How to Convert PDF to Word for Free (Online & Offline Methods)

Converters from PDF to Word are widely available. For both online and more safe offline use, we have selected the top 6 free options.

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free (Online & Offline Methods)

If I had a $1 for every time someone asked me for a recommendation for a fantastic PDF to Word converter, I could probably go Whole Foods shopping every day for a month. It's one of the formatting pile's top conversion kinds.

Putting aside my love of organic produce, here are some of the top free PDF to Word converters available.

How to Convert PDF to Word For Free

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Convert PDF to Word Offline Tools

While there are many online PDF to Word converters to pick from, there are instances when you'll truly need your own easily available program. In addition to being generally speedier than their online equivalents, offline conversion solutions also ensure that your online conversion will stay online.
Anything other than the occasional document, such as sensitive material, business papers, and information you'd prefer to keep private, shouldn't be converted utilizing an internet application.

1. PDFMate

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free (Online & Offline Methods)

I've been using PDFMate for a while since it reliably converts PDF to Word and also includes conversions for Text, EPUB, HTML, SWF, and JPEG.
It has a fairly straightforward user interface, is cost-free, and includes several useful extra utilities, like batch conversions, document encryption, compatibility for many languages, and a variety of other programmable parameters.

2. WinScan2PDF

From a program that performs a variety of tasks to one that performs the absolute minimum Its inclusion in this list is made possible by the fact that it successfully completes its sole task.
WinScan2PDF is a very little program. It could be the smallest piece of software you use right now because it is only 30 KB. Select Source, Scan, Multiple Pages, and Cancel are your four choices. How could it not be intuitive? You just point it at the document you want to convert, and you're good to go.

3. UniPDF

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free (Online & Offline Methods)

The last conversion tool in the offline category is UniPDF, which supports a variety of file formats, including Word, Text, and HTML.
UniPDF transforms into a fantastic, free, all-purpose conversion tool when you add PDF to JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PCX, and TGA conversions to the mix. It also offers batch conversions and picture resolution options.

Convert PDF to Word Online Tools

You should only utilize online tools when essential, as I said in the preamble to the section on offline conversion tools.
Now, a conversion service online won't publish your personal information online or reveal your private financial information to the public. However, as part of the process, it will create a duplicate of your conversion, and as we should all be aware by this point, what goes online, stays online.
I also detest having to provide an email address as a requirement because doing so will probably expose your inbox to a ton of incoming spam.
Nevertheless, they are quite handy, and many online conversion providers give you access to an astounding variety of possible output formats.

4. Smallpdf

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free (Online & Offline Methods)

One of the countless online PDF converters is Smallpdf. Thus, the fact that it is on our list at all should speak volumes about how beneficial it is in comparison to similar items. Additionally, it has a cheery, stylish appearance, which gives it bonus marks.
A variety of PDF conversion services are available from Smallpdf, including PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPEG, and HTML. Additionally, you may divide PDF files into several papers or combine many PDFs into a single file using the online service.
It's interesting to note that Smallpdf also provides a document password locking and unlocking option, albeit any documents that are actually encrypted will remain that way.

5. TinyWow

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free (Online & Offline Methods)

A browser-based program called TinyWow can quickly convert PDF files to Word documents. Simply drag your PDF file into the tool or choose it from your computer or mobile device to upload it.
You may decide whether you want to keep the formatting, only extract the text from the PDF, or use OCR to only extract the text from scanned documents.
Once converted, the file is available for download or browser viewing. TinyWow will remove all traces of your submitted documents from its database within one hour.

6. CloudConvert

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free (Online & Offline Methods)

The additional benefit of CloudConvert is that it can convert virtually any file format you give it into practically any other file type you desire.
Its PDF to Word conversion is exact, tables are correctly retained and maintained, and it handled several documents that were very image- and bullet-heavy with ease.
Come for the PDF to Word conversions, stay for everything else, seems to sum up CloudConvert in full.

Convert PDF to Editable Word

Of course! A PDF may be transformed into an editable document using Microsoft Word by itself. However, only users of Office 2013 and Office 2016 may access this function.
Activate Word 2013 or 2016. Open by selecting File. Navigate to and launch the PDF. A warning will appear informing you that little reformatting could take place and that line and page breaks might not appear exactly where you want them to.
According to my experience, depending on the PDF's nature, the correlation between Word and PDF is typically pretty close. Just keep in mind that Word doesn't always handle tables very well.

You're All Set to Convert PDF to Word docx

Each of the six conversion programs we've chosen is excellent at handling PDF to Word conversion. Word is an alternative, but even Microsoft is willing to recognize that it occasionally falls short, especially in light of the other choices you have. Utilize one of these to save time and frustration.
As an alternative, you could only wish to modify your PDFs using a software.

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