Best Places Alternative to Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a reliable online education and course platform, although it might not be ideal. So, here are the top Alternatives of Microsoft Learn you can use.

Best Places Alternative to Microsoft Learn

There are several course platforms available to aid with learning, whether through school or independently. These platforms differ in terms of the courses they provide, how learning is done, and the standard of certificates. Microsoft Learn is one of these platforms, devoted to assisting individuals in acquiring essential digital skills.

People may learn how to use technological abilities like Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft 365 on this free platform. Each course includes comprehensive instruction, an interactive environment for scripting and coding practice, study materials, and tests that aid students in moving forward in their academic careers.

But you might not want to use Microsoft Learn. So, in this article, we'll examine six different learning environments that will get you started.

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Best Online Course Platforms

1. Coursera

Best Places Alternative to Microsoft Learn

A top-notch learning platform, Coursera works with over 275 colleges and organizations to provide its students top-notch courses and degrees. On Coursera, there are a ton of learning alternatives available. You can enroll in professional courses to become job-ready for a new career or to get a promotion, or you can study and master skills for certain occupations.

One amazing aspect of this learning platform is that you may complete a Bachelor's or Master's degree from a reputable university like Yale or Princeton in two to four years.

Although Coursera offers a variety of free courses, most of its courses and degrees—especially those that last a long time—require payment. These courses cost anywhere from $39 to hundreds of dollars.

As an alternative, you may save money by purchasing a Coursera Plus subscription, which costs $59 per month or $399 per year.

There is often a free seven-day trial period after which, even if you still have access to the course, you will not be able to turn in assignments or earn a certificate without paying. Additionally, Coursera provides financial help for all except partial Master's programs in the majority of its offerings. These subsidies, however, operate similarly to scholarships and are examined in roughly 15 days.

2. Udemy

Best Places Alternative to Microsoft Learn

Another well-known learning portal is Udemy, which offers the majority of its courses and modules in text and video formats in several languages.

The courses on Udemy are separated into categories for entrepreneurs, government workers, and IT enthusiasts. Courses in personal development, digital marketing, and game creation for mobile, and web are also available.

Although some Udemy courses are free, some have costs ranging from $9.99 to $199.99. Alternatively, you can obtain unlimited access to all the courses by subscribing for $360 per year for teams on Udemy Business or roughly $30 per month on Udemy Personal.

Additionally, you may customize your education on this platform to fit your requirements and interests. Moreover, ratings and reviews are available for each course to aid with your decision-making.

However, Udemy does not provide its students with certifications that have been approved or recognized by universities. Overall, especially if you are on a tight budget, this learning platform is ideal if you want to pick up new skills and develop your profession.

You Can Also Find alternatives to the Udemy Platform.

3. edX

Best Places Alternative to Microsoft Learn

A learning portal called edX offers accredited courses from prestigious colleges and universities like Harvard and MIT. It features a variety of educational opportunities, including Master's programs, MicroBachelors programs, and professional certificate courses. Additionally, these courses are offered in over 34 other foreign languages.

It provides more than 3000 courses in text and video format on a range of subjects and interests. There are forums where students may talk about subjects and programs that interest them.

Although the majority of edX courses are free, you must pay to earn a certificate and access to graded exams. Depending on the course you enroll for and the school that is providing it, different amounts are paid for these credentials.

For instance, MicroBachelors are $500 to $1500, Masters are $10,000 to $25,000, and certification courses range from $50 to $139.

4. EduMe

A learning platform called EduMe divides its goals into three categories: education, information, and insight collecting. The platform refers to the workforce of remote workers as the Deskless Workforce, and its courses are created for them.

In contrast to other platforms, EduMe concentrates on organizations and enterprises in the areas of delivery, staffing, retail, and telecommunications. It offers training for both customers and employees, as well as workforce development seminars.

Given that they are intended for employees, the courses are simple to comprehend. Additionally, EduMe encourages team members to communicate with one another often. This function inspires teams, makes them feel like they belong and offers feedback to the business.

Even though EduMe offers a free trial period, the cost of a subscription plan depends on the course your business enrolls in and starts at $349 a month.

5. SkillShare

With over 30,000 courses covering creative writing, art, advertising, photography, and graphic design, SkillShare is a learning platform for creatives.

All of the teachers on this platform are experts in their industries, and unlike other platforms, all of the lessons are self-paced and in video format.

The five portions of each lesson on SkillShare are as follows:

  • Regarding: This is a brief outline of the course's subjects.
  • Review: You may read what other students thought of the lecturers and the course. The level of the course is also indicated in this section: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
  • Discussion: Students get the opportunity to debate course issues and pose inquiries to one another. On rare occasions, a trainer will respond to comments made on the forum.
  • Projects and Resources: Students receive in-depth project descriptions, useful advice from instructors, and peer comments.
  • Transcripts: Reading along with the lesson will make it easier for you to pay close attention.
  • If you sign up for SkillShare's monthly membership, you may try it out for a free month. After this time, there is an option to pay $168 annually or $32 per month for the subscription.

Finally, if you choose the team plan, you can even receive a bonus of one month for free if you recommend another student.

6. Udacity

Another learning portal, Udacity, provides both free and paid courses in software development, product management, design, and programming. Its courses assist students in developing new talents and enhancing existing ones.

The website provides a variety of Nanodegrees programs with a business and technology focus. These degrees consist of three or four about 16-week courses that conclude with a project. Learners at all levels—beginner, moderate, and advanced—can pursue nano degrees.

The cost of a course or degree at Udacity varies, and after making a payment, students can continue their coursework at their own speed. Additionally, this platform enables third-party scholarships from companies like Amazon and Shell.

You should be aware, though, that the majority of these courses have registration deadlines and are more expensive than those offered on other platforms.

Ocean of Knowledge

Best Places Alternative to Microsoft Learn

Despite being among the greatest, several competing platforms provide special features for their intended users. As a result, while selecting your chosen method of learning, you must take quality, learning preferences, professional interests, and money into the account.

These elements will assist you in making decisions that will benefit your career and skill set. Additionally, by using these tutorial websites, you may advance your skill set through online learning of new digital abilities.


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