What You Should Do If Your Amazon Order Never Arrived?

Have you ever ordered something from Amazon but the item never showed up? If your Amazon order was not delivered, follow these instructions.

What You Should Do If Your Amazon Order Never Arrived?

One of the most prominent merchants in the world is Amazon. Nevertheless, despite its size, the corporation makes nonetheless mistakes periodically. Amazon's rivals' problems, such as broken goods, wrong things being shipped, and occasionally parcels not being delivered, also affect Amazon.

What can you do if you order something from Amazon but the item never arrives? What dispute resolution options are accessible to you? Here is how to get in touch with Amazon regarding a lost package.

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What You Should Do If Your Amazon Order Never Arrived?

You placed an order, but the item has not yet shipped

What You Should Do If Your Amazon Order Never Arrived?

Many consumers have expressed their complaints about this, as shown by a Google search for Amazon delivery issues. What happens if you place an order but the vendor doesn't send it for several days, weeks, or even months?

Not to worry. Up until the order has been confirmed and started the shipping process, Amazon won't charge your credit card. Up until then, you can still cancel the transaction by choosing Cancel Order from Accounts and Lists > Account > Your Orders.

If you still require that item, try searching for other sellers, either outside of Amazon (by going to the product page and selecting New or Used under the suggested price).

The item from Amazon shows as delivered but never actually arrives

You placed an order, it was dispatched, and according to the order, it was delivered, but you haven't actually gotten anything. Amazon publishes instructions specifically for this kind of circumstance. Even though some of them may seem obvious, they must be checked off:

  • Verify that the shipping address on your order is accurate.
  • A note of attempted delivery should be found.
  • Verify the area around the delivery place.
  • Ask your neighbors for advice.
  • Have you got an Amazon Locker where it may have been sent instead?
  • Check your letterbox; some deliveries may be made by more than one carrier, such as the normal postal service.
  • Observe for 48 hours. Sometimes packages that are still in transit may appear to be delivered.

How to Contact Amazon About a Missing Package

If your delivery has not arrived after 48 hours, you must speak with Amazon directly to inquire about the situation. Go to Help > Browse Help Topics > Need More Help > Contact Us after logging into your Amazon account.

You have the choice of speaking on the phone or through a bot (though the phone option is not immediately obvious). Tell the representative what's wrong, and Amazon will look into it. Your refund will be given if your claim is valid.

Meaning of "Fulfillment by Amazon"

Products from Amazon and other sellers are both sold on the Amazon website. You might see a "Fulfilled by Amazon" message on a product when utilizing a third-party store.

Although the goods are being sold by a third-party store, the message implies that an Amazon Fulfillment Center is sending them to your home. Being able to track a package's journey through your Amazon account site, knowing that Amazon is in charge of customer support and product returns, and maybe avoiding frequent postal fraud are all benefits for customers. In essence, ordering "Fulfilled by Amazon" things is safer.

You are covered by the company's A-to-Z Guarantee Protection if you purchase something from a third-party seller whose products are not fulfilled by Amazon.

What Is Amazon's A-to-Z Guarantee Protection?

What You Should Do If Your Amazon Order Never Arrived?

Let's say you purchased a product from a third-party vendor without the "Fulfilled by Amazon" guarantee.

It implies that you won't be able to track a package using the Amazon account login. Without actually shipping the item, a dishonest vendor could charge your card and claim to have done so while still keeping your money.

Fortunately, you still have a few options for legal action. It takes the form of A-to-Z Guarantee Protection from Amazon.

You must first get in touch with the seller using your Amazon account in order to submit an A-to-Z claim, and you must give them 48 hours to react. You can make a claim if the merchant doesn't respond to your questions satisfactorily. Simply satisfy one of the following five prerequisites.

  • Three days or 30 days beyond the expected delivery date, you still haven't received the item.
  • Your order was fundamentally different from what you received in terms of quality, defect, or damage.
  • You sent an item back to Amazon, but you didn't get a reimbursement.
  • You have to send something back internationally, but the seller doesn't give you a U.S. address or a mailing label.
  • Customs and/or shipping costs were overestimated by the seller, thus you were required to pay them when the item was delivered.

A-to-Z claims must be submitted 90 days after the anticipated delivery date. Go to Accounts and Lists > Your Account > Your Orders to submit a claim. Click on File/View Claim after you have located the order you want to submit a claim against. Indicate your justification for your argument in the first box. Select Request refund through A-to-Z Guarantee in the second box.

Missing Packages via Amazon Prime

What You Should Do If Your Amazon Order Never Arrived?

The procedures we have covered still apply if you are an Amazon Prime member and a piece of your Amazon order never arrived. You ought to process them.

To lessen the disappointment of non-delivery, Amazon Prime subscribers also receive some additional sweeteners. You can qualify for a free one-month Amazon Prime subscription that is added as a free month to the end of your current Amazon Prime subscription if the item either comes outside the time period Amazon offers you at the time of purchase or never shows up at your door.

Some customers claim Amazon has even provided them with discount coupons, credit against their Amazon Prime membership costs, and other benefits. These perks seem to be given out by Amazon on an as-needed basis.

Do your homework, but keep in mind that various Amazon Prime Pantry customers may have varied experiences.

How to Avoid Scam Amazon Sellers

What You Should Do If Your Amazon Order Never Arrived?

On Amazon, the issue of phony vendors is getting worse.

It's alarmingly simple to commit fraud. A criminal chooses popular things to sell and creates a new Amazon seller account. It merely takes a few seconds if they make advantage of the seller platform on Amazon. They typically post things for less than other shops are asking for them.

When they get orders, they tell the customer right away that the package is on its way to the courier. The money is then transferred to their account. The merchant can beat Amazon's two-week payment cycle by estimating a four-week delivery window and vanish before customers begin to complain and Amazon shuts the account.

Fortunately, it's pretty simple to spot fraudulent sellers: just look at the feedback rating. To do this, select the seller's name from the Sold By list on the right-hand side by clicking on it. You may view the seller's overall feedback score as well as their scores from the previous three, six, and twelve months on their profile page. These evaluations can occasionally be manipulated, for example by utilizing a click farm, but if there are many of them, you can probably put a little more faith in them.

The graphic below shows how trustworthy this cheese vendor appears to be. Out of more than 18,500 reviews, only 4% of them are unfavorable.

Where's My Item, Amazon? Forget it!

There are ways to fix delivery problems for things you purchased on Amazon because you have rights in these types of situations. I hope you at least know how to recognize phony vendors and how to get your money back from Amazon if something goes wrong with your delivery.

Also keep in mind that if you're tired of purchasing on Amazon, there are many other options, like eBay.


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