Important Skills and Online Courses to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

Here are some crucial abilities and online courses you should take into consideration whether you work in e-commerce or want to launch an online business.

Important Skills and Online Courses to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

The retail e-commerce sector is growing at a rapid rate as online buying becomes ever more practical. In the upcoming years, the sector is expected to rise by as much as 50%, according to Statista.

It's time to invest in some skills if you want to investigate your options for employment in the e-commerce industry. Here are some crucial abilities for those working in e-commerce.

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Important Skills to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

1. Copywriting

Important Skills and Online Courses to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

Writing for the goal of selling is known as copywriting. Effective copywriting generates strong calls to action and raises brand recognition. When done correctly, it may increase your consumer base and foster a sense of loyalty among them.

Although your skills in creative writing may be helpful, copywriting is not creative writing. Writing convincing text takes some experience and should be devoid of superfluous frills. Make things simple, said pioneering advertising executive Leo Burnett. Make it distinct. Make it appealing to the eye. Make reading enjoyable.

One of the most popular courses on Domestika is the online copywriting course The Art of Storytelling for Freelancers and Creators. The training, developed by Sun Yi, creator of the prestigious digital branding and marketing firm Night Owls, covers writing strategies that draw readers in right away.

2. Business Communications

Your ability to interact successfully with a variety of people inside and outside of your company is aided by business communication skills. Email, instant messaging, formal letters, business presentations, and many more communication methods fall under this competency. Include learning this on your list of necessary talents to acquire if you want to establish great ties with your personnel and suppliers.

Course on Online Business Communications: A lecturer at the UBC Sauder School of Business, Marlisse Silver Sweeney, provides a Business Communications course on edX. You may sign up for the free audit track, which grants you access for six weeks or pay $150 for unlimited access.

3. Accounting

Important Skills and Online Courses to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

Accounting knowledge is necessary for any type of organization to track revenues and costs. Acquiring accounting knowledge would also make tax preparation easier. You might start by making an investment in bookkeeping software for independent contractors and small enterprises. Even if these tools will be useful, you still need to understand the numbers.

You may learn how to record transactions in journals, create financial statements, and assess the financial health of your company by taking the University of Virginia's Financial Accounting Fundamentals online accounting course on Coursera.

4. Project Management

Project management abilities help you efficiently plan and execute your e-commerce project. For instance, you could wish to create a Gantt chart to assist you to organize the project's duties if you want to develop a website for your company. Learn about the finest project management strategies and reports so you can select the one that best meets your needs.

Course in online project management: Even if you have no prior knowledge or expertise, this Google Project Management course from Coursera guarantees to teach you the fundamentals of project management in less than six months.

5. Graphic Design

Important Skills and Online Courses to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

The younger generation now interacts mostly through images like photographs, videos, and emoticons. A weak visual design will make even the best copy ineffective.

There are several keywords in graphic design that you should understand if you're just getting started. When working with a graphic designer for your e-commerce firm, these phrases will also be useful. Consider taking an online course to understand the fundamentals if the jargon seems Greek to you.

Online graphic design school: Design@Work targets company owners who require basic design abilities with its course. Discover how to use Adobe InDesign to create layouts for business cards, brochures, and other items.

6. Social Media Management

SMM aids in the development of a precise plan for interacting with your audience on well-liked social media platforms. It's not necessary to be present on every channel, but it is advised that you use the ones where your target audience is. An online course will be helpful in this situation since any e-commerce company that wants to succeed needs to enhance its social media game.

Online Social Media Course: The free Social Media Marketing course from Acadium includes 35 beginner-friendly courses on social media, which is being employed by most enterprises.

7. Customer Service

Important Skills and Online Courses to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

You can tell that there is a huge need for customer service workers just by looking at job boards. Customers appreciate customer experience as highly as product quality, according to data from Salesforce, therefore it makes sense for firms to prioritize this talent.

Online customer support training: 22 useful classes make up this well-regarded customer service training from goskills, which you can access for free for a week.

8. Search Engine Optimization

Important Skills and Online Courses to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

For your website to appear on the first page of search results, SEO is essential to your company's content strategy. The majority of searchers seldom get past the first page of results, which is why SEO is important. When combined with SEO, organic, genuine, and high-quality content may result in powerful copy that ranks on Google.

You may improve your product page and establish brand authority on search engines with the aid of the online SEO course Improve SEO for your Ecommerce Site from LinkedIn Learning.

9. Email Marketing

Important Skills and Online Courses to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

A carefully designed message is necessary for an effective email marketing campaign. A cheap technique to boost sales and advertise your business is email marketing. Because of this, every e-commerce company that wants to interact and care for its customers may benefit from having writers who are proficient with platforms like MailChimp.

Online email marketing course: Hubspot offers a free online training program called the Email Marketing Certification Course that will teach you the fundamentals of email marketing and show you how to make effective messages.

The unchallenged leader in pay-per-click advertising is Google Ads. Advertisers who pay per click or impression on an ad receive income through Google's paid internet advertising program. Google is one of the top venues for company promotion since it receives 3.5 billion searches per day, according to Internet Live Stats.

Google Ads Online Course: With the Google Ads Masterclass (AdWords), you can learn how to create a strong Google Ads campaign: From Udemy, Run Campaigns Yourself.

11. Google Analytics

Important Skills and Online Courses to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

Using Google Analytics, you may enhance the functionality of your company website. The platform gathers anonymous data when you include Google Analytics code in the pages of your website, including the number of visitors, the number of unique page views, the average time spent on the page by visitors, and other useful metrics.

Online Google Analytics Course: You may receive free instruction from Google Analytics Academy that walks you through both the platform's beginner and intermediate levels.

12. Microsoft Excel

One of the most crucial talents for any professional, including those in e-commerce, is Excel. Excel spreadsheets may be used to track sales, stock inventory, and customer information, among other things. Excel formulae can be challenging for novices, so start with the ones that are most frequently used in business.

You can learn to analyze data, make spreadsheets, and display them in user-friendly ways with the help of Coursera's online Excel course, Excel Skills for Business Specialization.

Improve Your E-Commerce Skills Right Now

There are many prospects for independent contractors and remote employees in the profitable field of e-commerce. You may start your career as an e-commerce specialist by focusing on one fundamental talent if you want to enter this industry.


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