14 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

In this Article you Will find The Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Websites 2022 with High Paying.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

Although Google AdSense is a well-known service for monetizing your website or blog with advertisements, it is not the only one available. There are several AdSense substitutes that you might want to look into.

There are several alternative advertising services that provide amazing features and enable you to generate additional revenue from your website, whether you haven't yet set up an AdSense account, are having difficulties getting it authorized, or would like to diversify your income.

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What is Google AdSense?

If you didn't know, Google runs an advertising program called AdSense. One of the most well-liked online advertising networks for bloggers and webmasters wishing to monetize their blogs, it was first introduced in 2003.

They are probably ubiquitous on the internet. They resemble this in appearance:

Which Website Type Works Best for AdSense?

Google AdSense may be used on any kind of website. However, some websites are more suited to having AdSense advertisements shown on them.

Decide on a supplier. Compare

Let's quickly review the sorts of websites that work well for AdSense:

  • Blogs – one of the most common ones. If you are a blogger and you are consistently publishing high-quality content to an audience, ads may be a great way to monetize your content.
  • Forums – Instead of writing blog posts, forums are a great way for people to interact around a topic, whilst also generating some AdSense revenue.
  • Free Online Tool – If you run a site that offers a free tool or service, one way to offset the costs is with ads.

Google AdSense Alternatives

In this article, we'll discuss alternatives to AdSense. Google AdSense continues to be the most widely used tool for publishers to monetize their websites. If you're seeking for alternatives to AdSense for whatever reason. I'll walk you through a few different Adsense possibilities, including ones with flexible traffic requirements. Others recommend a variety of useless monetization strategies, like Propellerads, Adcash, Adsterra, Admaven, and a plethora of other pointless options.

I can't recommend them since they contain low-quality advertisements like pop-unders, push notifications, and other trash. That content seriously impairs user experience and is bad for your SEO. Furthermore, they are not a substitute for Adsense.

The use of a low-quality ad network will make search engines think your site is not very valuable. Your search engine rating will significantly suffer as a result of this type of advertising. I personally use most ad networks, including a few on this list. On recommendations and other trustworthy sources, more details are based. Think about reading over each of these best Adsense alternatives in 2022. You can discover one that works well for your website.

Best High-Paying Adsense Alternative

You may learn about alternatives to Adsense in this post by reading the details below;

Over the past few years, Google's pricing has reduced as AdSense has been less advantageous. The marketplace for ad platforms is becoming cutthroat competitive. AdSense is currently used by fewer advertisers as a result.

Are you aware that you run the danger of becoming permanently banned if you mistakenly click on an advertisement on our website?

Oh, that's hilarious. Google regularly audits websites and is heavily controlled. If you violate the rules, they will delete your registration and forbid you from signing up for new advertising accounts.

Additionally, Adsense is not a monster. They go about their business and won't suspend you until you commit a serious offense. such as a great deal of odd clicks, unwanted traffic, or VPN usage.

There are no traffic limitations for Adsense, which is wonderful news. Therefore, even if there is little to no traffic, you can still apply, even if the majority of people experience traffic problems. If you're seeking low-traffic monetization ideas, read my post Ad Networks For Small Publishers.

Adsense's primary bid is too low compared to other CPM platforms because it is PPC-based and only provides a little CPM bid. However, the bulk of ad networks use header bidding technology and provide reasonable CPM prices.

Websites have been demonetized by Google AdSense in recent years without warning or a chance to appeal the decision. Many publishers quit looking for alternatives as a result of this.

Since the CPM platform will compensate you for each and every impression, it's time to increase your income with an alternative to Adsense. As a result, in 2022, you can select one of these great sites on high-paying Adsense substitutes. Let's look at a few.

1. Mediavine

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

Mediavine, a Google-certified publishing partner, will assist you in making money from your blog or website. These guys are the best way to make actual money because they have the highest CPM in the business. Its lengthy approval procedure, however, disqualifies small publishers.

With Mediavine, you are only permitted to use affiliate monetization because it is a full-service ad management platform.

Because the payment period is 65 days, your payment for December will be processed in March. BOOM! It is high in relation to other things. The minimum amount for bank transactions is $200, but the minimum for PayPal is $25.


Your income will keep rising if you get a lot of tourists from high-ranking nations. Other traffic is not a serious concern because it pays well.

