What is the Best Way to Stream Free Music on Android?

Multiple free music streaming apps are available for Android, but how do they differ, and which is the best choice?

What is the Best Way to Stream Free Music on Android?

Regardless of your own preferences regarding downloading vs. streaming music, it is obvious that streaming is the future. Just consider the sheer number of well-known platforms that support music streaming, like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

But since many of the greatest services are charged, not everyone can use them. 

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Here are the Best free streaming Music applications you need to take into consideration if you'd prefer not to sign up for a service.

1. Spotify

What is the Best Way to Stream Free Music on Android?

The king of music streaming is still Spotify. Its collection is incredibly large and includes anything from well-known artists to some of the most obscure ones you've never heard of.

Spotify is very much the Netflix of music in terms of popularizing the idea of streaming, and there's a good reason for that: the service is of exceptional quality and has only gotten better since its 2008 introduction.

User engagement for Spotify

Overall, the Android interface of Spotify is very appealing. Whether you're using a large-screen tablet or a smartphone with a small screen, everything is clearly organized, simple to use, and clutter-free.

The ability to listen to Spotify on numerous devices and have them keep in sync is very convenient. For example, if you skip to the next song on your smartphone, your tablet will follow suit.

There are some restricted features, such as six skips per hour on the free plan, and certain hidden long-press options, mostly in your Library. 

A further drawback is that the app's free edition only allows you to listen to music while online because everything is stored in the cloud (unless you have a paid account, which we'll talk about in a moment).

To make the most of Spotify, pay attention to these incredible playlist tactics and suggestions, especially if you switch between the Android and desktop/Web versions.

Free vs Paid Spotify plan

Although Spotify's free edition has minimal restrictions, audio advertisements are played between each song. You can skip any number of tracks with an unlimited number of skips with a premium account, and you can download music for offline listening. 

Don't forget to utilize the free Premium month offer while you still have the chance!

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2. Deezer

What is the Best Way to Stream Free Music on Android?

Deezer is another option to consider if you enjoy music streaming services with huge libraries and user-friendly UI. Although it has a similarly huge music catalog to explore, it offers a simpler interface than Spotify or YouTube Music.

User engagement for Deezer

A variety of music and podcasts are available, along with well-organized ideas and categories, such as playlists for relaxing, working out, and other activities, charts, and new releases.

Deezer's ability to recognize songs from sounds, whether you're recording a movie's soundtrack or humming a song, is another amazing function.

Free vs Paid Deezer plan

Deezer is available for free, with the main drawback being advertisements. In any case, it's an excellent option for straightforward listening on Android.

There are two Deezer plans to pick from, Premium and Family, with prices starting at $6.99 and $10.99 per month, respectively, if you're willing to switch to a premium version.

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3. YouTube Music

What is the Best Way to Stream Free Music on Android?

For people that adore using YouTube as their primary source of music, Google released a new mobile app called YouTube Music in the latter part of 2015. In actuality, this is the most popular sort of YouTube traffic for content.

The fact that the app supplanted Google Play Music and became the only music streaming service offered by Google, whether you prefer audio or video, is not all that shocking. Surprisingly, YouTube Music is surprisingly useful, especially when completely integrated with the platform's video version.

One drawback is that you must first sign into your YouTube account in order to use the app. It would be good to have an anonymous (or guest) option, but given that Google still prefers to compel app logins, that won't change.

Free vs Paid YouTube Music plan

While mostly free, the software contains advertisements. You may remove advertisements, download music for offline playing, continue listening after the screen locks, and smoothly switch between a track's song and video versions with a $9.99 per month YouTube Music membership.

If you're a YouTube Premium user, YouTube Music is a complimentary perk of your membership.

User engagement for YouTube Music

The ability to listen to YouTube Music in audio-only format is its biggest feature, albeit in the free edition this is only available for your own uploaded music library.

The UI is fairly simple; nothing spectacular about it, but it also doesn't often get in the way, with the exception of ad interruptions. Your Likes playlist, which is based on all the tunes you've loved on your YouTube Music account, is one item you might enjoy.

The selling feature of this program, however, is that you may select a certain song to create a radio station with related tunes. It learns your preferences as you listen and like, making the recommendations more precise. 

Naturally, the app also enables you to transmit the music you're playing to any Chromecast-enabled device.

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4. SoundCloud

What is the Best Way to Stream Free Music on Android?

The distinction that sets SoundCloud apart from the other apps in this list merits notice. It's more about the in-betweeners: upcoming musicians and independent artists, rather than listening to your personal music collection or commercial radio.

You should really start utilizing SoundCloud right away if you haven't already. There is a vast unexplored music market out there that you might not find on YouTube, Pandora, or Spotify.

User engagement for SoundCloud

The fact that SoundCloud makes it so simple to share your own music with people and grow an audience is what makes it such a fantastic platform for independent musicians. 

You may share music on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, upload audio files, and even mix tracks by combining SoundCloud with specific DJ apps. This music service is the most artist-focused out there.

The user interface is neat and intuitive. You'll have no trouble navigating and interacting with other users by following them and making comments on certain tracks. In general, SoundCloud is slick, quick, and very sociable.

Free vs Paid SoundCloud plan

The majority of the independent and popular tracks on this music streaming app are available for free when it first launches, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Both artists and listeners can subscribe, with the latter paying between $4.99 and $9.99 per month for a variety of benefits like no adverts, unrestricted offline listening, high-quality audio, and complete access to SoundCloud's catalog.

Additionally, creators may take advantage of limitless uploads, advanced audience analysis, and tools for marketing and generating revenue from their music.

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5. Pandora

What is the Best Way to Stream Free Music on Android?

When it comes to Android Internet radio apps, Pandora is routinely ranked among the best of the best because it started the Internet radio craze. Discover its main characteristics below if you don't already know all about it.

User engagement for Pandora

It's important to realize that Pandora isn't a place to listen to music on demand. There is no guarantee that Pandora will play a specific song you request. Pandora is ideal as a tool to increase your exposure to music, though.

You can search for any song, artist, or genre on Pandora, and it will start streaming music that is related to your search because this program is all about dynamically-generated stations. Get hundreds of stations, and you'll discover a ton of incredible music.

However, you can get tired of it because Pandora's music library is not as large as that of other apps. After a few years of consistent Pandora use, there won't be much left in the genres you're interested in.

Free vs Paid Pandora plan

Free users must put up with restrictions on skips, standard audio quality, only online listening, audio advertising every few tracks, and minimal customization choices.

The monthly prices for Pandora Plus and Premium are $4.99 and $9.99, respectively. The skip limit is substantially increased, the audio quality is improved, offline listening is enabled, playlist construction is permitted, and the adverts are removed.

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What Is the Best Music Streaming App?

There are several options for free music streaming online, but if you could only use one, Spotify is arguably the best option due to its enormous song catalog and elegant yet user-friendly layout. But if you didn't also test the other apps, you'd be missing out.

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Do take note of YouTube Music in particular. The idea is brilliant because it improves the default YouTube app and provides a much richer musical experience. 

Whatever you decide, make sure your phone's audio is at its finest when you're listening to music. A little bit more loudness is sometimes all you need to enjoy amazing music.


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