Best New Features Coming to Google Apps and Services

Google Apps and Services are constantly evolving. Find out what's new, learn how to get the most out of it, or check out the blog for exciting features.

You may learn all you need to know about the recent modifications to Google's search engine in this post.

Best New Features Coming to Google Apps and Services

Most of us imagine the Google Search box when we think of Google, but in reality, we also use voice, images, and ambient sound while looking for information.

The business revealed seven major ways it is enhancing the search experience and making it more user-friendly and useful at the Google Search On 2022 event. Let's investigate them.

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Best New Features in Google Apps and Services

1. Use Multisearch to Add Text Query to Images

In real life, when looking for something, you may show someone an image and afterward provide further information. You can do just that thanks to Google's new Multisearch function, which was initially shown off at the Google I/O 2022 conference.

Best New Features Coming to Google Apps and Services

You may layer a text search on top of an image search with Multisearch. For instance, after clicking on a photo of food, you may add the word query "vegan" to see vegan versions of that cuisine.

2. Increase Topical Filtering in Search Results

For quicker and more fluid searches, Google is now offering search filters that you can apply to text queries. You can come across filter bubbles like "for couples," "to live," "for families," "in December," and more if you search for "top spots in Italy," for instance.

In order to narrow down your search and get more pertinent photos, videos, maps, news, and other results, you can also apply topical filters.

3. Merge Translation Text with Saved Images

When you have text in a picture on your phone that you don't understand, you may use Google Lens to translate the text and re-inscribe it onto the original image without it looking edited.

Best New Features Coming to Google Apps and Services

While it would take a lot of effort to accomplish the same thing in Photoshop, anyone can do it right away using Google Lens.

4. Google Maps Upgrades

Thanks to three new features, Neighborhood Vibe, Immersive View, and Live View, Google Maps is now much more beneficial. With Neighborhood Vibe, you can quickly determine whether a location is worthwhile by zooming into various locations on the map and viewing what's popular.

Best New Features Coming to Google Apps and Services

You may examine a 3D-rendered aerial image of a location, check the area's current traffic conditions, and view weather forecasts using Immersive View. 

In certain places, you can even view inside businesses using what appears to be a moving drone photo but is actually a neural simulation of images. It's a fantastic way to use Google Maps to discover new cities.

Live View is an augmented reality tool that attempts to improve Google Maps' usability. With it, you may raise your phone to see information about the area superimposed on the real environment, much like futuristic smart augmented reality (AR) glasses.

5. Receive Personalized Shopping Advice

You may now discover your favorite clothes, meals, and items online with the help of Google. When looking for a certain food item, you can find local restaurants that serve it as well as pricing, reviews, the ingredients that were used, and if it complies with your dietary requirements, like vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more.

The new Shop the look function suggests accessories to go with your garment purchase while you browse. Automated 360-degree spins allow you to evaluate things in a more realistic manner, much like you would in real life.

6. Get Routes Based on Your Engine Type to Save on Fuel

A technique to lower your carbon emissions by adopting the most fuel-efficient routes, albeit not necessarily the fastest, was made available by Google Maps last year.

Best New Features Coming to Google Apps and Services

To improve your vehicle's economy, you may now view the most fuel-efficient routes based on the type of engine it has (hybrid, electric, diesel, or gas). Additionally, if you're looking to purchase a new automobile, you'll be able to view the estimated yearly fuel expenditures and emissions.

7. Delete Web Results About You

Results about you is a little but significant feature that Google is pushing out. You may use it to ask Google to remove search results that include private information about you, such as your home address, email, and phone number.

This functionality will be very beneficial if data or security issues for you.

Google Apps Are Growing More Practical

At the Search On 2022 event, Google showed off a ton of new features, some of which are upgrades to already-existing ones and others of which are under development and will be released shortly.

For those who reside elsewhere, you might have to wait until new features become available in your area. New features are released first in the US.


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