Minimum Requirements for Mediavine

For your website to join Mediavine, the following requirements must be satisfied. At least 50,000 visitors to your website should have been verified by Google Analytics over the preceding 30 days. Your work should be original, comprehensive, and engaging. The website must abide by Google's ad rules because it is an official partner of Google.

Alternative to Mediavine Adsense

One of the finest strategies for monetizing content to bring in large earnings, in our opinion, is Mediavine. They provide premium advertising partners and excellent ad spots.

Due to the automated placement of advertising and their "lazy loading" procedure, there is no apparent impact on the main site vitals. Visit the Mediavine YouTube channel for further details.

2. Ezoic

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

This is yet another AdSense option. Please give me a microphone; I'm really knowledgeable about them. Ezoic is the best Adsense substitute for sites with little traffic because of its quick development.

These people specialize in publisher optimization, and some of their services include speed optimization, CDN, caching, hosting for the Web and videos, privacy, SEO, and DNS in addition to monetization.

Along with Google ADX, Ezoic also provides significant demand partners from native platforms including Outbrain, Media.net, OpenX, Appnexus, Magnite, Spotxchange, Adtech, Amazon, and Yahoo. In addition to these few popular networks, there are hundreds others.

It is true that even if you already use Adsense, MediaNet, or another provider, you are still eligible to apply to Ezoic as a mediation partner. Their status as a Google Certified Partner ensures the security of your Adsense account.

Why then are you still holding out? Start growing your advertising revenue by 250% with Ezoic.

Google Certified Publishing Partner Ezoic

Ezoic is at the top of my list since it is accessible to everyone with a nice website. Ezoic gives novices a chance whereas the bulk of platforms have minimal traffic criteria.

They also offer an affiliate program, which is a plus. You may just utilize it to generate extra income without using it to sign up as an affiliate partner.

My findings indicate that EMPV is profitable in the US, Europe, Dubai, Bahrain, New Zealand, Australia, and other advanced countries; other countries aren't too terrible either.

A tiny but respectable CPM is present in the majority of Asian countries, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. In Vietnam, Japan, and Russia, effective CPM is in use.

Even if there isn't much traffic, the minimum requirement of 20 USD is fantastic since everyone can get that much. Additionally, after 30 days, you are qualified for a refund with PayPal and Payoneer as accepted payment options.

That Ezoic has several limitations post integration. Your website's speed will decline if you utilize shared web hosting. It's not a big concern, though, if you're utilizing a reputable web hosting company because they provide ezoic LEAP.

I have some recommendations if you're looking for a dependable web server and other blogging tools.

Another serious issue is that Ezoic asks users to change their nameservers. You provide Ezoic full access to your website with this authorization. But if you currently use Cloudflare, you may now as it is a recognized partner.

Ezoic Requirements

One of Ezoic's requirements is adhering to Google's Ads rules. You can still apply for an access program even if your traffic is minimal. If your website has at least 10,000 monthly visitors, you are qualified for the Ezoic level program. Sometimes it takes less time, but often it takes a week to acquire authorization.

Ezoic gives you complete control over ad optimization. They provide a broad range of ad formats, such as native and AdSense. Additionally, the Chrome plugin "ad tester" optimizes each and every one of your ad placements.

Management of Vignette and Anchor Ads is available via the Ezoic dashboard.

For instance, some placeholders display sidebar advertising that is 720 pixels or bigger and do not adapt to changes in screen size. Oooh. You may stop that by utilizing the ad tester without changing the layout of the website.

3. Monumetric

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

If your website receives enough traffic, you may sign up and choose one of Monumetric's four monetization programs. Yep. In comparison to Adsense, Monumetric is a PRO ad management solution that increases revenue.

Monumetric may be utilized as an alternative to Adsense as it just needs 10k PV, which is manageable.


Monumetric provides two payment methods: PayPal and bank transfers. They take a somewhat different tack when it comes to paying. The payment will be made 65 days after the month's conclusion.

Due to its support for both the WordPress and Blogger platforms, Monumetric may be a perfect Adsense substitute for WordPress users.

The speed at which your page loads is unaffected since they use lazy loading. It is a cutting-edge platform that displays premium adverts and has header bidding.

Monumetric specifications

You are eligible to join if your monthly pageviews total at least 10,000. Developed nations like the US, Europe, Canada, and others must send you a lot of traffic. There is a $99 beginning fee if you don't have 80k PV per month, however you may deduct it from your monthly revenue. The website must, nevertheless, uphold a standard of excellence. This is yet another AdSense option.

