Best 10 Ways to Download YouTube Videos On Windows PC

If you are using a computer running Windows, you can easily download YouTube videos using the below-mentioned steps. So, in this article, we will show you a foolproof way to download YouTube videos on your Windows computer.

Best 10 Ways to Download YouTube Videos On Windows PC

YouTube now serves as a lot of people's main source of entertainment. The platform often functions without any problems, however, a poor internet connection might impair your ability to watch. 

Sadly, YouTube's more sophisticated features, such as video downloading, are only available to Premium members. Finding a useful method of storing films in their local storage for people who like to consume material on their PCs might be challenging.

The good news is that the problem can be fixed and YouTube videos may be downloaded on a Windows PC using a variety of techniques.

Learn more by reading the Best 10 Ways to Download YouTube Videos On Windows PC.

Best 10 ways to Download YouTube Videos On Windows PC

  • ByClick Downloader
  • VLC Media Player
  • Online Converter
  • Video DownloadHelper
  • Open Video Downloader
  • iTubeGo Video Downloader
  • 4K Video Downloader
  • Y2Mate
  • Internet Download Manager
  • VidMate

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Quick Help: 

  • Using the VLC media player, you may download YouTube videos to your computer.
  • On a PC or a Mac, you may alternatively utilize WinX YouTube Downloader or MacX YouTube Downloader.
  • Simply touch "Download" on the chosen YouTube video to download it to your phone's app.{alertSuccess}

How to Download YouTube Videos on PC

#1 ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader

We'll start by discussing the simplest way to download YouTube videos on your PC. With only a few clicks, viewers may download YouTube videos, playlists, and Live videos using the ByClick Downloader, a dependable third-party resource.

How to download YouTube videos is as follows:

  1. Click here to get the ByClick Downloader.
  2. Choose the YouTube video you want to download by opening it.
  3. The lower-left corner of your computer's screen will show a pop-up window. Click Video Download.
  4. Start the ByClick Downloader and watch your video till it is finished.
  5. Your YouTube video will be located in the folder selected under Choose folder in the ByClick Downloader once the download is complete.

Copy the YouTube video's URL and paste it into the address bar if the pop-up window from step three doesn't show. Then, launch the ByClick Downloader and decide where and how much data to download. Select Paste URL after that. The video will instantly start downloading.

#2 VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

The simple-to-use VLC utility is frequently used as the default media player, but it may also be used to download YouTube videos. You may download the application for free from this website if you haven't already done so.

It's simple to save a video on your PC using VLC Player. To achieve this, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Select the video you wish to download from YouTube by opening it.
  2. The address bar's highlighted URL can then be copied.
  3. Open VLC Media Player by selecting it in the Windows Start menu.
  4. Select "Open Network Stream" under "Media" after clicking. VLC can play content that has been opened in a web browser thanks to network streams.
  5. In the "Please provide a network URL" section, paste the video's URL.
  6. To play the video in the media player, tap the "Play" button.
  7. Select the "Codec Information" option under the "Tools" menu.
  8. Copy the address from the "Location" box by navigating there.
  9. Enter the address into your browser after pasting it in.
  10. To open the "Save" window, hold the cursor over the video and then select "Save video as" from the context menu.
  11. Choose the location where the movie will be kept on the PC.

The MP4 file will start downloading into your computer and be saved as "videoplayback." Depending on the size of the file you're downloading, you might have to wait a few minutes for the PC to finish. Double-clicking the file will launch it right away.

#3 9xBuddy Online Converter

9xBuddy Online Converter

If you want to download youtube videos without any software, Users may download YouTube videos to their desktops using many online converters. 9xBuddy is a well-liked alternative that has no trouble downloading larger films.

  1. Play the video you want to download on YouTube.
  2. Right-click and select "Copy" after highlighting the link in the URL bar.
  3. Open a new tab and go to the 9xBuddy website.
  4. Insert the URL in the corresponding field.
  5. Select "Download" from the menu. After scanning the YouTube video, the website will produce several formats and quality alternatives.
  6. To see the video results, use the "Video" button.
  7. Click "Download Now" next to the video format and quality you choose. The video will be converted by the website.
  8. To save the file to the local storage of your PC, tap "Download Now" once again.

Press the video to start it playing in your default media player when the PC has finished downloading the file.

Be aware that some online converters have plenty of pop-up windows and advertisements. Avoid clicking on the advertising since they can be infected with viruses that harm your computer and data. Close any new windows that the browser might have opened right away. 

Additionally, some websites can include spyware that prevents your computer from operating properly.

Using online tools might be risky even though they allow users to conserve storage space. Practice safe browsing habits and maintain vigilance.

Note: To keep your data and devices safe when browsing untrusted websites, it is essential to install an ad-blocker.{alertInfo}

#4 Video DownloadHelper Browser Extension

Video DownloadHelper Browser Extension

You can install a browser extension if you don't want to download extra software or visit many websites to download a single movie. 

