10 Tips Keep Your Android Phone Running Smoothly

Keeping your Android phone running smoothly is a constant battle. There are many things, which keep your android phone running smoothly. Here is a list of the 10 best tips.

If you use these suggestions, your phone will appreciate you.

10 Tips Keep Your Android Phone Running Smoothly

People sometimes tend to forget that cell phones are really little computers and as such need maintenance to maintain a lifetime, just like your laptop or desktop PC does.

If problems are ignored, your Android phone may begin to malfunction long before it is necessary to upgrade it. Let's go through 10 easy ways to maintain your phone in this article.

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How to Maintain Hardware on Your Android Phone?

How to Maintain Hardware on Your Android Phone?

Let's start by looking at how to care for your phone's hardware. Although all technology eventually deteriorates, how you use your phone may have a big impact on how long it lasts.

1. Respect battery safety guidelines

You might get away with not understanding how batteries function, but if you want to extend the life of the ones in your phone and other electrical devices, you need to learn how to manage them.

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Here are the top five recommendations for maintaining the health of your batteries:

  1. Try to stay away from using your phone in hot or harsh weather conditions. Your phone should ideally stay at a temperature of between 0 and 35 °C (32 to 95 °F) at all times.
  2. Avoid using your phone while it is charging since doing so adds to the heat your fast charger is already producing.
  3. The easiest approach to charge your phone is with a standard conventional wall charger; avoid wireless charging as it generates unneeded heat.
  4. Keep your battery between 20 and 80 percent charged or drained at all times. The more imbalance a battery has, the more quickly it deteriorates.
  5. Avoid overnight charging since lengthy charge cycles are worse for battery health than intermittent short charge cycles.

2. Keep your phone away from water and dust exposure

When you can, try to limit your exposure to dust and water. Sometimes the harm caused by these factors is not immediately apparent; rather, it only becomes apparent when it is too late and you are unsure of the exact problem with your phone.

Of course, some phones have an IP68 classification for water and dust protection, but it doesn't make them impervious. For instance, dust entering the speaker or mic can degrade call quality, and extended exposure to water might occasionally cause rust to form in the charging port.

3. Use a screen protector and a case

You presumably follow the common practice of protecting your phone against drops by using a case and a screen protector. Because these attachments are rather inexpensive, you can easily replace them if they become damaged over time. 

In addition to safeguarding the hardware, doing this will restore your phone's brand-new sensation.

4. Buy anti-dust plugs and clean all ports

Your phone's apertures will eventually become covered in dust. Dust in the USB port can ruin audio in the headphone socket, disrupt charging and data transfer, and decrease call quality on the mic and speaker.

Use a toothpick or the SIM ejector tool to carefully scrape dirt and lint out of the holes. To properly cover off the apertures, you may also purchase anti-dust plugs from Amazon.

5. Clean the Cameras, Sides, and Screen

Similar to the last point, dust and fingerprint smudges over time will cause the screen, camera, and frame of your phone to get dirty. Some smartphones include an oleophobic layer that prevents fingerprint stains on the screen, but that coating won't last forever.

Therefore, it's wise to wipe your phone at least once every day. You may always refer back to our comprehensive guide on cleaning the body of your phone for further details.

Tip: Avoid attempting to fix your phone yourself if it needs repair for any reason (unless you're an expert) since you can wind up making the situation worse. For the best results, take it to a licensed repair facility. {alertInfo}

How to Maintain Software on Your Android Phone?

How to Maintain Software on Your Android Phone?

It is not sufficient to only keep your phone's hardware up to date. You must also take care of the program if you want it to function properly for a long period. Here's how to go about it:

1. Avoid filling up your device's storage

It's a clear indicator that your phone is having trouble working correctly if you frequently need to free up storage on it. Your phone will lag and slow down if there is no storage available for new files and apps (even temporary ones).

Deleting all unnecessary apps from your phone is the quickest technique to recover a significant amount of storage.

2. Maintain Operating System and App Updates

Your phone needs software upgrades to aid with speed enhancements, boost power economy, get rid of issues, and bring new features. The ability to check if your phone has a new OS update available is conveniently located in the settings.

The same is true for the applications on your phone; updating them reduces issues and glitches. Open the Google Play Store app, touch on your profile image, choose to Manage apps & device, and then tap Update all to update all the programs on your Android phone.

3. Keep clear of graphically demanding games on your phone

To optimize android for gaming, You shouldn't try to push your smartphone to its limits unless you have an Android phone that is specifically designed for gaming. If you play graphics-intensive games for extended periods of time, even a flagship device will struggle to maintain its optimum performance.

You should completely avoid playing these games on a low-end or cheap phone since it's possible that your device may overheat and the CPU won't be able to manage the demanding task. Your phone will sluggish, freeze, and perhaps reset itself as a result.

4. Avoid Downloading Software and Files From Unreliable Sources

Although it should go without saying, many people unknowingly download harmful programs and viruses from the internet, making them easy targets. It is always preferable to be safe than sorry when it comes to security and privacy issues.

Although the Google Play Store is generally secure, it would be incorrect to believe that it doesn't include any risky apps as all app shops do. Avoid visiting websites that appear to be scams and stay away from links that seem excessively clickbait-y. Stay with what has been shown to be trustworthy.

5. Restart your Android phone once a week

Even while smartphones need breaks just like any other electronic device does, many of us never take them. Your phone will operate better and last longer if you restart it at least once a week to clear temporary cache files, eliminate small issues, improve speed, and protect battery life.

Keep Your Android Phone Updated for Durability

One of the numerous factors that affect your phone's longevity is how well you take care of it. If you don't maintain your phone at all, it will deteriorate considerably more quickly and you'll have to buy a new one earlier than required.

If kept up-to-date, you may save repair expenses and anticipate longer-lasting performance.

Hope this article helps you to optimize your android phone for gaming, working, and Durability.


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