11 Best Free Fitness and Health Apps for Android 2023

There are several free workout and fitness apps in the Google Play market that are ad-filled. Instead, give these free apps a try The most useful fitness app for Android.

12 Best Free Fitness and Health Apps for Android 2023

Many health and fitness applications are available on Google Play, making it challenging to select just one. And frequently, just as you begin to enjoy one, it detracts from your overall experience by presenting you with unwanted pop-ups and adverts.

A selection of the top applications in this category that don't have third-party advertisements can be found here. Although the occasional message to upgrade to the pro edition could appear, there won't be any outside advertisements interfering with your health.

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Best Free Fitness Apps for Android

1. Google Fit

With Google Fit, you'll have a place to work out conveniently in your home. To help you live a healthy life, the app aggregates your health-related information, including nutrition, body measurements, vitals, and sleep.

The American Heart Association and the World Health Organization (WHO) provide Google Fit with suggestions for physical exercise (AHA). Therefore, whatever the app advises you to do, you can be confident that it has been well investigated.

Depending on the kind of activity you engage in, you can earn heart points, a form of activity objective, to work toward. By engaging in one physical activity, you'll get one heart point.

Your watch, phone, and other Google Fit accessories may all be used to keep track of your workouts. Additionally, it tracks every movement you make and suggests adhering to the AHA standards for good health.

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2. Samsung Health

With the multipurpose fitness app Samsung Health, you may monitor your steps by receiving notifications and pop-ups on your home screen. Additionally, it allows you to track and manage activities like swimming, hiking, jogging on a treadmill, and more.

To monitor your health, you can keep a diet, sleep, and water consumption journal. The fitness portion of Samsung Health, meanwhile, provides details on various exercises, weight loss, muscular development, meditation, and much more. 

Additionally, you may challenge and compete against your loved ones.

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3. Adidas Training: HIIT Workouts

Although the Adidas Training app is fantastic for people of all fitness levels and lifestyles, it is primarily targeted toward those who wish to perform strength training at home. 

It has more than 50 fitness videos that start with warm-ups and walk you through challenging workouts. Additionally, it includes routines for various stages of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, in addition to over 300 exercises.

adidas Training, in contrast to other exercise applications, features footage of actual trainers. Additionally, the premium edition enables you to access a range of weight loss and muscle-building routines.

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4. MyFitnessPal

With the aid of the software MyFitnessPal, you may monitor your calorie consumption following each meal. You may manually enter meals into the app, but you can also scan barcodes from well-known brands to acquire the app's full list of calories. 

Additionally, you may input nutritional data from your own recipes. Considering your dietary constraints, you may even keep track of how much water you drink each day.

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This is more of a nutrition coach than an exercise tracker, guiding you through every element of your diet. The user may engage in weight loss activities and maintain general fitness by developing a solid understanding of how to control their food. 

Several well-known fitness apps, including Endomondo, are connected to MyFitnessPal, so if you own one of them, you may easily use its features.

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5. Map My Fitness

A sizable user base that posts pictures and videos of their exercises and training sessions can be found on Map My Fitness. Like any social networking platform, Map My Fitness allows users to comment on or like one another's postings.

Workout routines with or without equipment, meditation practices, and training programs with coaching advice for faster improvement are all included in the app.

If you choose the premium edition, you can let your loved ones know where you're working out in real-time. This edition also includes features like a heart rate monitor, a tailored training plan, and an audio coach.

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6. Nike Training Club

Workouts in the Nike Training Club include everything from yoga and ab routines to cardio and bodyweight exercises. It includes exercises particularly created for those with varying levels of fitness, expectant ladies, and those looking to grow muscle or lose weight. More than 500 training routines are available on the app.

Its section on expert ideas offers advice on diet, healthy eating, exercise, rest, thinking, and sleep. There are many articles available that provide helpful information on these subjects.

Additionally, Nike Training Club gives you access to the trainers' profiles, which novices may find informative and inspiring. 

These profiles include the trainers' biographies as well as details about their personalities and skills. You may follow along with Nike's professional trainers every day in the convenience of your own home.

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7. FitOn

With hundreds of training videos from well-known trainers, FitOn strives to keep you in shape and may serve as inspiration for novices. Additionally, it has the capability of creating customized strategies for weight increase and decrease.

The app also includes a selection of relaxing meditation films, which is a fantastic addition. It also enables you to keep tabs on your progress and share it with your pals, satisfying your social demands. You can stream premium music offline and transmit it on TV while working out with the pro version.

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This software is built on a community-like approach, giving users access to the knowledge of thousands of JEFIT participants. It keeps you inspired while also imparting some knowledge to other people. 

That this app is the Editor's Choice in the Google Play Store comes as no surprise. Given the variety of activities it offers, JEFIT is the ideal option if you want to expand your repertoire of exercises.

The app does more than simply list exercises; it also provides you with instructional materials so you can complete the exercise correctly. 

For novice users who are attempting to learn new workouts, this is quite beneficial. You may utilize the company's online app to change your exercises in addition to monitoring the app to see how your fitness regimen or progress is going.

Within the JEFIT community, you may also meet new people and form friendships that will last a lifetime or teach you new exercises. Everyone on JEFIT has the motivation to stay in shape, and this may greatly benefit the users. The Play Store offers a free download of the app. However, there are also in-app purchases and advertisements.

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9. Fitbit

Fitbit focuses on gathering information about your physical and mental well-being. One of its wonderful characteristics is intended to encourage mindfulness in order to reduce stress.

Additionally, you may monitor things like your diet and drink intake, activity, and menstrual health. Additionally, the app allows you to establish a target for weight increase or decrease.

The app's Discover area gives wellness evaluation reports based on your workouts, but only premium users have access to this feature. 

With a free 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium, you can access more than 240 video exercises and personalized wellness programs. Programs for forming healthy habits that can help you get on track to increase your fitness and health are also included in the premium edition.

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10. Strava

One of the most popular health and fitness applications on Google Play is Strava. It is a social media-friendly tool that enables you to keep track of your fitness progress and Facebook to share it with your friends. Runs, rides, hikes, yoga, and more than 20 other athletic activities are all tracked by Strava. 

By recording the routes that other users take and judging suitability, the app also aids in determining the optimal routes for your journeys.

With the aid of Strava, you may also expand your network of fitness-related supporters. Additionally, its premium edition has a heat map that makes it easier for you to recall routes by highlighting previous locations. This can aid in locating some beautiful vistas along the journey.

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11. Virtuagym

By using various exercises, community sharing, and progress tracking features offered by Virtuagym, you may reach your fitness objectives online. It offers both equipment-based and non-equipment-based exercises so you may keep fit in whichever suits you best.

This app's community, where you may join several groups focused on subjects like at-home exercises, fitness music, and nutrition, is a great tool. Posts and images are other ways you may communicate your experiences. 

If you enjoy the app, you may subscribe to the pro edition, which offers many more features including endless training programs, audio content, and video lessons.

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Use These Free Health and Fitness Apps to Stay Healthy

To find out which feature set best fits you, check each of these Free Android fitness apps. There is also no catch because they are free of third-party advertisements. Simply download the ones you want to test out, then decide after some time has passed and you have developed a regular fitness routine.


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