How to Fix Windows 11 Won’t Recognize Your Wired Headphones

Even while wired headphones are supposed to be less trouble than Bluetooth ones on Windows, they nevertheless have their share of problems.

For the majority of individuals, wired headphones are far handier than wireless ones. They are less expensive as well as simpler to attach to gadgets.

How to fix Windows 11 Won’t Recognize Your Wired Headphones

Some Windows users have complained that they are unable to utilize wired headphones because their computers are unable to identify them. What causes this to occur in the first place, and how can it be fixed? Let's start!

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Why Won't Your Headphones Be Recognized by Windows 11?

If Windows 11 is unable to identify your wired headphones, there may be a conflict between the hardware and the operating system. Here are a few explanations as to why this may be the case:

  • The headphones cable is broken, which prevents the device from establishing a reliable connection with the system.
  • You are utilizing a broken or physically corrupt audio jack for your headphones. If you haven't done, it could be a good idea to plug the headphones into another jack.
  • Headphones cannot be connected to the computer because the audio drivers are either damaged or out-of-date. The easiest approach to fix this issue is to keep the drivers updated or to completely reinstall them.
  • For Windows 11, your headphones are not set as the default audio device. You can adjust these settings to fix the problem if another device, such as the speakers, is set as the default device.

Now that we are aware of several potential causes, let's check to see whether Windows 11 is failing to recognize your headphones or if there is another reason you are unable to use them.

How to Verify If Windows 11 Can Detect Your Headphones?

How to check if the system is detecting the headphones is as follows:

  1. Open the Windows search window after entering Control Panel.
  2. Large icons should be selected as the category view.
  3. Select Sound from the list of available options.
  4. Check to see if your headphones are mentioned under the Playback tab in the dialog that follows.
How to fix Windows 11 Won’t Recognize Your Wired Headphones

If Windows is unable to identify the headphones, they will not be mentioned in the Sound dialog. If so, go to the troubleshooting techniques listed below. 

In the event that Windows has identified the headphones, you may head over to our advice on what to do if they aren't working to attempt to solve the underlying issue.

Steps to Fix Wired Headphones Won’t be Recognized in Windows 11

1. Verify if the problem is a hardware

Determine if a problem is due to hardware or software as soon as you experience one like the one at hand. This will enable you to focus on the problem at hand and find a faster solution.

If you have wired headphones, we advise you to test them out on another device to ensure they are functioning correctly. 

Another thing you may do is to make sure the audio jack you're using isn't corroded or physically damaged. To determine whether the issue still exists, try plugging the wired headphones into a different jack on your laptop or PC.

The system-related troubleshooting techniques listed below can be used if you're certain the problem isn't a hardware one.

2. Switch on the headphones

Manually turning on the headphones via the Control Panel is the first thing you can do. This update will correct the issue if your system is unable to identify the headphones since they are classified as hidden devices.

How to turn on your headphones is as follows:

  1. Launch Control Panel and switch to Large Icons under View by Category.
  2. Select an empty spot by right-clicking on the Playback tab.
  3. From the context menu, select Show Disabled Devices.
  4. Your headphones ought to be accessible at this time. Select Enable from the menu choices provided when you right-click on them.
How to fix Windows 11 Won’t Recognize Your Wired Headphones

finished now! Your wired headphones should work without any issues from this point forward.

3. Change the default audio device to your headphones

The system could not be detecting your headphones if Windows 11 has not previously established them as the default audio device.

If this situation holds true, use these instructions to alter Windows 11's default audio settings:

  1. By following the instructions we provided above, navigate to the Playback tab of Sound settings.
  2. To set your headphones as the default device, choose Set as Right-Click Device. You must use the procedures listed above to activate the headphones if they are not already enabled. When you've finished, make them the default device.
How to fix Windows 11 Won’t Recognize Your Wired Headphones

4. Run the Playing Audio Troubleshooter

Utilizing the built-in audio troubleshooter, which was created by Microsoft particularly to check for and automatically correct system audio-related faults, was another user-tested solution.

The Windows Settings program contains this troubleshooter.

Here's how to operate it:

  1. To access Windows settings, press the Win + I keys simultaneously.
  2. Select System in the left pane, then click Troubleshoot on the window's right side.
  3. Select Other troubleshooters by clicking.
  4. Find the Playing Audio troubleshooter in the ensuing window, and then click the Run button next to it.
  5. Hold off till the troubleshooting has finished scanning. If any faults are found, choose to Apply this repair to use the troubleshooter's suggested remedy.
  6. If not, choose Close Troubleshooter and go to the technique after that.
How to fix Windows 11 Won’t Recognize Your Wired Headphones

5. Install the latest audio drivers

As we already discussed, obsolete or faulty audio drivers might potentially contribute to the problem. In this situation, updating the drivers would be the best line of action. Through the Device Manager, you may accomplish this.

If that doesn't work, you may use the manufacturer's website to completely delete the drivers and reinstall them. Hopefully, this will put an end to the problem.

Utilize Wired Headphones Easily

Since wired headphones are meant to be simpler to use than wireless ones, experiencing problems with them might be annoying. Hopefully, the approaches mentioned above helped you find a solution to your issue. 

Make sure the appropriate drivers are always up to date to prevent problems like these in the future. Additionally, because a broken cable might interfere with a device's connection, we advise handling your wired headphones carefully when using and storing them.


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