8 Chrome Extensions for Web graphic Designers Must-Have

There are many excellent tools available for web designers. The top Chrome extensions for web design are listed below.

What software is essential for web designers to have on their computers? It's probably Photoshop and Illustrator. Additionally, there are lesser tools you probably aren't aware you require, even if those are the components of your design workflow.

8 Chrome Extensions for Web graphic Designers Must-Have

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The best part is that you may use these Chrome extensions right away without even having to download them. These Chrome extensions for web design can simplify your life by helping you find fonts on pages and measure the distances between web elements.

1. PerfectPixel

By enabling you to quickly apply an image overlay to a website, PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode aids in the development of pixel-perfect websites.
You have the option of uploading a picture from a URL, clipboard, or PC. With the help of this plugin, you may modify the picture size and opacity as well as add several layers to a page. The extension supports keyboard shortcuts and enables for customisation.
A free and premium plan are available. Most folks should be able to get by with the free one. For $14.99 a year, the Pro plan, on the other hand, eliminates ads, provides priority assistance, and facilitates layer rotation. With over 300,000 downloads, PerfectPixel by WellDoneCoode is a featured extension.

2. Fonts Ninja

Your typography options are virtually limitless because there are hundreds of fonts accessible. especially if you are able to locate a gorgeous font you come across and use it for your own project.
You may accomplish this with the aid of the Chrome plugin Fonts Ninja. It assists you in recognizing the typefaces you see online, much as the technologies that detect fonts from photos. The font used for headers and body text, which is programmed into the CSS of the website, is the sole change.
When Fonts Ninja launches, it will display details about the font you point it to, including the typeface, weight, size, height, width, and color. You may use this extension to bookmark these font specifications for later use.

3. ColorPick Eyedropper

Unless you know a specific shade's RGB or HTML values, it's difficult to reproduce it no matter how talented you are with color. Fortunately, if you have ColorPick Eyedropper, you won't need to guess.
ColorPick Eyedropper will display the values for each color you point at, much like the greatest color picker Mac applications. The distinction is that you don't need to upload anything; simply click on the icon and drag the target to the appropriate location. It's always there in your browser.
The add-on reads colors from text, photos, and essentially everything else on a website (even the ads). You may view the HTML, RGB, and HSL values for a color once you've captured it.

4. Dimensions

This open-source extension is a find for web designers, especially if you do one-time gigs for small businesses. When a client hands you down a website without any previous files or documentation and asks you to design "a page like this, but with different text and images," figuring out the layout is a pain.
Dimensions lets you easily measure the height and width of any element on the page, as well as the margins between them. That makes it easy to recreate existing pages and double-check your own designs after they go into production.

5. Visual Inspector

Visual Inspector is a powerful tool for web designers, combining the features of the previous three extensions and adding even more.
In the Inspect tab, you can pick any element on the page to get full information about it, from dimensions to the file name. The Colors and Typography tabs let you see the color palette and all fonts at a glance, while Assets gathers all images on the page in one place.
After launching the extension, you can click on any element and modify it locally using the Inspect tab. The CSS Output tab is where you can get CSS code updated in real-time as you make changes to the site.
Initially, the changes are saved locally, though you can export them. It also displays the mobile version of the site.

6. Screen Recorder

Given how simple it is to take a screenshot on a Mac and how much more difficult it is to capture your screen on Windows, a screen capture plugin would seem unnecessary. But Screen Recorder provides a lot of advantages.
Most notably, it enables you to automatically record the complete web page rather to just the portion that is visible on your screen. When you need to report many faults on a lengthy page and taking images of each one would need three to four, that is invaluable.
It has an integrated picture editor that enables you to make the required adjustments before downloading or publishing the file to Google Drive. Screen Recorder isn't simply for taking screenshots; it also makes it simple to capture screen or webcam footage.

7. Designer Tools

You can make pixel-perfect designs with the aid of the useful Chrome addon Designer Tools. By including rulers and grids, the plugin lets you to align any component of the Chrome webpage. Similar to that, every website can have an overlay.
The extension's typefaces, style, and ruler width may all be changed, giving it some degree of customization. A design panel and overlay are among the features of the $11.50 per year Plus edition of Designer Tools.

8. Muzli 2

One vital chore that you must complete every morning is waking up, brushing off the remnants of sleep, and getting going. Your daily newspaper will be Muzli 2 by InVision, which has carefully chosen articles on art, design, UX, and technology.
Your default Chrome tab is replaced by Muzli, which gives you the option to choose what appears there. Muzli will choose feeds for you from websites like Dribble and Behance to 99designs and Creative Bloq based on your likes. While you enjoy your first cup of coffee, there is plenty of inspiration to sift through!
Muzli also has a Lite version if you feel that having a full browser tab dedicated to design content is too much. You may access the feed whenever you want by clicking the extension icon; it won't replace your main tab.

Get Chrome Extensions for All Your Design Tasks

8 Chrome Extensions for Web graphic Designers Must-Have

The Chrome extensions on this list can't compete with your design program, but they take care of all the minor details of being a designer, like font information or screenshotting.
It might be difficult to refrain from installing additional tools once you understand how many there are in the Chrome Web Store. So, before they grow out of control, learn how to manage your Chrome extensions.

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