How to Extract Text From Images on Windows

How to Extract Text From Images on Windows. Learn how to extract text from any image of any size.

Have you ever wanted to rapidly copy text from a slideshow while you were watching a presentation on YouTube? Or, let's assume you want to extract text from a certain chapter of a book that has been scanned and converted to a PDF. 

How to Extract Text From Images on Windows

The new PowerToys Text Extractor tool will simplify your life if you ever find yourself in a scenario where you have to rely on Google Lens or Apple's Live Text feature. On Windows 11, you may rapidly extract text from images with simply a hotkey.

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You can immediately extract text from any image, whether it is a snapshot, a PDF file, a screen grab from a movie, or any other image. So read our instructions below to find out how to extract text from photos on Windows 11.

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Extract Text From Images on Windows (2022)

A program called PowerToys comes with a number of utilities to enhance the Windows user experience. Although the program is designed for experienced users, anyone may use it. For instance, the program has a window manager to make setting up various layouts simpler. 

It also has a keyboard manager to remap keys, a color picker, and tools for renaming files in bulk.

You must use the most recent version of the application since the Text Extractor was introduced to PowerToys in September (v0.62.0 or later). The fact that you can extract text with PowerToys' Text Extractor without an active internet connection is its finest feature. 

Local processing is completed relatively rapidly. After saying that, let's go on to the instructions and discover how to extract text from photos on Windows 11.

Steps to Extract text from images on Windows

Step #1: Install Microsoft PowerToys

Install Microsoft PowerToys

Installing Microsoft PowerToys (Free) from the Microsoft Store is the first step. The application is also available for download from the official website.

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Step #2: Enable Text Extractor

Enable Text Extractor

Open the software after the installation, then select "Text Extractor" from the left sidebar. To extract text from photos in Windows 11, make sure the Text Extractor is turned on in the right pane. 

To complete the process, hit "Windows + Shift + T" as seen in the screenshot. To edit the "Activation shortcut" to your desire, click the "pen" symbol next to it.

Step #3: Choose your Image

How to Extract Text From Images on Windows

Open the image from which you want to extract the text now. Here is a screenshot from one of our articles as an illustration. Select the place from which you wish to extract text by pressing "Windows + Shift + T" on your keyboard when using Windows 11.

Step #4: Paste Extract Text On Notepad

Paste Extract Text On Notepad

The text will be automatically taken by the Text Extractor tool and copied to your clipboard. Press "Ctrl + V" to paste the content after opening Notepad or your preferred text editor. With almost perfect precision, the text from the image will be transferred to the text file.

PowerToys Text Extractor Alternative

Even attempting to extract text from antique books with unclear writing, was successful. As you can see, it did a good job of extracting the text, and it even used the proper punctuation and indentation.

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Try Text Grab (Free on GitHub, $9.99 on MS Store), which utilizes Microsoft's Windows.Media.Our API has additional functionality if you're seeking an alternative to PowerToys Text Extractor.

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Quick note: The picture may be seen with any program. Even text from a picture that is embedded on a website can be extracted. Additionally, it does not need to be a picture; you may choose any word on the screen.{alertInfo}

Extract Text From Images on Windows Quickly

Thus, this is how Windows 11 and 10 Text Extractor functionality in Microsoft PowerToys functions. The findings are unexpected, and the OCR processing is rather quick. It can accurately extract text from photos locally even when there is no internet connection. 

That concludes this guide, though. Follow our instructions on how to acquire a Universal Mute Switch for video conversations on Windows 10/11 if you want to test out another PowerToys feature. 

And click the link for a comprehensive explanation of how to utilize PowerToys on Windows 10/11. Finally, let us know in the comment box below if you have any questions about Extracting Text From Images on Windows.


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