They have at least three months to decide on a website for their platform. If your website doesn't fit, they reject you. HOO!. Monumetric seeks traffic that is both acceptable and of a high caliber.

4. Infolinks

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

Although Infolinks is a well-known substitute for Adsense, its ad designs are rather different. There are many "In-Text" ad types on the website's pages and articles.

When compared to other platforms and networks that solely show banner advertisements, adverts are different. Pubmatic, Yahoo, Google, OpenX, Criteo, Sonobi, Sovrn, Appnexus, and other companies are demand partners for Infolinks.

You can improve your income by introducing publishers since you will receive 10% of their revenues for the subsequent 12 months. The shortcomings of Infolinks include old infrastructure and poor CPMs in many nations.

  • PayPal, cheque, and Payoneer payments.
  • $50 is the bare minimum
  • Made over 45-day intervals

Infolinks offers five different ad units at the moment, while being most recognized for its text ad type. The ad formats they provide include Intext, Infold, Intag, Inframe, and In-article. The in-article ad is similar to other display marketing in many ways.

Infolinks specifications

This is yet another AdSense option. Any online publisher, regardless of size, can use the Infolinks platform, and there are no setup fees, minimum traffic requirements, or contracts. They have strict standards, so you'll need a trustworthy website with useful content. Websites with downloading, X-rated content, phony rewards, gambling, or other objectionable content won't be taken into consideration.

The Infolinks certification process takes a few days, generally three, and requires well-maintained material. They are the same as Media.net's and Adsense's content guidelines. You have control over the advertisements, and you may change them to your liking.

5. Newor Media

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

Even though I haven't used Newor Media, I've read that they've had a lot of positive feedback. Use real-time bidding, state-of-the-art algorithms, and a Google MCM partner for resale. Offer customers top-notch advertisements that load swiftly and seldom have an impact on their experience.

Newor Media Associates

Platform enhances sophisticated analytics to maximize your revenue potential by combining the largest moderate networks with better real-time header bidder technology.

Use of Newor Media is subject to the same 30-day payment conditions as Ezoic. Wire transfers, Payoneer, and PayPal are the accepted payment options. The maximum payment is $250 by wire transfer and $50 via PayPal or Payoneer.

It's a good idea to offer a choice of payment options because not everyone can use services like PayPal or bank transfers if there is just one option available.

Requirements for Newor Media

To be an MCM partner, your website must adhere to Google's advertising policies and get at least 30k monthly visits. Additionally, they assume that your website will include at least two ad units. Newor Media still only accepts English-language websites.

6. AdThrive

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

They don't provide any other publishing services, such as hosting, SEO, or anything else, because AdThrive is the ideal ad management service. Many content producers would want to employ the well-known networks AdThrive and Mediavine on their websites.

AdThrive specifications

To be eligible to join AdThrive, your website must have a functioning SSL certificate, original and distinctive content, at least 100,000 monthly visitors, and top-tier traffic from North America, Europe, and other continents. Because they are Google Certified, you must abide by their policies. No previous sanctions from any trustworthy ad suppliers.

The fact that AdThrive is strict about the websites it wants to admit is widely known. The acceptance rate is small and typically low for all ad networks.

AdThrive is interested in content that improves online experiences.   I noticed: Most websites in the AdThrive publisher network are in the lifestyle and family categories, with a few techies thrown in. This is yet another AdSense option.

7. Optad360

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

My review has already been sent to Optad360, and they have also given Google Partners approval. OptAd360 can enhance revenue possibilities while preserving a wonderful user experience by using machine learning technologies.

Thanks to sophisticated algorithms like Ezoic, programmatic online ad profits have greatly improved. The services offered by Optad360, such as Header Bidding, Ads Refresh, Flexible Ad Design, and others, are available to publishers.

With a $100 minimum payout threshold and no transaction fees for income, Optad360 has a payment schedule of 30 days that is comparable to Ezoic. They provide a variety of payment methods, including Wise, Payoneer, PayPal, and others.

OptAd360’s Requirements

The minimum need varies by area, and OptAd360's criteria are rather strict. Most individuals aim for at least 50,000 page views each month, but some aim for 500,000. Google-like standards apply to the standards. It is unnecessary to specify these limits because they are similar to those of the other graded ad platforms.

Pre-roll, dynamic, float, anchor, stutter videos, clip and banner commercials, in-feed native ads, and many other ad types are available.