For instance, the browser extension Video DownloadHelper enables users to download videos directly from the YouTube website. How to apply for the extension.

  1. To add the extension, open the browser and go to this page.
  2. Go to YouTube, select the video you wish to download, then watch it for about a minute before downloading.
  3. To examine the various format choices, double-tap the Video DownloadHelper symbol at the browser's top.
  4. Press the chosen menu item.

Depending on the size of the movie, it can take your PC a while to finish downloading.

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#5 Open Video Downloader

Open Video Downloader

You may rapidly download videos to your PC with the help of the free Open Video Downloader utility, which is compatible with Windows operating systems. What you must do is as follows:

  1. To download and install the program from the Microsoft Store, go to this page and click the "Get" icon.
  2. Find the video you want to save on YouTube, then open it.
  3. To copy the video link, go to the URL bar, highlight it, and then use the right-click menu to select "Copy"
  4. From the Windows Start menu, run the Open Video Downloader application.
  5. To add the video link, place the cursor over the URL bar, right-click, and then select "Paste."
  6. Select the "+" icon. Multiple download alternatives will be generated when the YouTube video has been analyzed.
  7. Pick the desired video quality from the choices list after going through the list. The program's default choice of "Video Plus Audio" makes sure that the audio is included in the downloaded video. The second drop-down menu has the resolution settings.
  8. On the desktop, click the "Download" button in the lower-right corner.

#6 iTubeGo Video Downloader

iTubeGo Video Downloader

Another great program that allows you to download youtube videos on windows 11, and also allows you to download videos from more than 10,000 websites, including YouTube, is iTubeGo. Here is how to store videos using the application on your computer:

  1. Visit the official iTubeGo website to download and install the program.
  2. Open the video you want to download on YouTube.
  3. To copy a link, highlight it in the URL bar, then use the right-click menu.
  4. Using the desktop shortcut, open the iTubeGo application.
  5. Select "Paste URL" from the interface's top menu. A new window will be created by the action.
  6. Insert the URL into the relevant field, then select "Download" from the window's bottom menu.

#7 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader is yet another fantastic choice to think about. The tool stands out from its rivals because of its user-friendly layout. Using the application, download videos:

  1. Install the program by downloading the setup file from the 4K Video Downloader website. You will be guided through the procedure by the on-screen directions.
  2. Play the video you wish to download on YouTube in your web browser.
  3. The browser's address bar is located at the top. Copy the link there.
  4. From the Windows Start menu, open the 4K Video Downloader.
  5. To paste the URL in the required area, go to the program's upper-left corner and select "Paste Link."
  6. Choose the desired video format from the "Format" option by going there.
  7. Choose the highest video quality that your PC can handle.
  8. On the screen, select the "Download" button.

Right-click the video when it has finished downloading and choose "Show in folder" from the drop-down menu. Double-tapping the video will stream it in your default media player after it appears in the File Explorer window.

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#8 Y2Mate


The quickest online converter for downloading movies and audio from YouTube, Y2Mate enables you to do it quickly, for free, and with the highest quality possible. The best program for downloading limitless YouTube videos without any registration is Y2Mate. 

Hundreds of music and video files may be rapidly converted and downloaded from social media websites like YouTube. All music and video formats, including MP3, MP4, M4V, FLV, WEBM, 3GP, WMV, AVI, and many more, are supported by us. What's even more astonishing is that it's totally free.

#9 Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool that can monitor and control the process of downloading and uploading files to and from the Internet. It is useful to prevent downloading from any site other than the one you want.

Also useful for downloading videos on Youtube faster with high quality, you can download for 30 days free.

Free Download Manager is compatible with the most popular browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

#10 VidMate


Vidmate is one of the best free HD video/movie/music downloaders & converters with access to hundreds of streaming sites like Youtube, Vevo, and many more.

VidMate is a free video downloader that can download any video from YouTube. VidMate doesn't require any downloader plugins and is 100% free. VidMate APK helps you to download youtube videos from your android phone easily and fast.

Download YouTube Videos

Watch Your Favorite Videos Offline

Even though YouTube is generally a bug-free site, a subpar internet connection might still keep you from accessing your preferred material. Fortunately, downloading videos is not required for Premium subscribers. 

You may download videos using applications like VLC Media Player, Open Video Downloader, 4K Video Downloader, and Internet Download Manager until YouTube releases a built-in option.

Alternatively, you could prefer using online converters like 9xBuddy or Y2Mate. Installing the Video DownloadHelper extension is possible for browser users.

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On your Windows computer, do you frequently download YouTube videos? Which approach from the list above is your favorite? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

Important: Since many YouTube videos are copyrighted, downloading them without compensating the author is prohibited. Verify that downloading is permitted before you do so. Additionally, refrain from using anything you download to profit from it or in any other way infringe copyright. {alertInfo}


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