The 5 Best Free Invoice Apps for Small Business Owners and Freelancers

The top tools and applications for freelancing and small company entrepreneurs are listed below. Choose the one that best suits you.

The 5 Best Free Invoice Apps for Small Business Owners and Freelancers

If you run a small business, are self-employed, or are an entrepreneur, you are well aware of the hassles that can result from preparing and maintaining invoices. You won't be paid if you don't have invoices. They play a significant role.

However, not all invoicing solutions are created equal. The ideal option for you will rely on your unique demands, the complexity of your invoicing, and your financial situation. The greatest invoicing software are expensive, as you might expect.

The 5 Best Free Invoice Apps for Small Business Owners and Freelancers

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Consider using one of the outstanding free invoicing systems listed below if you don't want to pay. They are accessible on iOS, Android, and the web.

1. Invoice Ninja

For freelancers and small company owners with demands beyond simple, hand-crafted invoices, Invoice Ninja is a great tool.

In addition to sophisticated capabilities like time tracking, auto-billing, branded invoices, direct payment connection with over 40 gateways, and the capacity to collect deposits and partial payments, you may manage up to 100 clients and an infinite number of invoices as a free user. However, invoices have the watermark "Created by Invoice Ninja."

Your maximum number of clients can be increased to unlimited by upgrading to the $10 monthly plan, which also gives you access to 10 expert invoice templates, a unique Invoice Ninja URL where customers can view and pay invoices, the ability to create custom invoices, auto-reminder emails, and many other benefits.

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2. Invoicely

The 5 Best Free Invoice Apps for Small Business Owners and Freelancers

Similar to other invoicing apps, Invoicely targets small company owners and independent contractors that have more extensive accounting needs than just issuing invoices.

Managing several businesses with various team members and clients for each firm is one of the more sophisticated capabilities, which is useful for serial entrepreneurs. Invoicely leverages online payments to automatically update an invoice's paid status. You may also receive payments straight to your invoice online.

While you may build an infinite number of business units to accept and handle payments, free users only receive five invoices each month. The free choice, however, stops here.

You must pay $9.99 a month in order to access the major advanced features. You get features like time tracking, taxes, mileage, personalized branding, and online payment options other than PayPal with the Basic package.

3. Akaunting

You may invoice clients, keep track of costs, and take care of all your small company or freelance accounting needs with the totally free web application known as Akaunting. It functions nicely on Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

Unlimited customers and invoices, billable expenditures, sales inventory monitoring, dynamic reports, direct invoice payment, client-specific discounts, comprehensive accounting with deposits and transfers with bank accounts, and bilingual admin and client panels are just a few of the noteworthy features.

Being open-source and available for download and hosting on your own web server makes Akaunting special. You might still use a web browser to view it, but all of the information is still yours. Akaunting is a wise option for people who value their privacy and need remote access to their invoices.

4. Wave Invoicing

The most well-known invoicing app on our list, particularly for small company owners, is Wave Invoicing, although it is placed fourth since it can occasionally be a little sluggish. Additionally, the UI can be a little difficult to use, especially when compared to some of the more recent and efficient options.

However, Wave is absolutely free and consists of three components: the receipt scanning component, the accounting component, and the invoicing program (used to create and send invoices for payment) (for scanning receipts with a mobile device for expense tracking).

Some notable invoicing features include automated cloud backups, professional invoice templates, personalized branding for your invoices, sending and managing invoices on mobile devices, auto-reminders for delinquent clients, and more.

Only if you wish to utilize Wave's online payment processing or payroll administration services will you be required to pay. If neither of those matters to you, Wave is one of the greatest free tools for freelancers and is completely free to use.

5. Zoho Invoice

The 5 Best Free Invoice Apps for Small Business Owners and Freelancers

With no adverts or other costs, Zoho Invoice is an entirely free invoicing solution. One of the company's initial products was Zoho Invoice; over time, it has expanded and now generates enough revenue from other sources to provide Zoho Invoice without charge. It also asserts that that won't sell your data, so all things considered, it's a win.

The only restriction you need to be aware of is that you may only produce 1,000 invoices annually. It's unlikely that you will hit that limit as a freelancer or small business, but if you do, you may talk to Zoho's support staff to learn about your choices.

You can schedule payment reminders, receive payments directly (making this a wonderful free billing system too! ), bill numerous clients, account for various currencies, track project time, and much more with Zoho Invoice. All of this may be done online or while on the road using the convenient Android or iOS app.

Which Free Invoicing App Is Best for You?

Let's be clear about one thing: whichever invoicing app you use, you're placing your confidence in it to fulfill its promises and not let you down.

Because of this, we only suggest free invoicing applications to freelancers and small-business owners with straightforward billing requirements. You should unquestionably invest in a reliable invoicing solution if your accounting is intricate. If you've started to make a lot of money from your pursuits, hiring an accountant can also let you concentrate your energies elsewhere.

However, if you don't mind using a free service, we strongly suggest Invoice Simple (for plain and simple invoicing), Invoice Ninja (for developing freelancers and small company owners), or Akaunting (for privacy-minded folks). Of course, the other items on this list will also work.


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