The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

In this article, we will be looking at the best support, tank, and damage heroes in Overwatch 2. This is meant for beginners as we will try to explain how to play these heroes with clear guides.

Which characters are the best Support, Tank, and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2? Read this article to learn their class roles, strengths, weaknesses, and how to use them in-game.

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2
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With the introduction of Overwatch 2, the roster of available heroes has grown to include over 30 unique characters divided across the three primary roles. This leaves a lot of skills, strategies, counters, and combinations to attempt to keep straight, even for experienced players. 

The options might be rather daunting if you're a novice player. Even within the categories of Tank, Support, or Damage, it may be rather easy to focus on one particular type of hero because there are so many varieties.

There are always going to be a select few heroes that are top-tier at that moment, even if your mileage will undoubtedly vary on which hero you deem to be "best" and the game's meta will move with any update and balancing tweaks. 

These are the finest characters you should at least take into consideration for each role in Overwatch 2, and we'll update them as the meta of the game evolves.

The best heroes in Overwatch 2

Best Support heroes on Overwatch 2

Support follows closely behind the tanks, ensuring sure they and your damage heroes are as healthy and well-buffed as possible while the tanks are up front blocking and defending the team. However, in general, you want to choose heroes that can aid out in as many ways as possible or are very narrowly focused on one area. There are still two Supports on each side, so there is some more latitude in who to pick based on the other Support.

  • Kiriko

Although Kiriko, a brand-new character in Overwatch 2, may eventually fall farther down the meta, she is now dominating as the best Support hero in the game. When you consider what she is capable of, it is simple to understand why. 

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

She has tremendous mobility due to her ability to climb walls, great healing potential that doesn't need her to concentrate entirely on teammates, and can even deal significant damage if you can land headshots with her kunai. With the Protection Suzu's temporary invulnerability and quick teleportation to any teammate, a good Kiriko may practically play as a solo Support.

  • Lucio

Lucio is still a simple player to include in any squad. He will quietly heal or boost the speed of any teammates around, offering him greater value than a straightforward healer and enabling him to continue fighting. 

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

The bulk of the game types in Overwatch 2 requires moving fast to various spots on the map so that speed buff in particular is more significant than many novice players may believe. His ultimate is still quite potent and gives your squad 750 HP so they can withstand the difficult push.

  • Mercy

Last but not least, Mercy has been the Support class's face since the game's inception. She is the Support character that is by far the most committed to her goal of direct healing. For Overwatch 2, she has received various adjustments that are beneficial to her. 

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

If you hit Crouch while using Guardian Angel, for instance, you will rocket straight up into the air, and you may use Angelic Descend to slow her descent more. She is now more capable of healing herself, which makes her a more effective healer overall.

Best Tank heroes on Overwatch 2

Given that there can only be one tank per team in Overwatch 2 as opposed to two in the original, this may be the largest difference. 

As a result, having a powerful tank is crucial for your squad since they will effectively have to perform two tasks at once. Most have been adequately buffed to make up for this, however, some are more suited to serve the team alone than others.

  • D.VA

D.VA is just a reliable option for a tank in general. She possesses a solid mix of attacking options, team-supporting skills, and good mobility. Her Defense Matrix now has a larger base HP and can absorb more damage, which will help your squad be better protected in Overwatch 2. 

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

Although she has less armor, her primary weapons are more precise and don't cause her to move as slowly when shooting. The fact that her Boost ability's damage was more than quadrupled is best of all, though.

  • Junker Queen

Junker Queen, a brand-new tank in Overwatch 2, is already proving to be a very strong addition to most teams. She is a little less powerful than D.VA since her main weapon, a shotgun has a short range, but once an adversary is within it, they are doomed. 

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

Her arsenal of skills also includes a variety of ways for her to approach foes personally or draw them closer. She primarily uses her Commanding Shout ability to assist others, but her other health restoration and damage-dealing skills make her incredibly difficult to kill and a huge target for the opposing side.

  • Orisa

Orisa, who returned from the original game, has also received significant alterations for Overwatch 2. Although she still has a primary cannon that may overheat, the blasts now start off big and grow smaller as they get closer, making her more threatening. Instead of the Halt secondary fire, she now possesses Energy Javelin, which she may use to toss a javelin at an opponent to knock them back and temporarily stun them.

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2
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Javelin Spin, which enables her to move more quickly, block incoming projectiles, and slap away foes if they collide with it, also replaces Protective Barrier. Her Fortify has finally been improved, giving her 125 temporary HP but a 20% movement slowdown. Her ultimate was also updated to Terra Surge, which summons foes, triggers her Fortify ability, and then launches the last assault.

Best Damage heroes on Overwatch 2

Damage is the last class, but arguably the most well-liked one. The murderers are they. These are the characters to consider if you want to participate in the action, score a ton of kills, and play Overwatch 2 as closely as you can to a classic shooter. 

Having said that, Overwatch 2 isn't a conventional shooter, so having a powerful weapon isn't the most crucial aspect.

  • Genji

In Overwatch, Genji was the best, and in Overwatch 2, he is still the best (at least for the time being). Because there is less crowd-control and stuns in the game now than there were in Overwatch 2, Genji has probably profited more than anybody else. 

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2
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His low HP is really the primary vulnerability, but Genji has numerous methods to make up for it, including his incredible mobility and capacity to simply reflect damage back to the source. Even without taking into account his ultimate, he already has a tremendous amount of damage potential, making him virtually unbeatable. 

Plus, he gets stronger the better you play thanks to the new Damage Passive, which boosts mobility and reload speed following an elimination.

  • Tracer

The sequel kept the same face as the original game. Despite being a touch more technical than Genji, this time-traveling hero is nonetheless a total beast in the Damage class. Thanks to her teleport and ability to rewind herself out of a bad situation, she is just as mobile but in her own manner, which makes her the ideal hit-and-run style hero. 

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

Her ultimate is likewise extremely lethal, but it's also difficult and riskier because you have to drop the bomb next to or ideally directly on an adversary. You don't want to be close when it does go off since Tracer, who is quite soft, might be hurt by the explosion. Tracer else resembles her previous form almost exactly.

  • Pharah

Pharah has had a few changes between games, a little more than other Damage classes. She continues to be the same basic hero, using her rocket launchers and Jump Jet power to inflict specialized damage from above. She has made a modest but significant tweak to her rockets, allowing you to reload a quarter second faster if you use every rocket first.

The best Support, Tank and Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

Her Concussive Blast has been enhanced to deliver 30 damage and also deals additional knockback when it directly impacts an adversary, making it even more lethal near map borders. Pharah is one of the Damage class heroes that is easiest for novice players to pick up and comprehend, yet she is also difficult for virtually all other classes to defeat.


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