Best AI Art Generators You Should to Try (Free & Paid)

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly gaining ground. The abundance of AI text-to-art generators that have appeared online is a major new addition to the AI bandwagon. 

Best AI Art Generators You Should to Try (Free & Paid)

There are several alternatives, ranging from more well-known art generators like DALL-E to lesser-known ones you may not have heard of. Although not all AI text-to-art generators are precise, there are several that you may experiment with or use frequently to demonstrate your originality. 

We have thus put together a lengthy list of the top text-to-image generators. Therefore, if you're a reader interested in AI art, look through the information on the top generators below and give them a try.

Anyone may make art using these innovative AI technologies, which are frequently converted into NFTs.

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Best AI Text to Image Generators

We've separated the article into sections for the online, desktop, and mobile versions of the finest AI text-to-art generators. To easily explore these tools, use the table below.

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Best AI Text to Art Generator Websites

1. DALL-E 2

Best AI Text to Art Generator Websites

The only text-to-image generator you may be familiar with is DALL-E 2, thanks to its Internet success. DALL-E 2, on the other hand, is an improved and much more lifelike version of the original and is smaller. 

This AI text-to-art generator was created by the OpenAI research lab and was initially restricted to a small group of users. But as time has gone on and the model has become better, DALL-E 2 is now accessible to everyone who creates an account.

DALL-E 2 offers you 50 credits that you may spend to create pictures, in contrast to Stable Diffusion. Each output is worth one credit, and once you're done with the research you may buy more credits. 

  • Highly realistic images in minutes
  • Create illustrations
  • Design products
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customize multiple layers of image

This enables them to invest more money in the project and improve the AI that already exists. DALL-E 2 has unquestionably improved in terms of general accuracy and output quality since it was launched.

According to my tests, I appreciate that DALL-E 2 followed my instructions and produced drawings that were more lifelike than I had anticipated. Even if it occasionally took a little longer and became stuck, this didn't happen very frequently. 

The results of my testing, which included anything from straightforward drawings to superclusters on fire, were astounding. Additionally, DALL-E 2's edit tool allows you to add a generation frame, allowing you to add more keywords and create a new output based on your previous one.

If you're unhappy with the results, you may ask the AI to create other pictures, which you can then pick from, using this text-to-image generator's alternative request option. 

Additionally, DALL-E 2 intelligently provides you with helpful hints on how to improve the AI art, so be sure to read those during loading times for knowledge.

2. Midjourney

Best AI Text to Art Generator Websites

Midjourney is a great AI that creates text-to-art on a Discord server, despite not being based on a website. This AI bot was developed by a self-funded team, and since the beta, it has been incredibly well-liked. Only available as a bot on the Discord server, Midjourney produces the photos there.

You only need to join the server and supply your text prompts with a simple prefix to begin going. Your request is added to a queue after feeding the text, and the AI begins working on it immediately. 

While waiting for the completed product, you may watch the image improve in front of you. And to be really honest, Midjourney is among the greatest AI text-to-image producers I've used thus far.

Extremely accurate and stunningly attractive photos are produced. The photographs seem lovely despite the lack of an available art style for you to select from. 

Additionally, you have the option to select from many alternatives, upscale the image, or use the bot to redo the artwork using a new text query. Additionally, the AI is skilled at handling complex requests, so you may add additional details to your request without worrying about it being perplexing.

This AI art generator is not free to use, as one might anticipate. The first 25 picture creations are free, but after that, you must pay US$10 per month for membership, which entitles you to up to 200 image creations. 

But after experimenting with Midjourney for a while, I believe the membership cost is worthwhile. So if you want to create some great graphics for your projects or blog, give Midjourney a try.

3. Pixray

Best AI Text to Art Generator Websites

Pixray is another simple AI picture generator that can be used locally on your PC, online as a website, or even as an API for people who want to create AI art Discord bots. However, Pixray takes a lot longer than other AIs to provide an output. 

