Apple Watch Series 8 review: What is The New Features?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the most recent Apple device to be examined, after yesterday's assessments of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

Apple Watch Series 8 review: What is The New Features?
Image Credit: Apple

With a processor that is almost exactly the same as the previous one and a design that is likewise the same, it is not a significant advance over the Series 7. (read: no square edges). New sensors are included to power more health-focused functions, but are they sufficient?

Apple Watch Series 8 review: Build Different

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We collected some of the more compelling written reviews for the Apple Watch Series 8 and extracted some salient elements in anticipation of our evaluations.

Good Upgrades, Small Upgrades

Both externally and internally, the Apple Watch Series 8 is quite similar to the Series 7. The addition of a new automobile collision detector, similar to the one found in the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, and a new temperature sensor are two significant additions.

For obvious reasons, not many reviewers used the auto collision detector. The Verge did make an effort to activate it, but was unsuccessful.

As you would guess, nothing happened when we strapped the Series 8 to an RC truck and drove it around the Verge. (I think the main reason was to utilize an RC truck as an excuse to play.) I have worn the Series 8 on a number of questionable Lyft trips through really frustrating stop-and-go traffic, but that too did not cause the feature to work. I'm not surprised by it. When Apple first launched fall detection, I and a few other reviewers investigated if you could activate the function by simulating tumbles. All of us failed. All of this to say, if you received a bogus warning, I would be honestly astonished. That's good, Victoria Song of The Verge noted.

It's difficult to determine the use of the temperature sensor right away. It is primarily intended to detect ovulation rather than letting you know if you have a temperature as a sign of an unpleasant illness. Naturally, as many evaluations point out, its full effectiveness will manifest itself over a number of months.

Apple Watch Series 8

While WatchOS 9 offers a number of its own upgrades. Apple Watches for children may now be configured by parents using their own phones. Additional features, such as podcast listening, house keys, and the ability to operate smart home devices, are planned by the business.

The addition of medication monitoring, several new watch faces, sleep phases, and a breakdown of AFib history will assist people with the disorder identify potential triggers in their lives. Beyond that, the operating system has undergone minor UI modifications, and Reminders and Calendars have undergone adjustments that allow you to modify right from the tiny screen.

Overall, Cycle tracking is the Watch's most notable new feature this time around. Apple isn't the first wearable manufacturer to incorporate temperature sensors, and the company isn't making many boasts about the capabilities of the sensor either. It's more of an extra data point for things like sleep tracking that you may use or discard. It may be a strong justification for an update for those of us who need to keep track of our cycles.

The killer app for smartwatches in their early stages was frequently promoted as alerts. However, the emphasis immediately turned to health, and it has stayed there ever since. The business has been gradually and methodically assembling a strong health tracking suite, supported by encryption, 2FA, and other crucial security measures targeted at safeguarding that data. It has always been a crucial component of the puzzle, and it now feels even more crucial than before.

Apple Watch Series 8 review: What is The New Features?
Image Credit: Apple

Crash Detection is one of the many new features that are being added to the increasing list of "peace of mind" capabilities. They'll probably only persuade a small minority of owners to update, and they're unlikely to persuade holdouts, but they're still good improvements. There's a reason why videos that were, quite frankly, duds received so much stage time at the most recent event. The product is currently positioned in this manner. Apple is focusing significantly on features like AFib monitoring, Crash Detection, and S.O.S. - scenarios none of us particularly want to discuss but could appreciate a device that could help us avoid worst case. Sure, there's some fun stuff and a little of the flare we usually see in these launches.

A excellent solution to the battery life issue is Low Power. For those extended days spent away from home when I don't have easy access to a charge, I can see me turning it on. But I keep holding out hope that the business would deal with it more directly in a subsequent release. (I'd also add that the SE would be a better option if you're okay working in Low Power mode all the time.) Despite the jabs at Garmin, Apple has shown that it is possible to increase on-board battery capacity without reducing functionality. It now has to be added to a smartwatch that can suit more wrists.

