How To Fix Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11

Windows Security is essential for a PC's security, although it occasionally has issues. Here are the several solutions.

How To Fix Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11

Microsoft's free and built-in antivirus application, Windows Security, guards your computer against external threats. The security software may occasionally cease functioning properly or perhaps fail to launch altogether. Additionally, if you do not use an antivirus program from a third party, you are essentially wide vulnerable to a variety of security assaults.

Therefore, it is essential that Windows security is operating at its peak; doing so will maintain the absolute security of your machine. We've outlined some of the top tips in this post to help you solve Windows Security on your Windows 11 computer.

Has Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11? Here's How You Can Fix It

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1. Turn on Windows Security

One of the first things a malicious application does when it infiltrates a PC is occasionally to disable all antivirus protections. If your computer has lately been the target of such an attack, it's probable that you are experiencing the same problem.
If so, you'll need to manually turn on Windows Security on your computer. Here's how to get started:
  • Head to the Start menu search bar, type in 'security,' and select the best match.
  • From there, click on Turn on to enable the Virus & threat protection of your PC.
How To Fix Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11

You will see a new dialog box asking you to confirm the changes; select Yes to proceed. Instantaneously, Windows Security will be activated.

2. Update Windows 11

When was the last time you updated your Windows? If it has been some while, it would be wise to clear the cobwebs from your updates.
Open the Windows Settings to check for updates. Enter "settings" in the Start menu search bar, then click on the best match. Alternately, press Win and I simultaneously.
Select Windows Update by scrolling down. As soon as you click Check for Updates, Windows will begin to search for updates on your computer.

How To Fix Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11

The Windows Update screen will show any new updates that are available. Simply clicking on Download & install will start the process.
After the updates are finished, quickly restart your computer to see if the Windows Security issue is still there. If so, go to the next technique below.

3. Disable Third-party Antivirus

It could be a good idea to remove any additional antivirus software you have on your computer right now.
Running Windows Security with third-party antivirus software has been known to interrupt Windows systems in various ways. Therefore, it could really be a sensible strategy to delete the extra antivirus and see whether it restores everything to normal.
Launch Settings once again to begin. Search for the antivirus under Apps > Apps & Features, then click on the choices (three dots) and choose Uninstall.

How To Fix Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11

We'll get rid of the third-party antivirus program. Restart Windows 11 now to determine whether the Windows Security issue is still present. Not at all.

4. Reset the Security App

In most circumstances, removing the third-party antivirus program from your computer should restore Windows Security to operation. It could be time to perform a thorough reset of your Security app in the event that it isn't, though.
Refresh the Settings menu. Choose App > Apps & Features, then enter "security" in the search field. The Windows Security icon will appear. Next, choose Advanced settings by clicking the choices (three dots) button. Then choose Reset in the Reset section after scrolling down.
You'll see a confirmation message asking whether you're sure you want to reset the app and delete all of its data. To proceed, press the Reset button.

How To Fix Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11

If you don't want to immediately reset the app, you may alternatively attempt the Repair option. It is just there, above the Reset choice. When you select Repair, the procedure will start immediately. When the repair is finished, a tick mark will be shown next to the repair box.

5. Run an SFC and DISM Scan

When some of your Windows files break down, you may rely on the Windows application known as SFC, or System File Checker. It looks for file corruption before attempting to fix it.
Through the Command prompt, it may be accessed. Launch the command prompt as Administrator after typing "command prompt" into the Start menu search field.
This starts the elevated command prompt that you must have in order to use the SFC tool.
Enter the following command into the Command prompt:

sfc/ scannow {codeBox}

After the utility has finished scanning your computer, you should be able to launch the Security software.

How To Fix Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11

Be patient if the SFC tool does not function. The DSIM is another tool you may use to try your luck; while it's not exactly like SFC, it functions almost identically. If you'd want to read up more in-depth on this subject, you can read our comprehensive guide on the distinctions between SFC and DSIM in one of our earlier posts.
A DISM scan locates and corrects any flaws with your system image that could be creating issues with the operation of your PC, much as how the SFC utility aids in PC repair.
The DISM must also be launched as an administrator, just like the SFC scan was. Run DISM as administrator by going to the Start menu and typing that word. Enter the next command and press Enter to begin the DISM scan:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth {codeBox}


How To Fix Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11

Your files would have been examined once the command had finished running, and all corruption problems may have been fixed.
Simply restart your computer when you're finished to make the modifications effective, and then check to see whether the issue still exists.

6. Reset Your PC

Resetting your computer and returning it to its factory settings is a fix for practically all Windows issues. Resetting your PC while leaving your personal data and folders intact is far better than completely reinstalling Windows.
Take the following actions to begin:
  1. Go to the Start menu search bar, type in ‘settings,’ and select the Best match.
  2. In the Settings menu, click on System > Recovery.
  3. In the Recovery options tab, click on Reset PC.
  4. Then select Keep my files > Local reinstall and click on Next.
How To Fix Windows Security Stopped Working on your Windows 11

I'm done now. Your Windows will be formatted and reinstalled in no time if you follow the steps that are displayed onscreen. All of your settings will be reset to default when your computer restarts. The entire procedure is very simple, but if you run into any problems, you may review the detailed instructions for a Windows 10 factory reset to see if you're doing anything wrong.

Fixing the Issues With Windows Security

Windows Security is essential to the wellbeing of Windows. The program, however, occasionally has issues and ceases to function correctly. Hopefully, one of the approaches described above enabled you to restore its functionality. However, there are many more ways to increase your PC's security, so be sure you aren't just relying on Windows security to keep your computer safe online.

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