8. Pubfuture

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

This is yet another AdSense option. I didn't utilize this ad management system. I saw the things with excellent ratings and because gaining permission is not difficult if you have high traffic, I choose to include them to this list.

It's a benefit that they accept such a wide range of payment methods. PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfers, and even bitcoin are all acceptable payment options. $50 is the bare minimum for PayPal and Payoneer.

They provide a companion program where you may receive an additional 5% of each publisher's profits.

Publish-future payments

Publishers have access to a variety of SSPs via Pubfuture, including Admatic, Contextweb, 152media, Rubicon Project, OpenX, Yahoo, Google, and Others. I also cannot guarantee their CPM class or performance level.

Pubfuture offers IAB Standard Sizes ad units in a variety of forms, including interstitial, sticky, and interscroller. The Outstream and Instream Videos ad unit includes both sticky and in-content floating. You may learn more about it by studying them in detail.

Pubfuture specifications

A top-notch website with at least 100,000 monthly page views and relevant content is required to join Pubfuture. If your traffic is good, the approval process is not tough. It also prohibits the use of foul language and graphic imagery. Frequency requires organic traffic; fake traffic is not permitted.

9. Media.Net

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

You might be aware that Media.net is one of the most effective monetization platforms. Is it correct to say that media.net is the best Adsense substitute?

I really disagree with Media.net since, unlike AdSense, it does not accept everything.

As opposed to AdSense, Media.net does not permit high-quality websites with low traffic criteria. Users of Media.net must have invites to access it. Depending on its norms and regulations, it will evaluate your website and decide whether or not to approve the publisher.

Media.net publishers must meet the requirement of high-quality traffic, albeit the website does not state how much is required. Major sources of traffic demand include Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Focus on English-language content and try to limit the quantity of advertising on your website to a minimum.

Although Media.net does not state what they want specifically, many people estimate that they require traffic of at least 10,000 visitors every month.

Media.net Requirements

The high-end users that Media.net collaborates with for premium advertising are their primary audience. If your website has low-quality content, they will prohibit you. This subject will never be fascinating. They note how frequently your website is updated with great content and unique information. This is yet another AdSense option.

10. FatChilli

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

The FatChilli framework for monetizing ADX 360 content uses programmatic advertising. They are recognized Google partners and handle Google's ad inventory. They have straightforward approval processes, so I think you may get in touch with them right away.

Yes, I briefly used them, and they worked as intended, but as I haven't used them since, I can't truly remark.

They provide greater CPMs with header and open bidding in order to get access to more qualified bidders. I was unable to match Madiavine, Ezoic, and other rivals' CPM rates. You are not compelled to remain if you are dissatisfied with their amenities. There are free Fatchilli trials available.

The only thing Fatchilli really needs is a trustworthy website. With around 10,000 monthly website hits, you may register and finish the signup process.

They will contact you through email once you submit your application and ask for more details, such as traffic analysis, private information, payments, etc.

Here is a list of what you get from them in addition to AdSense.

  • Additional parameters.
  • Pricing levels.
  • Slow loading.
  • Waterfall control.
  • Integration of AdManager.
  • Premium Sponsors.
  • Header bids.
  • Public bidding.
  • Private transactions.
  • Individual support.

You may test them out because significant traffic is not required.

11. Setupad

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

You must be familiar with Setupad by now. A cutting-edge programmatic platform makes use of header bidding technology to boost publisher ad income. Due to its higher CPM, Setupad performs better in terms of income growth than Adsense.

Let's assume that your website has high traffic and engaging content and that you want to grow your earnings beyond Adsense. Setupad is one of the most advantageous solutions in this scenario because it is a significant participant in the programmatic advertising industry.

Users may see one advertising for up to 40 seconds thanks to Setupad's clever ad refresh system.

This is yet another AdSense option. These people have the ability to boost your monetization profits using algorithmic marketing. AdBlock recovery technology should be used, and premium SSPs like OpenX, Google, and Amazon should be included.

Why is Setupad more intelligent than AdSense?

If you use a Setupad, there are more markets and bidders. When utilizing Google AdSense Google, there is just one bidder.

Setupad ad units employ lazy load technology, so you won't need to worry about the performance of your website. Any platform can have an impact on a site's performance. Even though AdSense advertising has a big impact, Setupad uses "lazy load" to get past it.

The setupad minimum threshold is €100, and future payments are made on a monthly basis once the initial payment is made after 60 days. Wise, PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfers are all accepted forms of payment.

