12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

We have sorted through a large number of websites that provide free music downloads to identify the top 12 sites that are both free and legal.

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

All of these downloads are authorized. Either they are in the public domain, or, more often than not, the artists have approved downloading. Therefore, you may enjoy listening to the music and finding some undiscovered treasures that you would have otherwise overlooked.

12 Best Places to Get Free Music Downloads

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1. Jamendo Music

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

All of the free music downloads at Jamendo Music are made possible through Creative Commons license, which indicates that the musicians involved have chosen to make their music available to everyone without charge.
By looking at the tracks that are trending and the most played music, you may find new music. You may view newly uploaded tracks using the Latest music filter and search for familiar artists to check if their music is available for download.
You may also get excellent music on our website by tuning into one of the radio stations. You may download a single track or a full album if you find a song or artist you like. Additionally, playlists like "Cool Instrumentals," "Chill Zone," "Fresh & New," and "Time To Dream" are available for browsing.
Jamendo also provides you the choice to stream music rather than download it. If you don't want to use your web browser, there are other mobile apps available.

2. Amazon

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

Amazon.com is a popular destination to visit while seeking for new music to legally download because of the enormous number of free music downloads available there.
Choose a genre to view the music, or sort by ratings, length of song, popularity, or alphabetically by song title, artist, or album.
You can listen to the songs before downloading them; however, you must add the item to your cart before you can save the music to your computer. Simply go to the checkout as if you were making a purchase. It will be kept in the Digital Orders area of your order history and directed to a URL where you may download the free songs.

3. Bandcamp

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

Bandcamp makes it simple for musicians to distribute their music in a "name your price" format. As a result, you have the choice to either pay for the music or download it for free by entering a zero in the payment box.
The Bandcamp Discover tab is a terrific resource for finding new releases, artist-recommended tracks, and Bandcamp's top-selling music.
Not all songs may be downloaded without paying a fee, but for those that don't, simply type "0" in the payment box and follow the on-screen instructions to download the music. Most may be found in MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and WAV, among other formats.
On full albums, there is occasionally no minimum price.

4. Internet Archive

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

Millions of free music, audio, podcasts, radio programs, and most notably, their Live Music Archive, may be downloaded through the Internet Archive.
You may limit the results for the free music downloads by media type (concerts, audio, etc.), themes & subjects (such rock or funk), language, and more. You can also sort the results by most popular things, title, date released, or author.
You may often download music in a variety of file formats, including MP3 and OGG. Each download page's DOWNLOAD OPTIONS section includes a list of them.

5. SoundClick

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

The best resource for downloading free music from artists' websites is SoundClick. These musicians have made the decision to make their songs available for free download. Musicians who are signed and unsigned are included.
You may either listen to or download a free music download after browsing the genres and music charts till you locate it. Additionally, you may make your own radio stations, interact with other listeners on the forums, and learn more about the work of your favorite musicians.
While it is true that you may download music, some musicians only allow music streaming, while others only allow music downloads.

6. Last.fm

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

Several pages of free music downloads from various genres are available on Last.fm. These free downloads may be found by category, new releases, upcoming releases, or by just scrolling through the entire list.
Your chosen song will be downloaded with just one choice.
You may stream hundreds of songs in addition to downloading them, and you can get suggestions for artists you'll like.

7. SoundCloud

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

On the website SoundCloud, you may listen to and download free music. Some of the content is offered by individual musicians, while other times it is posted by professional artists.
Not all SoundCloud songs are available for download, and others only become available once you "Like" a Facebook page. However, songs that may be downloaded immediately and without creating an account either have a FREE DOWNLOAD button beneath the song or a Download file button in the More menu.
Browse the Creative Commons section or look for music that has been designated as free; nevertheless, additional pieces of music that aren't in these categories could also be available for free.

8. Audiomack

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

If you enjoy SoundCloud and are looking for new music, you'll appreciate this website. Depending on the artist, you may also be able to download their music from this website. All of the music is completely legal and available for free streaming.
Utilizing the website is quite simple. You may use the search bar to look for certain songs, albums, or artists. To access all the most recent songs at Audiomack, visit the Recently Added tab.
This website features a variety of musical styles, such as reggae, pop, R&B, hip-hop, instrumental music, and afrobeats.
At Audiomack, you may download songs without creating a user account. The most of the songs, if not all of them, are MP3 files.
The iOS and Android apps for Audiomack allow you to stream music from your phone or tablet if that's what you choose to do.

9. BeatStars

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

Moreover, BeatStars offers free music downloads. You don't need to go everywhere to locate the items on this site; simply click the link to the right to receive a list.
You may filter by genre and a number of moods, including mellow, sleepy, motivating, and humorous, then sort the list to locate the most recent additions. Key, instrument, BPM, duration, and energy level are additional filters (such as low or very high).
The greatest distinction with this site is that, in order to access the download link for some songs, you must first subscribe to the artist's profile or follow them on social media. It only only a few clicks to complete and is free of charge. Others ask for your email address in order to provide you the download link.

10. Spinrilla

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

Downloads of hip-hop mixtapes are free on Spinrilla. You may search for these audio files using the name of the mixtape, a single, or a chart, such as the top mixtapes of all time, this month, or today.
You may download single songs or entire albums at once, and the website's navigation is clear and simple. You may also see which mixtapes will be published later by using this tool. Each mixtape's release date is specified on the Upcoming Mixtapes page.
The website offers these music downloads, but you can also use the mobile app to listen.

11. Musopen

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

Free, legal, and copyright-free sheet music and recordings are available on Musopen. For any reason, you can download or listen to the song online. You may even access an internet radio using their mobile app or on a PC.
Here are many methods for finding free music downloads: Browse by time period, instrument, performer, composer, or instrument. Naturally, you may also conduct a manual search to determine whether they have a certain item.
Utilizing the music discovery feature is another approach to obtain music downloads. You may use it to filter by instrument, rating, duration, and license type in addition to moods like sad or relaxing (to find only public domain music, creative commons music, etc.).
While you may listen to music without logging in, you must first establish a user account in order to download anything you find on Musopen. You can download up to five songs each day with a free account in typical lossy audio quality.

12. ReverbNation

12 Best Platforms To Download Free Music

If you want to obtain music from undiscovered musicians, ReverbNation is a wonderful choice. Many bands, including The Civil Wars and Imagine Dragons, got their start here.
Although not every song on this website is downloadable, you may stream them all using your computer browser. A little download button is displayed next to music that can be downloaded.
If you're not sure where to begin browsing for new music downloads, the Discover tab is an excellent place to start. Use the Charts page to search by genre.

Free music download sites

  • Numerous websites provide free online music downloads, while other websites provide the greatest music streaming options. And the websites mentioned above allow you to download popular songs for free.
  • Something like music may heal a wound as a herb might. Keep listening and be joyful because there is a song for every occasion and every day of the year.
  • These are the top 12 websites for downloading music for free that deliver all genres to your door. Even though there are several websites that also let you download and stream music for free, we have carefully selected this exclusive selection just for you. Additionally, as a pro tip, we encourage you to download songs for free through Amazon Music and the Free Music Archive. But ultimately, it will be all up to you!
  • Visit these websites to find the music you've been looking for. Go ahead and download it!
Lastly, share your feedback with us in the comment box below. And, if you think there is something that should be included in list then do let us know. We’ll improve our list. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to stay updated!

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