How to Watch Apple TV+ on Android devices

Want to see some of the newest Apple TV+ programs? These days, Apple TV+ has expanded significantly, with movies like Severance, and Ted Lasso, and more current releases like The Greatest Beer Run Ever. Additionally, there is a ton of material for young viewers as well as drama enthusiasts.

How to Watch Apple TV+ on Android devices

You might be wondering if you can watch certain TV+ series on your Android smartphone if you have your eye on certain material that you'd like to binge. Everything you need to know about how to accomplish it is provided here!

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Watching  Apple TV on an Android smartphone or tablet

Can Android users get the Apple TV app? Although the app is accessible on a variety of TVs and streaming devices, you cannot download it for Apple TV+ on an Android smartphone. There is a dedicated Apple TV app available on Apple's platforms, such as iOS, iPad, and macOS, and if you have an Apple TV streaming device, you can simply view TV+ content on it as well. However, the Apple TV app is not currently available for Android mobile devices, so you cannot use it.

How to Watch Apple TV+ on Android devices

There is an easy solution to this issue: To watch Apple TV+, all you need is a functional browser no app is required. This is how it goes.

Step 1: On your preferred Android TV mobile device, launch the web browser. Before you start streaming, you should probably close any active programs or background processes for the best performance.

Step 2: Visit the Apple TV+ website. On an Android smartphone, you ought to be able to visit this website without any problems.

Step 3: You should see a Sign in option in the upper-right corner of the website. You may now log in with your Apple account ID and password if you've already configured Apple TV+. To receive a free week of Apple TV+ if you haven't already, you need to select the Start free trial option.

Naturally, you may receive three months for free if you recently bought a new qualified Apple device, but it doesn't really apply if you can only use Android devices. Following your free trial, Apple TV+ costs $5 per month.

Step 4: Now, you may use the browser on your Android mobile to access content via Apple TV+. There should be TV+ categories showing well-liked programs or subgenres. If you wish to watch from your Android device once again, your browser should often remember your login details, but if not, you can always return to the website and choose Stream now to log back in. It's ideal to stream TV episodes through a secure Wi-Fi connection since, as always, they may really chew up your bandwidth.

Watching Apple TV+ on Android TV or Google TV

How can I install the Apple TV app on Android TV? may be on your mind if you like to watch on your TV.

How to Watch Apple TV+ on Android devices

two items. First, Google TV, a more sophisticated interface, has replaced Android TV. Although there are effectively two different services, older smart TVs will still have the Android TV user experience. A handful of TVs were introduced in 2021 and later also include Google TV built-in, as does Google's most recent Chromecast.

Second, you may download the Apple TV app regardless of whether you have an Android TV or Google TV. You just need to download it since, unlike mobile devices, Android TV and Google TV fully support Apple TV.

Step 1: Find the Apple TV app by visiting the Google Play Store. Here's a tip: no matter where you access the Google Play store from, as long as you have signed into your Google account on your Android device—from a TV to a Chromecast—that device should be added to your version of the store. That means you can just log in from a web browser and avoid using the occasionally uncomfortable TV remote controls.

Step 2: To download the Apple TV app, choose Install. Ensure that it is configured to download to your TV or Chromecast instead of your PC.

Step 3: Open Google/Android TV and navigate to the Apps area if you haven't already. Downloading the Apple TV app is now necessary. Open it and sign in using your Apple credentials. You should now be ready to go.

Support for Apple TV+ on other devices

How to Watch Apple TV+ on Android devices

The Apple TV app is still supported on several different devices even if you don't own an Apple product. This covers Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation. If you think the Apple TV app would provide a better user experience, you may download it and sign in on it. Oh, and if you have the storage capacity, you can also download Apple TV+ programs for offline watching.


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