Pixray takes around six minutes to produce a single image, in contrast to systems like Diffusion and DALL-E 2, which can output an image in less than a minute. The AI is powered by an Nvidia T4 GPU, for context.

Fortunately, Pixray features a simple online layout that enables you to enter the prompt and view the progress in real-time. Once the artwork has been produced, a helpful slider allows you to follow the steps the AI took to arrive at the finished product. 

The portrayal in the photographs is also respectable. But occasionally, the AI makes mistakes and messes up the image. Additionally, Pixray has few choices for after-image modification other than the ability to save and share the picture, which limits your possibilities.

Pixray is practically free to use, but eventually, a pop-up asking you to pay for their services appears. Like DALL-E or NightCafe, it lacks a credit service. Instead, you may choose from a variety of PC configurations that use a CPU or GPU to produce your output. 

Depending on the workload, this might cost you anything from $0.0002 per second to significantly more. However, it is not only simple to use but also reasonably priced.

4. NightCafe

Best AI Text to Art Generator Websites

Another user-friendly AI text-to-art generator that is accessible online is NightCafe. Even though it serves as an image generator that offers diversity, NightCafe has a unique perspective. There are many choices for output modification with this AI art generator. 

You have more influence over your project as a user because you may choose the AI's algorithm as well as the output art style. Therefore, you have a choice whether you prefer Clip Guided Diffusion to the Stable one.

As a paid service, NightCafe offers five free credits, which may be used to purchase five AI photos. For three more credits, create an account and log in. To obtain more credits, however, you must join NightCafe; subscription rates start at just $0.053 per credit. 

  • You own your creations
  • More algorithms than other generators
  • Lots of control for advanced users
  • Earn credits by participating in the community
  • Lots of social features, and a vibrant, helpful community
  • Organize your creations into collections
  • Bulk-download all your images
  • Create videos
  • Buy a print of your artwork

The service is rather constrained as a result, but you may select a package that will also make it reasonable for you.

The images that NightCafe produces are not at all terrible; they are realistic and colorful. According to the website, Clip Guided Diffusion is used to guarantee that the pictures produced by AI adhere to the rules of physics. 

This helps to bring them back to earth a little. That being said, the AI is still capable of producing a space odyssey picture.

All sorts of photographs constantly do well on NightCafe, however, the quality is a problem. Fortunately, you may develop the produced photos by adding additional questions or upscaling them by buying more credits. 

When compared to Stable Diffusion, I did observe that the output production takes a lengthy time, but nothing too significant. With the exception of its credit restriction, I did find the NightCafe AI picture generator to be an excellent art maker overall.

5. PhotoSonic

Best AI Text to Art Generator Websites

Although many people may not be aware of it, an AI text-to-picture generator may turn any text into a work of art. PhotoSonic is a service that handles the hard work for you and is based on a credit model.

You are free to instruct the AI to draw almost anything because it does accept complicated long-form requests. The AI uses latent diffusion to take a noisy image and turn it into one that complies with your request.

I received 10 credits after signing up for this service, with the opportunity to purchase more. Credits start at 100 photos for a monthly fee of $10, however, the AI generator offers a free trial period to assist you to become accustomed.

PhotoSonic is precise enough for novices, even if the resulting photos might not be as professional-looking as those produced by the AI text-to-image converters mentioned above. Although you aren't given the opportunity to use a design template, you may mix and match designs by adding your own keywords to the artwork.

The flexibility to select the output size from options like Square, Horizontal, and Vertical, depending on your needs, is something I found to be beneficial about this application. The photographs may then be downloaded in a useful zip file.

6. Text to Pokemon Generator

Best AI Text to Art Generator Websites

This AI art generator may be a little specialized, but it's ideal for anyone who grew up watching Pokemon. This Pokemon generator, which is based on the same website as Pixray, enables users to generate new Pocket Monsters with simply a text prompt. 

Simply input instructions such, as "Pikachu Yoda in Red," and watch as the masterpiece takes shape.

