How to Do Keyword Research for Your YouTube Videos for Free

Want your YouTube videos to be found? You must conduct a keyword search. The finest free methods are listed below.

After you've been uploading videos to YouTube for a while, you'll definitely start considering ways to expand your channel's audience. Naturally, you must provide material that will be useful to your target audience. If you don't optimize for what people are searching for, it's tough for them to locate your movies.

You have various options for conducting keyword research for your YouTube videos, just like you can on blogs. You don't necessary have to invest in numerous paid solutions, though you may. If you're just starting out, you might not have the money, but don't let that stop you.

This article will show you how to do keyword research for YouTube without spending money.

How to Do Keyword Research for Your YouTube Videos for Free

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1. Free Keyword Tools

How to Do Keyword Research for Your YouTube Videos for Free

When you start a YouTube channel, you’ll quickly realize that growing one takes a lot of work. One of the most significant challenges is constantly thinking of content ideas that you’ll enjoy making but that your audience also wants to see. While you can spend hours brainstorming, getting a bit of help isn’t a bad idea.
There are plenty of free keyword research tools to help you develop interesting content ideas. Some, such as Keyword Tool, allow you to search a specific phrase and pick the language you’re trying to optimize your videos for. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a list of popular search terms and the average cost per click (CPC) for them.
You may use keyword research tools to analyze current trends and the level of competition you'll encounter to rank. In certain cases, you might need to buy a subscription plan in order to access the complete list, but you'll at least have enough with a free version to get you going.

2. YouTube Channel Analytics

How to Do Keyword Research for Your YouTube Videos for Free

Your channel will have a solid foundation of data once you've uploaded a number of videos, giving you plenty to work with. Knowing your top-performing videos can help you make better decisions about the future content you should produce. These metrics can provide fantastic insights.
But if you want to take your YouTube channel to the next level, you’ll want to explore using the Research option in YouTube Studio. You may use this information to determine the phrases you should optimize your content for by looking up the search terms your audience uses.
Additionally, you can see what the platform as a whole is looking for. You may search for phrases associated with your specialization by choosing the Searches throughout YouTube tab. You can find out where there are content gaps by using the feature, which will display search volume.

To access these tools:

1. Go to the YouTube Studio.
2. Select Analytics.
3. Go to Research.
4. Choose the specific tab you want.

3. Social Media

How to Do Keyword Research for Your YouTube Videos for Free

Having at least one social media account on a platform other than YouTube is a smart move if you want to expand your YouTube channel. Making one will make it easier for others to locate you and will help you foster a close-knit community among your followers.
But social media offers YouTubers a ton of additional advantages. Finding out what other people are interested in is one. To identify content gaps, you may use a variety of methods, including hashtags, keyword searches, and so on.
By seeing these gaps, you may create material that meets these people's requirements.

4. Check Other Content Creators in Your Niche

No matter how esoteric your specialty may be, it's quite improbable that you're the only YouTube user producing those videos. Additionally, watching the videos of other artists might serve as a source of inspiration, even if you should never imitate someone else's work.
You'll immediately notice that certain videos function better than others when you browse different YouTube channels. And in nearly every situation, you can certainly come up with a new approach that will benefit your audience just as much
Take notes while you watch the videos of your favorite producers and analyze what they do well and what you believe you can do better. From there, you can begin combining everything into more specific concepts.

5. Look at the Keywords Your Competitors Use

Looking through the videos made by other people might inspire you and provide you valuable ideas. But in addition to that, you might also want to pay close attention to the phrases and keywords they employ to speak to their intended markets.
Most of the time, you'll need to utilize a third-party tool to check out other YouTubers' search phrases. The free plan of TubeBuddy includes the Channelytics tool, which will provide information such as tags and top movies.

6. Google Searches

If you've ever maintained a blog, you may have utilized Google to get topic ideas for articles. Additionally, you will find the tool to be equally helpful for identifying potential video subjects if you want to expand your YouTube channel.
You will receive a list of similar searches when you enter a word or keyword into Google. You may want to consider producing videos to cover any content shortages you find on YouTube. Additionally, you might get inspiration from the question summaries at the top of your search results.
You can have your video displayed towards the top of these sites if you create one that responds to user queries. And if that occurs, you may increase channel visibility while also receiving views from YouTube.

7. Google Trends

How to Do Keyword Research for Your YouTube Videos for Free

You'll frequently need to provide timely material in the quick-paced online environment. Additionally, being aware of current trends is really beneficial while hunting for keywords. One of the finest free resources for determining the level of interest in particular topics is Google Trends.
You only need to enter the phrase you're looking for to use Google Trends. Additionally, you may compare it with various searches to obtain a better overall picture.
When you scroll down the page in Google Trends, you will see a list of linked searches. The site also shows which areas receive the most inquiries on a particular topic, and you can further split these results by individual cities.

There are several options available for your YouTube keyword research.

Although a lot of people only associate YouTube with video sharing, it's actually one of the biggest search engines on the planet. As a result, you should approach generating video content similarly to writing material. Your task will be made much easier if you are aware of the keywords to rank for.
You may discover many free tools and techniques to uncover keywords to rank your YouTube channel and videos for, even if you don't have a significant budget.

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