Best Game Development Extensions for Visual Studio

The powerful tool Visual Studio is available to all developers. You may enhance your job as a game developer by grabbing some premium extensions.

The process of creating a single AAA-quality game might take several years and is laborious and time-consuming. Therefore, tools are needed by game creators to facilitate and speed up this process.

One of the most widely used IDEs for game programming is Visual Studio, which offers numerous great plugins to help game creators.

Top 6 Visual Studio Extensions for Game Developers

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What Is a Visual Studio Extension?

A plugin or add-on for Visual Studio is created to improve your experience using the IDE. It can either develop and combine current tools or add new ones. Most extensions are available on the Visual Studio Marketplace. Additionally, using the Visual Studio Software Development Kit, you may develop your own extensions (SDK).

Why Should Game Developers Use Visual Studio Extensions?

Game engines are intricate pieces of software with millions of lines of code and thousands of files. Even the greatest IDEs can have trouble managing these code bases, indicating erroneous errors and experiencing performance problems.
If you've used Unreal Engine, you know how challenging it is to utilize with a simple IDE like Visual Studio Code. For Unreal Engine developers, using Visual Studio without extensions is not a particularly pleasant experience.
It can be difficult to create a video game. The tight deadlines that makers of games like Cyberpunk 2022 face have received a lot of attention. Therefore, it's crucial to work more effectively throughout game creation to save every second you can.
Visual Studio plugins significantly facilitate the creation of video games. They expedite time savings, enforce precise coding, and increase production. We wouldn't have access to the yearly releases of so many AAA-caliber games without Visual Studio extensions.

1. Resharper

The JetBrains.NET plugin Resharper is used to edit, restructure, examine, and test C# code. Resharper is a high-quality solution from JetBrains that tries to make programming more fun.
The Unity game engine is directly supported by Resharper. For your C# scripts, it can automatically produce overloads and implementations. It identifies coding practices that have an impact on performance and offers expedient solutions to prevent code smells.
Every scene, prefab, and object in your Unity project is known to Resharper. Additionally, it supports the Assembly Definition Files and ShaderLab of Unity. It may emphasize the use of event functions and serializable fields in C# scripts while displaying the Unity console in Visual Studio.
Resharper C++, an alternative version of this add-on, supports C++ and Unreal Engine. It offers shrewd coding assistance supported by a comprehensive knowledge of the reflection system in Unreal Engine. While you are editing, Resharper C++ analyzes your code, makes suggestions for changes, and generates new code.
Resharper is a comprehensive plugin for all game engines, regardless of which one you choose to create your game. It is a reasonable choice that includes support for many programming languages in one package. Some of the biggest brands in gaming, including Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard, also use it.

2. Visual Assist

Whole Tomato Software's Visual Assist (VAX) plugin enhances Visual Studio's IntelliSense and syntax highlighting. Visual Assist is one of the top two extensions for Unreal Engine developers, along with Resharper.
Visual Assist offers code assistance, code inspection, code restructuring, and code correction particularly for the C++ programming language. With the aid of this plugin, you may quickly search through big, monolithic code libraries for files, functions, and symbols.
Visual Assist can assist in enforcing any programming conventions that you follow. Through the use of a powerful static analyzer, style violations and other mistakes are flagged. Additionally, while you type, Visual Assist subtly corrects errors and incorrect symbol case usage.
Unreal Engine 4 and 5 have special support in Visual Assist. It can scan the code of a game engine, get rid of spurious errors, and highlight macros and specifiers' syntax. The naming standard for classes and structs in Unreal Engine is also enforced by this add-on.
To comprehend the expanded code language of Unreal Engine, Visual Assist employs a context-aware search engine. Whenever the base classes are used, it can display comments, documentation, and dialogs from those classes.

3. CodeMaid

For programming languages like C++, C#, TypeScript, and many more, CodeMaid is an add-on for Visual Studio. It is accessible on all versions of Visual Studio, including VS 2022, and is free and open-source. Code cleaning is CodeMaid's main job, which it may do automatically or manually.
To eliminate unneeded whitespace in code, CodeMaid may utilize and expand Visual Studio's code formatting tools. Additionally, this plugin has the ability to format a single file or an entire Visual Studio project.
With CodeMaid's tree view hierarchy of C# and C++ code, programmers may rapidly jump in and restructure the code to their preferences. It offers several sorting options for a clearer view and can restructure code to adhere to Microsoft's StyleCop style manual.
Because it enables you to concentrate on the logic and functionality of your code rather than aesthetic standards, this plugin is well-liked among game developers. CodeMaid can be useful if you're not the most organized programmer.

Common Unreal Engine actions are now conveniently accessible in Visual Studio thanks to this plugin. This plugin is part of the Unreal Engine. By executing the UnrealEngine.vsix file while in the installation folder for the game engine, you may install it.
The Visual Studio UI has a unique toolbar thanks to this addon. You may enter command-line options, choose the starter project, and refresh project files using the toolbar. You may assign commands to hotkeys in Unreal VS to speed up development even further.
The build tools in Unreal VS are more advanced than those in regular Visual Studio. The batch builder may simultaneously compile many projects while maintaining the separation of their build settings. Without modifying the primary build setup, you may compile for different operating systems like macOS and Linux using the build tools.
With the appropriate Visual Studio SDK, Unreal VS is open source and extendable. Unreal Engine installation licenses are required, however they are available for free. if you want to begin creating video games.

This program is more of a foundational part of Visual Studio than it is an extension. It is a set of tools made to hasten the Unity game engine's game creation process. After installing Visual Studio, you may add the optional Visual Studio tools for Unity.
Strong auto-completion for Unity events and functions is a feature of this addon. It properly inserts lines of code to C# scripts and eliminates any parameter errors in functions thanks to IntelliSense. Additionally, it offers Unity shader language syntax highlighting and auto-completion.
A robust debugger is included in the Visual Studio tools for Unity to examine intricate expressions and data structures. You can establish regular, data, and conditional breakpoints with the debugger. Additionally, it enables run-time monitoring and adjustment of variable values.
With the help of this add-on, you may rework your code to conform to Unity's coding standards. It also offers a reference viewer that shows the locations where your functions are called. The reference viewer shows Unity project files and has the ability to reload Unity resources.

For the purpose of building C++ game applications, this plugin adds the Android operating system as a target platform in Visual Studio. You may create cross-platform games with C or C++ and publish them to Android by utilizing this plugin.
Debugging with the Android Game Development Extension is quite quick. Additionally, it provides simple access to memory and performance profiling.
Several game engines, including Unreal Engine, Unity, Godot, and Defold, are supported by this addon. It may also be extended from an existing engine or used with a bespoke C++ game engine.

The Future of Game Development

Best Game Development Extensions for Visual Studio

A previously enigmatic and mostly unexplored area of software development was game creation. Software for creating video games was rare and challenging for the typical programmer to utilize.
However, game production has grown more approachable with the introduction of game engines like Unity and Godot and platforms like Roblox and Core. With little to no programming experience, you can get started and easily produce aesthetically appealing games.
The tens of thousands of independent games that you can discover on Steam and are made using these game frameworks. They have also made a substantial contribution to the development of video games as a prominent form of online entertainment.

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