Setupad Requirements

The Setupad guidelines must be followed, and you should receive at least 100,000 monthly visits. However, I've heard that traffic volumes that are somewhat closer to that figure would be acceptable. You must also agree to follow any additional Setupad guidelines and upload their ads.txt file to your website.

12. Carbon Ads

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

The Carbon Ads network of BuySellAds is only available via invitation. Carbon's significance to developer blogging You may rest easy knowing that they always provide tailored advertisements to your audience because they are developer and designer-focused.

Carbon ads are not a perfect substitute for AdSense and are not appropriate for many users. You'll understand what I mean if your website blog offers training in JS, CSS, PHT, hosting, tool evaluations, and other topics of interest to developers. They also accept developer tools, such as charts, testing tools, etc.

This is yet another AdSense option. Every month, payments for advertising that were served the previous month are due by the 15th. Although PayPal is the preferred method of payment, you may also make money by using other methods, such as wire transfers.

Compared to Ezoic or Madiavine, the bulk of Carbon's CPM rates, which average $2, are less expensive. If your website is compatible with a better network, you should remain with it. But suppose you don't give your revenue additional thought. In that case, Carbon is a fantastic platform, and the advertising is quite user-friendly.

Carbon Ads Requirements

Numerous factors are taken into consideration while deciding whether to accept a new member into the Carbon Ads network.

  • Your content must be pertinent.
  • 10,000 or more page views per month.
  • Websites need to be up to date and adhere to the terms of service.
  • If you have a development website, you should be alright since their sponsors are more interested in the IT specialty.

13. Healthy Ads

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

a great environment for expert blogs and websites. Targeting audiences and websites for health, fitness, pharmacy, and pharmaceutical businesses is done using a platform called Healthyads. This is a great response if your website deals with health-related topics. With top-tier traffic, 10,000 PV.

Yes, the low barrier is $100. Payment is made around 60 days after the end of the month. They provide all the possible payment options in your area.

American publishers are paid via ACH bank payments. Direct transfers will be made to Australian Publishers. PayPal for all other countries.

They are associated with several leading organizations that support health, including Adidas, NIKE, Mead Johnson, GSK, and many more.

Healthy Ads Requirements

The entrance requirements for publishers, websites, and blogs all include a requirement for a health-related topic. Strong American, British, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand audiences are necessary. You must actively create interesting material. Both a top-level domain and a minimum of 10,000 monthly page visits are necessary.

Send us an email with your console information and ad tag information as soon as you've been approved. Simply copy and paste each ad tag onto your website to begin earning money. It usually takes a week for acceptance. For them, there must be a minimum of two units. This is yet another AdSense option.

14. Ad.plus

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

I don't have any information on these people. Ad.plus, a Google MCM partner, uses both CPC and CPM bids. Ad.plus provides publishers with a fair share offer of 80% of the produced money, which is more than AdSense.

For video monetization, they offer in-stream and out-stream video codes. Net 30-day payment terms are offered by Ad.plus via wire transfer and PayPal. While wire transfers need a minimum of $200, PayPal requires a minimum of $100.

Ad.plus Specifications

Publishers should follow webmaster best practices and achieve a minimum of 100,000 monthly visitors. Gaming, offensive material, ads, and other items are not included in safe content. They have the same policies as Google, thus if Google has delisted your website, you are unable to join them.


One of the most well-known ways to monetize your website is possibly with AdSense. However, if you're not satisfied with the results or want to diversify your income sources, you can give some of the Google AdSense alternatives a shot.

Conclusions: Alternative to AdSense

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website In 2022

Hello and thanks for reading this. Choose the finest monetization strategy from the many networks available today as alternatives to Google Adsense.

This list omits certain widely used ad platforms, including PropellerAds, Adsterra, and other non-standard platforms, as well as native networks like MGID, Revcontent, and others.

Additionally, those push notification advertising networks are awful since they degrade user experience. Additionally, I dislike some native advertising since they are spammy and inappropriate for quality topics like computing and the web, such those from MGID and Taboola.

You may utilize sponsored promotion to make some money if you don't like internet advertising by integrating guest material and links. As an affiliate marketer, you can link, but for success, you need steady traffic.

If you research various traffic conversion strategies, you'll probably make three times as much money as you expect. It won't take you long to understand the true value of your visitors and learn how to increase it. I sincerely hope you get Wish Best Google Adsense alternatives with high paying for your site.

You Can also Comment down below if you have any questions about Google Adsense alternatives. 


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