The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

In this article, we will be sharing the best websites to download free fonts online with the help of which you can easily download free fonts for your works.

Not able to afford font licensing? You may use these websites to locate the ideal free font for your upcoming creative endeavor.

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

The cost of a popular premium font license is not affordable for everyone. You could search for a typeface that you can use commercially and preferably for free if you need one for a new branding project, a poster, or a website.

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Thankfully, several places offer free fonts online. We'll highlight the Best Places where you may obtain free fonts for your upcoming project.

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12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

1. DaFont

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

One of the greatest and oldest places to download fonts is DaFont. On its website, DaFont offers more than 71,000 typefaces.

It might be difficult to go through such a large collection. As a result, Dafont features a top-level category structure. The ideal starting point is here. Investigate a subcategory like Handwritten or Cartoon. The list may also be sorted by categories like Halloween, Rustic, Horror, and so on.

Without establishing an account, you may download a typeface that you like to your computer.

2. Google Fonts

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

One of the greatest collections of web-ready typefaces is available from Google Fonts. More than 1,450 distinct font families are available. By category, language, popularity, and even characteristics like thickness or breadth, you may focus your searches.

The flexible font preview tool in Google Fonts is one of its greatest features. You have the option to preview a sentence or a paragraph in any available typeface. You may alter the font by changing the size or choosing a different variant.

Additionally, the website contains a part called Fonts Knowledge that offers innovative tutorials on the field of typography. You may discover, for instance, how to create the ideal font mix.

Once you have located the font you want, you can either download it to your computer or obtain the embed code to add it to your website.

3. FontSpace

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

A font database called FontSpace has almost 99,000 typefaces accessible. Fonts are shown via a visual method. 

You will also discover an image from the designer that uses the typeface in addition to the standard editable font preview. Finding typefaces for a graphic design job might be aided by seeing them in use in a picture.

FontSpace by default displays every font. You must select the proper filter on the search page if you only want to view fonts that are free for commercial usage.

4. Behance

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

Some of the top designers in the world display their artistic creations on Behance. Some designers even use it as a website for their portfolio, while others utilize it to show off and distribute their work, whether it be typefaces or design materials.

Simply type "free fonts" into the Behance search bar if you prefer to play around with fonts. Although a whole font family with numerous variations won't always be available, you'll undoubtedly find something that catches your eye.

If you're seeking for typefaces to employ in a graphic design project, Behance is a fantastic place to look. You'll have success with anything including logos, social media banners, and posters. However, this is definitely not the best place to search if you're seeking for a new typeface that will be used on a website or blog.


The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

Although offers over 1,300 free font families in addition to a vast selection of fonts for purchase, These may be filtered by category, weight, width, language, and other criteria. Additionally, it provides a quick overview of the font's supported media.

Fortunately, offers examples of how each font may appear in your project, including flyers, banners, logos, and other mock-ups, as you explore each font's website.

6. Fontesk

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

A carefully selected collection of top-notch fonts in a range of topics and styles is offered by Fontesk. You may simply filter the typefaces based on your needs; all of them are free for personal use, and more than half are also free for commercial use.

It's convenient because Fontesk doesn't demand registration and doesn't place a restriction on the number of typefaces you may download.

7. Dribbble

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

Though less well-known than Behance, Dribbble is a site mostly used by UI designers. On Dribbble, you may choose from a wide variety of typefaces, including several contemporary, script, and serif fonts. Start by doing a search for "free fonts."

8. Font Squirrel

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

Because it gathers typefaces from various websites and provides links to them, Font Squirrel differs slightly from the other websites on this list. All of the typefaces are available in either OTF or TTF format and are all free for commercial usage.

Your typefaces may be filtered by type, category, tags, and other criteria. Unfortunately, you can't receive a personalized font preview; you'll have to go through and hope the original website has that feature available.

9. Font Bundles

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

By curating font packages, Font Bundles enables designers to make little financial savings. Once you create an account, you can access the website's free fonts area, which offers hundreds of free typefaces that you may download and use.

Contrary to some of the other websites on this list, Font Bundles' library is constantly updating. On the Free Typeface of the Week website, one premium font is highlighted each week. If you're aspiring to be a type designer, you should bookmark this website and visit it regularly.

In addition to offering you a premium font for free, Font Bundles also includes a license that enables you to use the fonts for free in business settings.

10. UrbanFonts

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

One of the Best websites to download free fonts is UrbanFonts. The website is user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful; it has a similar layout as DaFont, making it simple to explore. You'll discover a collection of typefaces that you may filter by popularity, release date, or a particular category.

The preview function in UrbanFont is excellent. On a dark backdrop, you can use custom text to preview typefaces. The complete alphabet appears in the preview window when you hover your cursor over it.

11. 1001FreeFonts

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

There are really 10,000 free typefaces available here, which is a lot more than just 1001! There are no additional bells and whistles to deal with in your search for the greatest free fonts thanks to the clean and basic design. The site header has a search function, which cuts down on the time it takes to discover what you're looking for. 

This font website also offers a premium option: for $19.95, you may download every font they provide in a single bundle, saving you the time and trouble of downloading each typeface separately and instantly expanding your font collection by a sizable amount.

12. FontM

The 12 Best Free Websites to Download Free Fonts Online

Although it doesn't have the largest collection, FontM's library of free fonts is well-organized into all the categories you're likely to require, and in addition to fonts that can be downloaded from other websites, it also contains a decent number that was created in-house. Along with the free fonts, it also offers a few gorgeous premium fonts with helpful links that let you buy what you need right away.

Include the new fonts in your Work

The free font websites mentioned above make it simple to select a beautiful font. To add flair to any project, you may download dozens of fantastic fonts. The font should then be added to Photoshop if you're a designer so that you have more options than the built-in fonts.


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