The iPhone 14: Release Date (Everything We Know So Far)

 What can you anticipate prior to the September 7 event where Apple will unveil its latest iPhone? Here is all you need to know.

On September 14, 2021, Apple held their California Streaming event and unveiled the iPhone 13 series. It will soon be time for the Cupertino-based corporation to introduce the iPhone 14 after almost a year. As the release date approaches, speculation about the impending iPhone 14 is intensifying.

The following edition is anticipated to have a number of intriguing features, much like its predecessors. Here is what we currently know about the iPhone 14 in case you're looking to replace your iPhone in 2022.

The iPhone 14: Release Date (Everything We Know So Far)

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The lineup and launch date for the iPhone 14

The business is said to introduce four new smartphones, which are comparable to Apple's iPhone 13 series. According to industry insiders, there will be two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch variants in the iPhone 14 range. The 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max (or Plus) model is expected to replace the smaller tiny version, which won't be offered. A 6.1-inch iPhone 14, a 6.1-inch iPhone Pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max are the other three variants.
Regarding the formal disclosure, Apple usually makes its new iPhones available around September. The tech juggernaut has already started sending out invitations for its "Far Out" live event set for September 7 in 2022. As a result, we anticipate that day to coincide with Apple's release of the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Display

The 120Hz ProMotion display found in the iPhone 13 Pro variants will continue to be used in the iPhone 14 series. However, if the most recent reports are accurate, it will still only be available on Pro models. Another rumored feature is an Always-on display, although we anticipate Apple will reserve this for Pro versions alone.

iPhone 14 Notch

The iPhone 14: Release Date (Everything We Know So Far)

The front-facing camera and Face ID technology are housed in the display notch, which was first introduced in 2017. Industry insiders predict that Apple will replace the recognizable notch on the iPhone 14 series with a pill-shaped cutout for the camera and Face ID sensors.
According to a recent 9To5Mac article, Apple will utilize computer magic to make the two cuts appear to be one symmetrical object. Apple reportedly intends to utilize this area to display the privacy indications for the microphone and camera.
Be cautious before getting too enthusiastic, though, since the makeover is reportedly reserved just for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The same notch as the iPhone 13 series will remain on the basic iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max (or Plus).
In contrast to prior speculations from 2021 that stated Apple would do away with the notch completely, the most recent rumors about the notch makeover.

iPhone 14 Colors

The iPhone 14: Release Date (Everything We Know So Far)

Apple is renowned for offering more unique hues, although it frequently keeps a few staples across its iPhone generation. A few color modifications will be made to the next iPhone 14 series. According to a tip from MacRumors, Apple will discontinue Pink on the normal versions while Sierra Blue will not be offered on the Pro models. Pink and Sierra Blue will both be swapped out for Purple.
If so, the normal devices will come in six color options: Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Red, Purple, and Green, while the iPhone 14 Pro models would only come in Graphite, Silver, Gold, Purple, or Green.

iPhone 14 Camera Bump

The rear camera module appears to feature the same design in 2022. The only expected change is a thicker bump on the iPhone 14 Pro models to make room for a bigger sensor.

iPhone 14 Build Materials

Previous renderings hinted that Apple would include a stronger, more durable titanium frame, a first for the iPhone. Unfortunately, the assertion has been refuted by the most recent MacRumors report. However, it demonstrates that the iPhone 14 Pro's titanium frame was tested by the business.
Apple's retreat has been explained as a result of the company realizing how expensive and challenging it would be to mass produce such a gadget. Despite the depressing news, Apple already made use of titanium in a consumer product—the costly Apple Watch Series 7 model.

iPhone 14 Cooling Mechanism

Apple allegedly tested a thermal mechanism known as a vapor chamber under the hood that might be introduced to its high-end iPhone 14 models. If the cooling technology makes it into the iPhone 14, Apple would join a number of other Android smartphone producers, like Samsung, who have already used it in their products.
By doing this, the iPhone 14 will be able to maintain its performance under demanding workloads for a longer period of time, making it ideal for mobile games.

iPhone 14 Camera

The iPhone 14: Release Date (Everything We Know So Far)

At the time of writing, we don't know anything about the iPhone 14's camera configuration. But if history is any indication, a plethora of new features are in store. The iPhone 14 series is anticipated to add many more than the iPhone 13 series did.
The iPhone 14 Pro variants are said to include 48MP lenses, a significant improvement above the standard 12MP. The Pro versions may also be able to record in 8K, which would be an upgrade above the iPhone 13 series' current 4K limitation.
Other reports include changes to the ultra-wide and selfie cameras, with the selfie camera perhaps getting a larger aperture for clearer pictures throughout the whole series.

iPhone 14 Chip and Modem

Every new iPhone generation comes with a chip update. The A15 Bionic processor powered the first release of the iPhone 13, while the A16 Bionic processor is anticipated to power the Snapdragon X65 modem in the upcoming iPhone 14. Sadly, not all iPhone 14 models may be powered by the A16 Bionic.
According to rumors, the new chip will only be used in the premium iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max variants; the ordinary iPhone 14 devices will instead use the A15 Bionic chip from 2021.
Despite this, sources claim that minor engine component changes might still result in overall performance increases for regular models.

iPhone 14 RAM

Only the Pro variants of the iPhone 13 had 6GB of memory, while the ordinary devices only have 4GB RAM. However, it's anticipated that all iPhone 14 models would come equipped with 6GB of RAM this time.
Though there are various reasons why iPhones utilize less RAM than Android devices, don't start comparing those to Android devices.

iPhone 14 SIM Slot

Industry insiders predict that Apple will switch to an eSIM-only design and eliminate the physical SIM slot. However, due to the fact that not every carrier in the globe accepts e-SIM, certain territories will continue to sell iPhones with a SIM slot. It will be optional, even in places that enable e-SIM.

Will the iPhone 14 Include Satellite Connectivity?

At the earliest, satellite connection for the iPhone is expected to arrive in 2022. The iPhone 14 could be able to offer satellite communication thanks to the Snapdragon X65 modem.
If offered, iPhone users would be able to communicate quickly and report problems even without cellular access.
Apple may unveil the feature during its Far Out event in September, in collaboration with Globalstar, according to recent claims from MacRumors.

The iPhone 14 Is Coming Soon

Comparing the iPhone 13 to its predecessor, there was a little improvement. But going forward, the iPhone 14 may come with some of the biggest alterations in its past.
Let's wait and see which rumors pan out to be true and which ones are untrue as the actual reveal is rapidly approaching. Watch the Apple event on September 7 if you want to learn more about the iPhone 14 and other upcoming products, like the Apple Watch.

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