Even though it is based on the same Replicate website, the AI image generator needs over a minute to create a magnificent Pokemon picture for you. Even though it can't combine many different circumstances, the results are nonetheless stunning. 

You get a masterpiece (linked above) after asking the AI to make a terminator into a Pokemon, and I think it's really awesome. You don't have to limit yourself to Pokemon, though. Mention any actual people you like, and then watch as Pokemon mashups that seem like cartoons appear.

7. Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion)

Stable Diffusion, one of the most well-known text-to-art AI generators at the moment, is an open-source model that accepts text prompts and produces graphics in a matter of seconds. 

Over the course of a month, the model was trained on 4,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs. While Stable Diffusion is accessible to set up on your own PC, albeit with a significant burden, I tested it out using the internet service that carries most of the resource load for you. 

Additionally, if you've heard of Dream Studio and were concerned that it was the same as Stable Diffusion, you shouldn't worry. In contrast to the sample version, Dream Studio delivers quicker AI art production. It also generates the Stable Diffusion model and APIs in one location.

The algorithm refines the picture as it approaches the prompt in Stable Diffusion. Thus, as soon as you submit a question, the AI generator turns the text into art and continues to improve the image. 

It doesn't stop until the image is as near as it can be to the text prompt you provided. The range of art produced is enormous, and your creativity is the only restriction.

Although there is an NSFW filter on the internet, you can simply turn it off with a local installation. You may upgrade photos using a local install as well. However, bear in mind that the AI art generator from Stable Diffusion consumes a lot of CPU power, so make sure your computer has a strong GPU.

The majority of my interactions with stable diffusion were pleasant, and the output generated was generally strong. I saw that art-style drawings, where the character generation is fluid, are where the text-to-image AI excels. 

The generator does appear to have trouble with some prompts since they cause it to falter and produce poor photos. It is important to remember that the model does have certain limits because it is currently in the early phases of development.

The 512 x 512 graphics, however, are very impressive when you consider that they were produced by an AI, as you can see from the output photos above. Please check out Stable Diffusion and let us know what you think.

Best AI Text to Art Generator Mobile Apps

1. StarryAI

Best AI Text to Art Generator Mobile Apps

The text-to-art generator StarryAI, which is available as an app for Android and iOS, does a decent job of creating AI images. The iOS app's user-friendly UI wowed me when I used it to produce artwork.

You may input your prompts to create AI art in the text bar at the top of the home screen itself. Wait in line while your artwork is being generated; when it is finished, your phone will start to glow.

The software does provide you 5 free credits; however, you can upgrade to the pro version and purchase more credits beginning at $15.99 for 40 credits. 

Aside from that, the app is simple to use and allows you to share and store the photographs you produce. Even though the degree of artwork correctness is fairly excellent, mistakes do happen occasionally.

A variety of prompts may be easily understood by the AI. There were instances where difficult-to-understand visuals were produced by keywords, therefore the AI is not perfect. 

Another function that I found to work well in my tests is the ability to assist the AI in producing images by uploading a photo or providing it with a base.

Given the many customizing choices, this is one of the greatest AI art-generating applications. Depending on the output you want, there are three distinct forms of AI to pick from. 

To give the AI more time to perfect your artwork, you may even choose the Canvas Size, Model, and Runtime. When using this text-to-image generator, bear in mind that the latter will use more credits.

2. Craiyon

Best AI Text to Art Generator Mobile Apps

Even if you may not be familiar with Craiyon, a few months ago, the DALL-E Mini website was the talk of the internet. The renamed version of DALL-E Mini is called Craiyon, and it is now available as a mobile application and a separate website. 

However, keep in mind that because the app is a progressive web app (PWA) when it is opened, the website really loads.

The architecture of Craiyon is as basic as it gets. Simply type a word prompt into the basic webpage, then wait for the artwork to appear. The photos take up to two minutes to develop and there is no option to select an art form.

