Best 7 Software To Edit Your PDF Files 2023

 These tools are your closest friends if you need to delve deeply into a PDF file.

In our increasingly multi-device, cross-platform world, the PDF may be more important than ever while being almost 25 years old. For the most part, you may review and comment on these files using a free PDF viewer. But eventually, especially in a professional situation, you'll need to edit a PDF file, which typically calls for upgrading to a more expensive PDF editor.

Best 7 Software To Edit Your PDF Files 2023

The standard choice in the past was Adobe Acrobat, but it was also the most expensive, making it unaffordable for many people and small enterprises. This has led to a wide range of options with different features and prices. We compared the features offered by a few of the best PDF editors to see how they compare.

We even have a recommendation for the best free PDF editor since there are times when you simply need the essentials to get the job done swiftly. Along with the more expensive editors, there are a surprising number of competent free programs to pick from. See our opinions on the top choices by reading the suggestions below.

Best PDF editors: Our top picks

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1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – Best overall

Best 7 Software To Edit Your PDF Files 2023

For good reason, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC continues to be the industry standard. The finest alternatives are based on Acrobat's robust mix of creation, editing, reviewing, and security capabilities, but we still believe it performs this function the best. The comprehensive toolkit's new interface overhaul makes it much easier to use than the deep menus of the past, and the cloud subscription option makes its cutting-edge capabilities accessible to more people and small organizations. Check out how it stacks up against Adobe Acrobat Standard DC.)
Even though many of its capabilities can be found in other, less expensive PDF editors, Acrobat remains the standard by which all others are measured.
Best 7 Software To Edit Your PDF Files 2023

As a component of Nitro Productivity Suite, Nitro PDF Pro now fully integrates with Nitro Cloud, making it simpler than ever to collaborate on documents and secure signatures. Document processes feel easier and more smooth when common editing operations can be completed directly in a browser rather than needing to go to the desktop software.
When it comes to Adobe Acrobat substitutes, Nitro PDF Pro is among the best. The margin at the top has continued to get smaller thanks to recent enhancements. There aren't many better options if Acrobat is what you need.

3. Swifdoo – Best budget option

Best 7 Software To Edit Your PDF Files 2023

Although Swifdoo may not be as well-known as some of the other editors on our list, it is more than capable of competing in the competitive PDF editor market. Without any complicated or fancy features, Swifdoo offers all the tools you need to manage PDF files. It enables users to launch their toolkit immediately and start editing with just what they require.
Although Swifdoo's features are excellent, they are also very common among PDF editors. Swifdoo stands out for its low cost, which is a terrific value for individuals who frequently edit PDFs and don't want to spend a fortune. Additionally, Swifdoo provides a long trial time so people may test it out and decide if it's right for them before they pay any money.

4. PDF Candy – Best free option

Best 7 Software To Edit Your PDF Files 2023

One free PDF editor that has many features you would usually have to pay for is PDF Candy. We're talking about OCR capability, file conversion choices, and scanning. All of these factors help PDF Candy stand out from the many inferior free PDF editors. Although the UI is a little goofy at first, after you get the feel of it, you're good to go.
Although the free edition gives you access to the full toolkit of the commercial version, you are only allowed to complete one PDF job every hour. You must pay $6 a month if you want unlimited access.

5. PDF Expert – Best full-featured editor for Apple devices

Best 7 Software To Edit Your PDF Files 2023

We recommend PDF Expert as the best editor for Mac, iPad, and iPhone users because it excels as an editor and integrates well into the Apple environment.
While the Preview app on macOS does have a PDF editor, PDF Expert nicely fills the gap left by iOS devices' lack of a native PDF editor. Its user-friendly editing features include page management, transforming scanned data into editable documents, and conversion to various file formats. It also boasts a simple and straightforward interface. This is a no-brainer for Apple consumers because the price plan is also far less expensive than the majority of the other top selections.

6. Apple Preview PDF editor – Best free option for Mac users

Best 7 Software To Edit Your PDF Files 2023

Since Apple Preview already includes a full suite of PDF markup tools, Mac users don't need to turn outside of the macOS for their PDF editing requirements. It is capable of handling the majority of personal and professional PDF editing requirements, including encryption, password security, and file permissions.
The remarkable PDF features and capabilities of Apple Preview should be sufficient for the majority of typical editing jobs. Of course, the disadvantage is that they are only available to Mac users.

7. pdfFiller – Best web-based editor

Best 7 Software To Edit Your PDF Files 2023

With pdfFiller, a browser-based PDF editor, you can edit, secure, share, and store PDF files all from a user-friendly and straightforward online interface. It boasts a very extensive feature set with options for both personal and professional use.
The commercial features of pdfFiller are highly adaptable, but not all users will find them useful. Thanks to the three membership rates, customers may satisfy their editing demands without having to pay more for bloated features.

A word about online PDF editors

When there are several free online PDF editors available, why invest money on a desktop editor? The straightforward response is that you get what you pay for. The majority of free online editors allow you to combine and divide documents, add text and comments, and convert files to and from PDF. With rare exception, they do not allow you to alter already-written material, and many of them have limitations on file size and page volume. And many of them will watermark the document you have modified. Web PDF editors are therefore best saved for quick, easy editing tasks. For anything more demanding, call in these powerful dogs.

What to look for in a PDF editor

  • Create, convert, and export PDFs: Making PDFs, whether from scratch, scanned hard copies, or by converting digital documents, is the most basic task that a PDF editor can perform. From Microsoft Office formats to pictures to HTML, a competent PDF editor should be able to convert a range of file types with ease while maintaining the original formatting. In order to make the PDF text searchable and editable, it needs also use OCR technology. A decent PDF editor should also have the ability to convert PDF files into other editable formats like HTML, plain text, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint while preserving the original files' hyperlinks, graphics, and other aspects.
  • Content editing: The ability to edit text, add, resize, and move images, as well as rearrange PDF pages, is yet another magical feature that PDF editors enable. A good one will enable in-line editing, dragging and dropping graphics, and adding or removing hyperlinks, and accomplish these operations as easily as in a text document or slide deck.
  • Review and annotate: When reviewing PDF files, a decent PDF editor should let you or anybody else using it to annotate them with comments and other text. It need to have the ability to annotate both text files and graphically dense files like webpages. Sticky notes, callout boxes, highlighting, freehand drawing tools, and stamps bearing the words "authorized," "updated," and "confidential" are typical alternatives.
  • Security: Sensitive data-containing papers are used in every industry. Choose a PDF editor with security measures so that only people with permission can view it. The majority of reliable choices come with many degrees of security, such as password protection, permissions setting, and content redaction, which "blacks out" particular text and pictures. The majority of PDF editors now provide one or more options for document electronic signatures.
  • Mobile support: Although desktop computers are the ideal for performing in-depth PDF editing, having the ability to examine and annotate files while on the go is convenient. Even though PDFs can typically be viewed in any PDF reader or editor, regardless of the program they were originally created in, think about looking for an editor that has a mobile app specifically for mobile users, is mobile device optimized, or permits cloud access to features through a mobile browser.
A PDF's ability to be viewed and changed in any PDF software, independent of the program it was made in, is one of its many advantages. So, in addition to the qualities listed above, let your particular tastes direct your choice.

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