Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

In this Article you will find the best tools to Transfer your Files and data Between Android and Mac easily and Fast.

Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

All is well until you need to transfer files between the two devices while using an Android phone and a Mac. Things swiftly unravel at that point. The Google Android File Transfer app exists, but using it is so irksome that you're better off not using it at all. You're not completely out of luck, though. There are actually several techniques you might employ. So, in 2022, here are methods for transferring files between Android and Mac.

You cannot natively explore the file system of your Android phone on macOS, in contrast to Windows. Additionally, Android phones cannot use Airdrop, its ad-hoc wireless service.

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Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

As a result, you are forced to rely on third-party solutions to move data between macOS and Android. Thankfully, there are several trustworthy third-party applications that fill the need (including one from Google). Here are the best methods for transferring files between an Android phone and a Mac.

The Apple ecosystem's products integrate perfectly with one another, however when owners of Apple products want to create an environment that includes another OS, such as Android, there are certain problems. When transferring files between Android and Apple devices, these consumers encounter several issues. To exchange photographs or data, a third-party program is always required.

Easily Share Files Between Android and Mac

As we've seen, many people have multiple preferred brands when purchasing a phone or computer. Due to its strength and performance, you would have noticed a lot of individuals utilizing MacBooks for work, but when it comes to smartphones, they favor Android over iOS. There are a number of causes for this, including:

  • Android phones are easy to afford
  • Customized themes and application
  • Better battery life
  • Dual sim and memory increase options
  • Easy connectivity

But based on the aforementioned fact, we cannot conclude that Android is superior to iOS. The security of your private property is constantly at risk while utilizing so many third-party applications. However, when it comes to computers and phones, people have varied brand preferences.

transfer files between your Mac PC and Android phone? The following are easy techniques to transfer data between those systems.

Best Tools To Transfer Files From Android To Mac

1. Android File Transfer

Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

The quickest and easiest way for you to browse the files on your phone on a Mac is to use Google's own Android File Transfer application. Simply plug up the Android phone and install the free program on your Mac.

The connection will be instantly detected by Android File Transfer, which will then display a window where you may move files back and forth, make new folders, or remove existing ones, among other file management operations. Additionally, since you're using a Mac, you don't need to bother about installing any drivers.

2. OpenMTP

Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

Despite being far more capable, OpenMTP is remarkably similar to Android File Transfer. It offers a superior user interface that allows you to view the contents of both your Mac and phone in separate windows at once, making it simpler to transfer files from one location to another. Using OpenMTP, it is easier to move files from Android to Mac and vice versa than using Android File Transfer.

There are keyboard shortcuts for power users, you can move files larger than 4GB at once, and copying is quick. You can even access secret folders on both devices if you wish to. Although setup is simple, you must pay attention to the directions once you begin. And best of all, it is open-source and free.

3. Anydroid

Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

You may manage your data for a cross-device transfer with Anydroid, an Android manager. To save up space on your Android device, you may use this software to quickly backup your memories.

The biggest benefit of Anydroid is that your MacBook doesn't need to have any software installed. In addition, since the entire file transfer procedure is wireless, you no longer need to carry a data connection or other adapter with your electronics.

The most difficult task for any Apple user is backing up their WhatsApp data, which Android simply assists you with. On their official website, you may get this program for free. Additionally, you may get this program for one year with plans beginning at €29.99.

4. Dr.Fone

You can easily transfer your texts, images, and call history from your iOS or Android cellphone to Mac OS using the Wondershare program Dr.Fone. Additionally, it will assist you in system maintenance, and utilizing this program, you may locate missing phone data. It is freely accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones on their official website. Depending on your requirements, you may purchase Dr. Fone applications separately or in coagulated form for a variety of services.

5. Commander One

Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

Try Commander One if you're seeking for a more capable Android to Mac file transfer program.