Thankfully, there are no credits or usage restrictions here, and as the service is free, the adverts are usually inconspicuous. The results of the artwork are respectable. I am aware that there are issues with AI, but Craiyon does not have the same understanding that other text-to-art AI systems do.

The photographs can appear distorted and don't match the precision and skill of their rivals. By being more detailed, you may improve it a little, but overall, it's about the same. Although Craiyon is a solid all-around AI text-to-art tool, it will need to catch up by 2022.

3. Wonder AI

I had some fun with Wonder AI, a straightforward Android and iOS software that converts words into images using AI. You must enter a word prompt into the program, much like other art producers do. 

The choice of art style is then entirely up to you; options include Pen and Ink, Novelistic, Magical, Cinematic, and more. Enter the words, click the generate button, and then watch as the artwork appears on the screen.

You are free to produce as many works of art as you like on Wonder AI because there is no credit system in place. The drawback is that each time you want to create an artwork, you must first watch a 30-second advertisement. 

Even though it eventually becomes bothersome, this program offers endless, cost-free text-to-picture outputs. You may purchase a Wonder AI Pro membership for a week or a lifetime to get rid of commercials and gain quicker processing speeds, but I believe that most users will be satisfied with the free tier.

Additionally, Wonder AI's visual outputs are often correct. Though processing complex instructions aren't as excellent as our website choices, it gets better with repeated attempts. 

Try out the recommended prompts you see below the search box to discover how well our AI text-to-art generator works. Overall, Wonder AI is a sufficient AI tool even if it is not the top on our list.

4. Dream by WOMBO

Best AI Text to Art Generator Mobile Apps

Recall Wombo? What about the deepfake app where you can submit selfies and manipulate people's singing? That Wombo app, yes. The Dream AI text-to-image generator, which was developed by the same business, is prepared to advance AI. 

The Dream app by Wombo has a stunning design that emphasizes its creativity. Although stylish, I also thought the design was simple to utilize.

Even while Dream has a premium tier with prices beginning at $4.99, you have more than enough choice in terms of art styles to produce original work for free. Enter the text prompt, then select an art form. 

There are literally hundreds of various art styles available for you to pick from, and there may be even more if the premium tier is active. You may also choose an input image to give the AI a starting point in order to give it a head start.

The output photos were fantastic since they featured a wide range of artistic styles. Even though Dream's production fell short of expectations, it gets bonus marks for including a Ghibli art style. As you can see, the other output photographs were exceptionally realistic and vibrant.

The stunning real-time transformation feature, which allows you to view the image creation on your phone, is an additional benefit. Feel free to explore the app or the equally handy website as this works for all types of photographs.

5. AI Picasso

Best AI Text to Art Generator Mobile Apps

A text-to-image generator called AI Picasso is based on the Stable Diffusion paradigm. Although its app interface is unimaginative, the AI at least offers customers a limited selection of painting styles. Every time an image is made by AI Picasso, you are required to view a 30-second advertisement. 

Thankfully, the picture-generating process is free and relatively quick. However, any user may become tired of the constant stream of advertisements that follow each AI artwork production.

Even while the output photos are good, they fall short of what I saw in the original Stable Diffusion. Even though the AI is built on that paradigm, it frequently malfunctions when you submit lengthy text instructions. 

This, I assume, explains why the random prompt generator only offers you brief choices. Short instructions do, however, frequently result in enough output.

There is no picture resizing or editing options available here, and the Pro Tier is required to access additional graphic styles. Play around with Picasso for your informal requirements, but don't have high expectations.

Utilize the best AI text-to-image generators to release your creativity

So yeah, we hope you enjoy using these top AI text-to-picture generators to create beautiful artwork for hours. 

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One thing is certain: with the rapid advancement of AI in 2022, the connection between humans and machines will continue to change, for better or worse. One has to question if this acceleration is safe for human progress and whether it comes at a cost.

What do you think of these artificial intelligence artmakers? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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