation 
  • Show Brave Rewards symbol in address bar

Despite their differences, the two browsers have certain parallels in terms of user interface. The primary settings menu is one of them, however Brave offers more choices.

Because of the more customization choices provided in the Appearance area, Brave offers a better user experience. Chrome doesn't have a lot to offer in this area. It is, nevertheless, the superior alternative if you like simplicity.

Does Syncing Between Multiple Devices Work in Either Browser?

The ability to easily sync your data across many platforms is one of Chrome's main selling features. For example, you can connect into your Google account on several devices and access anything, even your various passwords. You may generate a passcode that you'll have to enter into your associated devices for more secure synchronization.

Brave also allows you to sync your data with other devices that are running the same version of the browser. To make it work, you'll need to build a sync chain, either using a 24-word code or a QR Code.

Chrome used to be the go-to browser for multi-platform synchronization, but now practically every prominent browser, including Brave, offers it.

When it comes to synchronizing several devices, though, Chrome is the more convenient option. It's as simple as logging into your Google account. You must have access to one of the previously synced devices in order to sync a new device with your Brave browser data.

Although Google Chrome wins this round by a razor-thin percentage, Brave allows you to operate across several devices.

Which Is really the Best Android Browser (Privacy Battle 2022) : Brave or Chrome?

Is there a feed in Chrome or Brave?

Google Discover, a feed on Chrome's homepage that offers content and news based on your browsing history, now available. Brave offers its own version, Brave News, which allows users to receive material from certain mainstream publications (including MakeUseOf).

Your personalization choices in Google Discover are limited to interest and browsing behavior. As a result, Brave News is the superior feed since you have complete control over the content suggestions you receive.

Chrome's and Brave's Unique Features

Brave includes all of the same functionality as Chrome, plus a few more. Brave, for example, offers a new methodology to help publishers make money from their customers since it advertises itself without traditional adverts.

By sending BAT to your favorite publisher, you can show your appreciation (Basic Attention Token). BAT is a cryptocurrency that you may earn by using Brave's ad network. Commercials that are brave are not like typical ads. You are compensated for watching advertising on Brave, in addition to being inconspicuous.

Another unique feature of Brave is the ability to watch videos in the background. When you go to another app or lock your screen, it allows you to listen to audio from YouTube videos. If you incorporate Brave's ad-blocking functionality, it's virtually YouTube Premium for free.

How Do You Decide Which Browser to Use?

Because Google Chrome comes pre-installed on most Android phones, you'll need to download Brave from the Play Store if you're interested. Although Brave is much younger than Chrome, the developer has managed to catch up to Google's requirements. Installing Brave and making it your everyday vehicle is a no-brainer if you value your privacy.

Brave is the superior browser in general, with all of the added features and somewhat better performance on Android phones. However, if privacy issues were not an issue, Google Chrome would be a strong contender.


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