Best Netflix Alternatives (Free & Paid)

We examine the finest free and paid Netflix alternatives, which are surprisingly many.

Although Netflix is among the most popular streaming services, it is by no means the only one. There are several premia and free Netflix options available, some of which may be even superior.

Best Netflix Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Although it's typically lauded as the king of streaming services, Netflix is also infamous for routinely hiking its fees. There are many other places you may view TV series and movies if the streaming company has finally priced you out of a subscription.

In this post, we examine some of the top Netflix substitutes currently on the market. Though they provide streaming services with various features and content, these businesses are comparable to Netflix.

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Best Netflix Alternatives (Free & Paid)

1. Amazon Prime Video

One of the biggest Netflix rivals is Amazon Prime Video, which is definitely worth your time. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power are just two examples of Amazon's original films and television series that alone are worth the admission fee.

You can either pay an additional $4/month to receive all the features of Amazon Prime or just subscribe to Prime Video on its own.

  • a huge selection of unique, highly regarded stuff that is exclusive to us.
  • Other stuff that isn't included by the membership can easily be rented or purchased.
  • An entire Amazon Prime subscription includes Prime Video.

2. Apple TV+

Apple entered the streaming market somewhat late, but it made a strong first impression with programs starring Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, and Jason Momoa. With a free trial, it's a fantastic Netflix substitute.

However, compared to Netflix, Apple TV+'s breadth is very constrained because there isn't much-licensed content available. However, it does have good shows like Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest, Dickinson, and more that are constantly being produced.

  • some top-notch unique work from talented writers.
  • Because there isn't much-licensed content, there isn't much to watch.
  • When purchasing a new Apple product, you receive the first three months for free.

3. Disney+

The release of Disney+ in 2019 was the House of Mouse's major shot at Netflix and generated a lot of buzzes. Disney+ is definitely worth a subscription if you're a fan.

It's jam-packed with content from brands like Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic because the corporation owns everything, it seems. Of course, it also features all of the most recent and legendary Disney movies, as well as unique programming like The Mandalorian (the Star Wars TV spin-off).

  • Thanks to the extensive Disney collection of vintage animations, ideal for children.
  • There is a ton of adult stuff accessible outside of the US (due to the Star brand).
  • Impressive original stuff, but it leans more toward blockbuster franchises like Star Wars and Marvel.

4. HBO Max

Given its name, HBO Max provides the incredible content that HBO creates. Shows like Westworld, Game of Thrones, and Succession fall under this category. The network is renowned for producing works of excellent quality, but whether it is worth the exorbitant price is up to you.

Along with a respectable collection of WarnerMedia films, HBO Max also offers original programming.

  • the broadest range of HBO original series over the years.
  • expensive in comparison to its rivals.
  • The more affordable subscription includes advertisements; getting rid of them will run you an extra $5 per month.

5. Hulu

Both licensed and original movies and TV shows are available on Hulu. You will have enough episodes to binge-watch to last you a lifetime thanks to its enormous licensed collection, which spans numerous broadcast networks and has something to suit every age.

The presence of adverts in the more affordable price plan is the major issue. Some shows will still contain advertising because of licensing concerns even if you pay twice as much to get them removed.

  • a great selection of both contemporary and historical TV series.
  • provides a low-cost entry point for fundamental membership.
  • advertisements on TV and in movies.

6. Acorn TV

It's excellent that Acorn TV offers programming from countries like Australia, the UK, and France since the majority of streaming services concentrate on American content. For those who are local to those nations, there won't be anything new, but if you haven't watched Midsomer Murders and Inspector George Gently, you're in for a treat.

Acorn TV is comparable to BritBox, another streaming provider. For additional details, see our comparison of BritBox and Acorn TV.

  • a wide variety of information from nations outside of the United States.
  • Affordable and more affordable if you sign up for a full year.
  • accessible on a variety of gadgets, including iPhone, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

7. Paramount+

Great episodes like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Halo, and 1883 are only available on Paramount+, even though its original programming isn't as extensive as Netflix's.

You may keep yourself entertained with a wide variety of television programs and motion pictures from companies like CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon.

  • Here you can see some excellent episodes and movies that Paramount has made.
  • Only the more expensive $9.99/month subscription is commercial-free.
  • If you sign up for a year, you can get a discount on the monthly cost.

8. Peacock

The streaming service Peacock is owned by NBCUniversal and offers material from the company's subsidiaries as well as news, sports, and outside sources. It offers a free subscription option that allows you to watch seasons of shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation, which is surprising for a major provider.

The ad-supported plan is competitively priced, though you will need to pay to access the more recent and exclusive content (although certain episodes are free to pique your interest).

  • You can register and access a variety of content for free.
  • Costs $9.99/month for ad-free streaming and offline downloads.
  • up to six profiles are supported, including family-friendly profiles.


For those who prefer movies that are a little less mainstream, MUBI is the ideal service, showcasing works from film festivals and emphasizing independent producers. It releases a new movie every day, usually for a 30-day window, though some are added to the rotating library.

Unless you're a true cinephile, it's unlikely that you've seen many of the movies listed here.

  • a constantly-changing collection of films from throughout the world.
  • The quantity is not as high as Netflix's, even though the quality can be.
  • expensive when you consider how little content there is.

10. Vudu

Although Vudu has been around since 2004, Fandango Media acquired it in 2020. While there is a sizable selection of movies that can be rented, there is also a sizable selection of free movies and TV series that may be seen and are funded by advertisements.

It even broadcasts in high HD, which is a wonderful added feature.

  • provides a respectable choice of free, advertisement-supported movies and TV series.
  • streams of excellent quality.
  • has a simple and intuitive user interface.

11. Tubi

All of the free movies and TV series on Tubi are financed by advertisements. There is so much content, even though a lot of it is older or less well-known, that you are sure to discover something you like.

Everything is arranged into useful sections, including a special kids section to occupy your young children.

  • several films and television programs from studios including Lionsgate and Paramount.
  • Available on all popular devices including streaming sticks and game consoles.
  • You can find the good stuff by browsing collections like "Highly Rated" and "Award Winners."

12. Pluto TV

Owned by Paramount, Pluto TV is a free streaming service with advertisements. It offers live TV as well as on-demand movies and television shows. The latter combines on-demand material rolling streams with genuine channels (dedicated to genres, themes, or specific shows).

Pluto TV is accessible in places like the US, UK, and Canada, but a VPN allows you to view Pluto TV from any location.

  • For a more traditional viewing experience, TV channels are ideal.
  • conceivably accessible on any device you may have.
  • No login is required to watch.

13. Plex

You won't run out of things to watch with Plex's 200 free live TV channels and more than 50,000 titles available on demand from companies like Legendary, MGM, and Lionsgate.

Although you may just use the free streaming service if you'd rather, Plex also enables you to construct your own catalog from your videos, which is how the service first began.

  • access to free movies by integrating with the current Plex service.
  • There are many niches and older films available.
  • a sleek and speedy UI.

14. Crackle

The website Crackle offers free access to movies, TV series, and even some original programming. There is obviously a lot of trash to sort through, but there are also some gems.

Crackle is great, however, the amount of adverts you'll see during a feature-length movie is annoying.

  • a decent range of television shows and movies from various eras.
  • large range of playback devices is supported.
  • There are several adverts in longer material.

The Supply of Streaming Content Is Unlimited

These Netflix Alternatives all provide something slightly different. You might need to switch between all of the accessible streaming providers if you want to have access to the most variety of content.

You may wish to watch some live TV in addition to the pre-recorded content that these providers offer. If so, you can watch a ton of free internet TV stations.


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