Steps to Start Selling Old & Used Books on Amazon

Books and E-books are excellent for education and relaxation, but having them around can add to clutter. Fortunately, selling them on Amazon is simple.

How to Sell Your Old & Used Books on Amazon Easy

Consider selling Used books on Amazon if you want to start reselling books or if you just have a bunch of them laying around. It's a simple way to share excellent books with others and earn money.

It's recommended to avoid becoming an Amazon seller blindly because there are a few processes and guidelines involved. Learn more about selling your used books on Amazon's marketplace before you sign up.

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How To Sell Used Books On Amazon

Find Out What You'll Sell in Used Books on Amazon

The first step is to open an individual or business Amazon Seller account. Take all necessary precautions to keep your Amazon account safe because you are starting a company.

If you're already a customer, you may use that information to begin the process. If not, state your company's email address or another email address. Later changes are simple to make, including completely altering your Amazon account's email address.

  • To sell on Amazon, you also need:
  • A chargeable credit card that works with international transactions.
  • A form of identification, whether it’s a passport or government ID.
  • Your tax information.
  • A bank account to receive your proceeds from Amazon.
  • A phone number.

Additionally, you want to keep in mind a few essential practices for reselling old books. Check your stock's position on Amazon first. For instance, a bestseller will sell more copies than a book that is less well-liked.

Additionally, be truthful about the state of the books you list on Amazon and set their prices appropriately. As long as the book is still legible and the reader is aware of what they are paying for, avid readers won't mind.

Pay heed to Amazon's book-selling advice for the greatest experience for both you and your consumers. You'll discover what you can sell on the platform, as well as how to properly manage your eCommerce business.

Create a budget for Amazon book sales

How to Sell Your Old & Used Books on Amazon Easy

How serious you are about reselling books determines how much money your Amazon business will make. In addition to additional costs, there are two major plans: one for casual merchants and one for serious sellers.

The Cost of Amazon Seller Plans

You can register as an Individual if all you want to do is get rid of a few books at once and don't care about reports, advertising, or other sophisticated features. The price is $0.99 for each item sold.

The Professional plan has several useful features, including top product page positions, API connectivity, and support for multiple users, and is available for a monthly charge of $39.99.

Extra Charges for Amazon Sellers

Additional selling costs for both plans vary based on your selections and items. For instance, Amazon charges a $1.80 closure fee in addition to a 15% referral fee for media products like books and music. For additional information, check out the Amazon price guide.

Read up on pricing and fulfillment alternatives as well. It may cost you between $2.35 and $3.59 for each little item sold if you want Amazon to handle everything, including customer support, storing and delivering your product, and handling returns.

If you provide this service while also selling books, you can encounter additional charges, such as $5 for each book rental. If you receive a refund, Amazon will give you your referral money back, less an administration fee of $5 or 20% of the referral fee, whichever is less.

In the end, books shouldn't break the bank, but do your homework and figure out what your total costs will likely be each sale or per month. A straightforward budget tracker in Notion or any other program of your choice can also be quite helpful.

Claim Amazon Seller Incentives

How to Sell Your Old & Used Books on Amazon Easy

To help you successfully establish your company and feel at home in this online marketplace, Amazon offers several programs and advantages. Amazon wants sellers to enjoy using its platform as much as shoppers do. Here are a few of the top ones.

You can choose from three programs if you register with the Amazon Brand Registry:

  • a 5% incentive when your branded sales hit $1 million or when the program has been running for a year.
  • $200 for taking part in Amazon Vine, where you provide a few free goods to reliable reviewers so they may keep guiding other consumers' purchases.
  • $100 for signing up for Amazon Transparency, a program that guarantees real transactions and safeguards your clients and company.

Additionally, there are rewards for utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), including:

  • Automatic enrollment in FBA New Selection, which offers services including return processing, disposal of excess merchandise, and free monthly storage.
  • If you choose Amazon Global Logistics, fulfillment costs will be $200.
  • Under the Amazon Partnered Carrier scheme, delivery costs would be $100.
  • For listing products as sponsored products, you receive 50 promotional clicks.

You might not require all of these strategies as a used bookseller, but it's still important to understand how Amazon might improve your money, exposure, and selling procedures.

List and Price Your Used Books

You must provide information about your used books, such as the ISBN, title, quantity, and condition when submitting them to Amazon's listing. You may also choose your preferred shipping method here. Will you be handling the book's packaging and shipping, or will Amazon?

You also select a fair price for your used book at this point. When you understand how to utilize Amazon's advanced search option, you can see what other sellers are doing, which is much more effective.

Alternately, make use of Amazon's Automated Pricing Tool and Match Low Price function, both of which are accessible on your seller account along with other features.

Increase Sales of the Books You Sell

Utilize Amazon Advertising, a pre-installed collection of resources for marketing your items, which includes spots on sponsored product and brand lists, video and audio adverts, and bespoke advertising campaigns.

You may advertise your used books on your social media accounts or website while Amazon handles promoting them on their platform. Such resources and tactics are crucial if you're launching a book resale business.

Prepare for Shipping, Returns, and Refunds of Used Books

You must properly prepare, pack, and deliver your merchandise to an Amazon Fulfillment Center if you're using the FBA method. Beyond packaging and labeling, books won't require much.

You'll need to keep an eye on your seller account and act quickly on orders if you want to use the Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) option and handle everything yourself. Printing Amazon packing slips, packaging your used books, mailing them, and verifying each purchase are all required steps in this process.

You'll also be in charge of handling any returns that clients ask for and that you usually have to reimburse. Therefore, be careful not to offer book purchasers any justification to reject the things you send them, such as by exaggerating their condition.

Find Out How to Sell Used Books Other Than on Amazon

How to Sell Your Old & Used Books on Amazon Easy

A fantastic site to establish your business with your collection of used books is Amazon. You receive a very effective seller account as well as a wealth of tools to aid in the listing, promotion, and delivery of your goods.

But for those who sell secondhand books, there are options outside Amazon. You may manage everything from your computer and smartphone for a client base of any size and requirements, depending on how big you want your business to be. Simply keep looking at your choices.


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