Apple Watch Series 8 review: What is The New Features?
Image Credit: Apple

The fact that the corporation has developed an astonishing array of features generation after generation, however, cannot be disputed. Returning to the question that began this 3,000-word review, Apple's response appears to be straightforward: you improve the device little by little. That entails being realistic about the fact that not every update will be a game-changer and taking your time with important issues like your health, which call for accuracy. Dropping notifications sometimes is one thing, but you shouldn't actually mess with people's health.

When the FDA approved the Series 4's ECG monitor back in 2018, the gadget was formally classified as a Class II medical device. Although Apple (and medical professionals) will be quick to point out that the gadget isn't intended to diagnose any ailments, many users surely use it to track those already identified conditions on a daily basis. Because of this, everything must be perfect, even if it means delaying the release of new features for an additional year (or three).

Apple Watch Series 8 review: What is The New Features?
Image Credit: Apple

It's not for lack of competition that Apple has maintained its dominance in the market for so long. There are many different types of smartwatches available. Although the corporation is not in any danger of losing its position as market leader anytime soon, fiercer competition from companies like Samsung and Google will only benefit the sector going forward.

The battery is still inefficient

Apple Watch Series 8 review: What is The New Features?
Image Credit: Apple

While Fitbit's rivals claim to have a week's worth of battery life, Apple's wristwatch offers a lot more features. While it can't quite equal that, the Series 8 still aims for a full day of usage and succeeds in doing so, thanks in large part to features like WatchOS 9's low-power mode.

Speaking of battery life, watchOS 9 introduces a new low-power battery mode, but the Series 8 is still a gadget that requires daily charging. The always-on display and background sensor readings are disabled, and Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity are constrained. Additionally, it keeps GPS and heart rate intact when exercising. On the Series 8, you can reportedly use it for up to 36 hours.

However, when considering the Series 8's sleep monitoring function, the battery issue becomes apparent. If you want to charge your Series 8 overnight or set aside time while you're up, it would appear that you may have to give up sleep tracking.

Hey, perhaps that's not such a huge issue after all. But you could be forced to pay greater attention to your battery if you do want to use its sleep-tracking functions. "To put it simply, promising a 'all day' battery life is one thing. Another to add is 'all night,' according to Brian Heater of TechCrunch.

WatchOS runs without issues

In contrast to Wear OS, WatchOS has always been clear about its goals. It has now reached its full potential on the Apple Watch Series 8. It's good because The Verge refers to it as "the bee's knees," as opposed to WatchOS 10's "poggers," which is a higher honorific. Having said that, it doesn't offer anything to the Series 8 particularly that you won't find on the Series 7 and down. The new Compass app and low-power mode seem to be the greatest benefits.

Apple Watch Series 8 review: What is The New Features?
Image Credit: Apple

"WatchOS 9 adds a lot of very excellent additions, like medicine monitoring, multistage sleep tracking, and a low-power mode that disables several features to increase battery life. The compass app also monitors your steps through GPS to help you find your way back home during treks. However, you don't need to buy a new watch to get these; instead, a free update to WatchOS 9 may offer you these improvements and make it seem like you already own a new watch, according to CNET's Stein.

"One morning when the Series 8 battery was only 20% charged and I still needed to rush to the gym for an 8am workout, I employed the new low power mode in watchOS 9. It was able to track my performance during the HIIT class and last for at least two more hours. How little it seemed like I had to give up to get the additional juice astonished me.

No time to buy, the takeout

Apple Watch Series 8 review: What is The New Features?
Image Credit: Apple

Similar to the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, Apple has created a fantastic but ultimately iterative device. It is advisable to hang onto a current model if you have one. A prior generation of the Apple Watch may be a genuine value if you want to save money while purchasing a reliable unit. The implication appears to be that you should definitely spend more money for Series 8 if, however, you're interested in the more significant functions like ovulation and sleep tracking.

It should go without saying that the new Apple Watch Ultra is the other factor contributing to the Apple Watch Series 8's perceived lack of excitement. The Series 8 looks to serve as an amuse-bouche in comparison to that impending monster.


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