The powerful interface that comes with Commander One allows you to carry out a wide range of tasks, including fast transferring huge amounts of information, setting up an FTP server, quickly swapping drives, and more. The app's tabbed layout makes it simple to switch between different storage devices.

Additionally, Commander One includes a variety of keyboard shortcuts that you may personalize to suit your tastes. But this app isn't totally free. For 15 days, you may test it out for free to see whether you think it's worth the money.

6. Pushbullet

Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

A universal clipboard and other capabilities that are traditionally exclusive to Apple devices are now available on Android thanks to Pushbullet. Additionally, Pushbullet enables you to send and receive SMS messages, examine your phone's internal storage remotely on a computer, and transfer files. It is the whole shebang.

Contrary to popular belief, it is also free (with some limitations). Sign up on the Pushbullet website using your Google or Facebook account to configure it. Using the browser clients, install the app on your Android phone and all of your other devices (you need to use Chrome or Firefox rather than Safari).

After that, configure Pushbullet by following the written instructions on the website and in the app. You must activate Remote Files on your Android phone once you have signed in to all platforms in order to share files, links, and other content between them with ease. By selecting Account in the lower right corner of the program, then selecting Remote Files > Enable, you may achieve this.

7. Macdroid

Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

With the aid of Macdroid, you can easily transfer Android files over a solid connection. The program is available for free download. The pro version is also available for free 7-day trial. Additionally, its Pro membership is available for just $1.67 a month.

In addition, the Finder program on your Mac will have all of the images from your mobile device. Drag those images quickly and effortlessly into the MacBook folder of your choice. The most notable aspect of Macdroid is the ability to modify files from your phone that are saved on your MacBook without saving and uploading them to your MacBook.

8. Send Anywhere

Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

For wireless file transfers between Android and Mac, Pushbullet previously provided a browser-based solution called Portal. That, however, was discontinued in October 2021. As one of the top Pushbullet alternatives, we suggest Send Anywhere.

Send Anywhere performs comparable operations to Portal but requires you to install the Mac application rather than using a browser. A code is entered, and then the transmission across a Wi-Fi network starts. The difference is that it offers a wider range of functions, including Wi-Fi Direct connectivity, rapid picture and video selection, and more.

Even better, you may make links for files so that you can distribute them among several devices. One of the quickest methods for transferring data between a laptop and a mobile device is using Send Anywhere. Send Anywhere's free edition has an ad-supported layout, but you may upgrade for a modest price.

9. Transfer Files Between Android and macOS With Cloud Storage Services

You can certainly rely on your favorite cloud storage, such Google Drive or Dropbox, if you seldom transfer data between your computer and Android phone. There is no configuration required, and the procedure is rapid.

Additionally, using this technique won't limit your access to your data to simply a Mac and an Android phone. No matter what device you're using, you can access them.

Tip: Install the desktop backup program provided by your cloud provider, if it has one. In this manner, your phone may always download the contents on your PC.{alertInfo}


The Top Mac Apps for Android File Transfer

You may simply transfer files using any of these techniques between Android and macOS through wired or wireless connections. Although it seems sense that Apple hasn't included any capabilities of this kind for Android, happily, third-party developers have stepped up and created a number of fantastic alternatives.

Transfer Files Between Android and macOS in 2022

Easy Methods to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

There are several ways to transfer files across these two operating systems, as I previously said. Some of them are extremely simple and wireless, while others require a little more learning to utilize.

In either case, you have a wide range of choices for sharing files between your devices. You may choose the finest file transfer tool for you after we review all the options for Android and Mac.


One may use devices from many firms in their daily lives as a result of the expanding alternatives in the technology sector. However, in order to boost sales across the board, manufacturers like Apple make it almost hard to transmit data between their products and link them to those of other manufacturers, including all Android phones. You will discover that transferring files between your Android phones and Mac computers is rather simple after reading this post. You could also check into how to move contacts from an iPhone to an Android device.


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